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1RPH  -  FINE DOMED MIRRORED WALL HANGING "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR"  10 x 10" mirrored glass with scroll border.  In the middle is a wonderful domed piece of glass (I assume glass) with a red border, and the words "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR".  The images behind the glass show a large Naval ship in the water, fighter planes overhead, an island with red, white and blue "trees" and the Statue of Liberty in the background, all with billowing clouds in the sky.  Condition is great considering this type of construction and the age.  The mirrored portion is missing a bit here and there, mostly in the lower section.  The photos were taken on a black sheet, but I took a couple showing you can see through the scroll decoration part.  Displays on a wall.  $150

2RPH  -  REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR PENNANT  This one seems to be a bit more rare.  11 1/4" long, not including the tassels on the left.  It has a picture of a woman in front of the American Flag holding a laurel branch in her right hand raised above her head.  Pennant is dark blue, with gold/yellow, red and white lettering and in the picture.  The back shows signs of having been glues to something, which is probably why the condition is so good.  $75

3RPH  -  WWII LEATHER NOVELTY PIN SOLD  2 5/8" tall.  Very nice two piece pin with an eagle at the top and a octagonal shape "pendant" hanging below, with an airplane in the middle, and the words REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR around the outer edge.  $25

4RPH  -  WWII LEATHER NOVELTY PIN SOLD  Consists of a sign held up by Uncle Sam,...the sign reading "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR".  Coloring and definition of Uncle Sam is lightly faded from handling.  2" wide.  Pin back.  There was a whole series of leather pins made during the War.  $25

5RPH  -  WWII REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR BROOCH PIN  SOLD   The brooch is entirely the writing of the motto, using a simulated pearl for the word PEARL.  This technique is seen on a huge number of different styles of Pearl Harbor pins.  This one is in cursive lettering, and made from plastic.  Remember is in red, and Harbor is in blue.  The pearl has some wear to the finish with a black spot in the middle, and not sure if it's just dirt that can be removed.  Fairly large, about 2 5/8" wide.  Pin back.  One of the most popular of all WWII pins.  $35

6RPH  -  WWII REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR BROOCH PIN  The brooch is entirely the writing of the motto, using a simulated pearl for the word PEARL.  This technique is seen on a huge number of different styles of Pearl Harbor pins.  It looks silvery, but may have just been worn down, don't know for sure.  This pin has some waviness to it, and upon closer look, it is broken in the middle of the first small "m" in Remember.  I suspect this pin was sat on or bent in some manner, causing the break and bending the pin.  I didn't notice the break, but did notice the waviness, which caused me to look further.  Still a nice display piece. Pin back, works.  One of the most popular of all WWII pins.  $20

7RPH  -  "Reveille REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR" POST CARD   3 1/2 x 5 1/2".  Shows a soldier playing Reveille, under that title.  At the bottom are the words "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR".  The back side has a 1 cent stamp, Industry Agriculture FOR DEFENSE.  The name "Edward B Wilson / U.S. A.A.F." is written at the left of the stamp.  Post card was not sent.  $10

8RPH  -  REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR PLASTIC PIN SOLD   1" tall x 1 15/16" wide.  White plastic pin with each word painted red, white and blue, in that order.  Very inexpensive when sold.  $10

9RPH  -  LARGE "V" VICTORY REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR PILLOW COVER  About 22" square.  Cream color front satin material with red flocking, trimmed in blue fringe.  The back is a brilliant blue satin material.  The front has a huge V with banner and eagle at top, and the words "FOR VICTORY" across the banner.  Also has the dot dot dot dash symbol below.  At the bottom are the words "Remember - Pearl Harbor".  A bit of very light staining on front, mostly the bottom half.  $35

10RPH  -  WAR BONDS ENVELOPE  4 x 9 3/8".  A Bell Air Cobra airplane under the title of "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR!! / BUY WAR (DEFENSE is crossed out) BONDS / AND KEEP 'EM FLYING. / PROPERTY OF".  Next paragraph goes into how you need to safeguard your bonds in a SD box at that particular bank.  The back of the envelope has WAR BONDS (DEFENSE crossed out), over Maturity Dates and lines to fill in important info.  Flap is unstuck.  $10

11RPH  -  REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR FRAMED WALL HANGING  Looks like the images were applied to a heavy board with a light grey background.  I'm not sure the method.  In the middle is a huge American flag, which I think is painted on in red, white and blue, but with the look of a mirror in between the colors.  Don't know if this is reverse painted on glass, but all looks very good and intact.  I have not attempted to remove it from the frame.  The paper on the back is loose about 1/3rd.  Under the flag are several ships in the Harbor and planes flying overhead.  It appears as if the water is flying up as if being bombed, but that's just my guess.  One of the planes flying overhead has a "banner" behind REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR.  Just an interesting piece.  10 3/4 x 12 3/4" framed.  An interesting, subtle but flashy (flag) wall hanging.  It's hard to get photos without lots of reflections, so it is taken on an angle.  $45

12RPH  -  REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR PEARL TIE TACK  This is a neat item, on original piece of display plastic.  The letters are in gold. Seems to have some age overall. Very nice item.  $15

14RPH  -  WWII HOME FRONT PATRIOTIC FABRIC SWATCH  35 x 46". Absolutely original period fabric, never used.  Russet brown on white cotton.  Filled with patriotic symbols, large Remember Pearl Harbor/V design, American Eagle seal, tanks, planes, anchors, stars, continents, all on a map grid. Would make a nice backdrop for your display, or make a pillow, or a seat cover.  $25

15RPH  -  78 RPM COLUMBIA LABEL RECORD   One side is "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR", and the other is "WE DID IT BEFORE / And We Can Do It Again.".  Excellent condition.  Have not played it on a record player, so do not know how well it plays.  10" diameter, in original paper slip with advertising on both sides.  $35

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