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For nearly 50 years, Dale collected Military & Patriotic jewelry, and he had a passion for rings.  The countries represented will be primarily the U.S., Japan and Germany (German rings are now in the German Material section).  The time period which is covered will run from the mid-1800's to WWII, with the preponderance being from WWII.  These rings are, and have always been extremely popular and difficult to obtain. All guaranteed original.  The examples listed herein will barely scratch the surface of what there is.  It will take years for the entire collection to be offered, so please check back from time to time. 


BLACK VELVET RING STANDS   We bought a small supply of these stands many years ago, in anticipation of publishing a book on all the rings we collected.  That did not happen, so I will sell the supply I have.  All brand new, never been used, most still in the plastic bag.

Single Ring - $2 each

Double Ring - $3 each

Approximate sizes are given only because some people ask.  I don't sell these as modern rings to wear, but as vintage collectibles.

1R  -  BEAUTIFUL WWII (MAYBE WWI) LIBERTY AIR CORPS SOLDIER STERLING RING  This is a beautiful ring, made for a soldier.  Sturdy, hefty, stamped STERLING underneath. Also stamped "STERLING (and a logo below that is hard to make out)". The top has the Air Corps wing and prop insignia, over a red, white and blue enamel shield and the word LIBERTY at the top, with blue enamel in the background.  One side has an ornate eagle over USA, a sword at the side, and the words E PLURIBUS UNUM going down the edge.  The other side has a standing soldier, holding a rifle.  His legs actually curve down the bottom of the ring.  Approximate size 9.75.  $75

2R  -  WWII AMERICAN EMBLEM STERLING HINGED PHOTO LOCKET RING  One of the neatest patriotic - military rings sold during WWII.  This one features the National Emblem on the hinged cover plate, which rotates, revealing a small cavity for photo.  This type of ring was fairly inexpensive and popular, and it also could be found with insignia of all the services.  This ring is in excellent condition, showing some minor use or handling.  It is stamped "STERLING" and "PAT PEND" inside (the PAT mostly gone).  Approximate size is 10.25+.  Very special.  $95

3R - ANOTHER - WWII AMERICAN EMBLEM STERLING HINGED PHOTO LOCKET RING  SOLD One of the neatest patriotic - military rings sold during WWII.  This one features the National Emblem on the hinged cover plate, which rotates, revealing a small cavity for photo, this one having a photo of Hitler.  This type of ring was fairly inexpensive and popular, and it also could be found with insignia of all the services.  This ring is in excellent condition, showing some minor use or handling.  It is stamped "STERLING" (the G not legible) and "PAT PEND" inside.  Approximate size is 11.  Very special.  $100

4R  -  WWII US AIR CORPS STERLING HINGED PHOTO LOCKET RING  SOLD  A rare ring featuring the United States Air Corps insignia, wing and prop.  The sides have a boldly spread eagle over shields.  High relief and good detail.  The top piece with the insignia is actually a movable lid, which exposes a place underneath for a photo of wife, mother or girlfriend, currently has a stock photo of a woman; there is a piece of plastic to cover a photo.  I don't think this ring was ever worn, but is in fact old, original inventory from a jewelry or supply store; shows some darkening in spots, but it came out of the original box which I have.  Stamped inside is STERLING and on the other side PAT. PEND.  Approximate size 11.5.  Wonderful ring.  $95

5R  -  ANOTHER WWII AIR CORPS STERLING HINGED PHOTO LOCKET RING  Similar to the ring above, but this one has a slightly different version of the wing & prop logo. Also the condition is much, much less, missing the left latch that holds the top of the locket in place.  It is stamped STERLING & PAT PEND underneath, but too dark to get a good photo.  Overall the ring shows dark mottling to the finish.  Unsure if it would clean up.  Still, a good piece for display, at a very inexpensive price.  Approximate size 10.5.  $15

6R  -  WWII ERA PATRIOTIC FLAG RING  This is a WWII period American flag patriotic ring, made for home front wear.  The top is an oval slab of white material, possibly glass, I just can't be sure.  It has a sheen to it that is more glass than plastic.  It also has a few minor chips along the edge.  Has a beautifully painted American flag, in red, white and blue, with a gold flagstaff.  About 3/4" tall x 1/2" wide.  The ring body seems to be silver, darkened, but there are no marks that I can see.  Approximate size 5.  $35

7R  -  WWII STORE DISPLAY OF MILITARY INSIGNIA RINGS  This is a complete display once used in a department or drug store of the period, to sell these cheap rings, probably for kids.  The cardboard has a stand on back, to display the rings for sale.  I will sell the rings individually.  Just look through the photos, and tell me which one (color and branch) you want, and approximately where on the display it is.  I will let you know if it is still available.  Each ring...$10  If you purchase 4 or more, I will do a group price.  If interested in the whole display, let me know.

8R  -  WWII PARATROOPER BRACELET, RING & EARRINGS   A rare opportunity to find such a nice grouping.  It includes Paratrooper bracelet, and for the lady, a nice pair of paratroop wing earrings and a paratroop ring.  The bracelet is a heavy, commercial model with commercial wing mounted.  Professional work.  Fine sharp condition.  7 1/2" long end to end.  The earrings are a charming addition to the lot.  Don't believe I've seen another pair.  Small, delicate; stamped STERLING on the back.  3/4" wide.  Nice detail, especially on such a small item.  Lastly, the lady's is hand made and quite nice.  Can tell it's hand made, but only under a loupe.  Approximate size 6.5+.  $175

9R  -  WWII ATOMIC BOMB RING  This is a WWII Home Front ring, which is likely a premium given for buying something at a store, but it's better quality than you would expect.  And it seems to be larger, for an adult, although it is able to be sized.  Brass color ring with a silver and red torpedo or bomb on top.  On the ring holding the bomb, is a wing with a bomb in the middle, and the sides have what looks like an explosion.  Approximate size. (A customer wrote and told me this ring was given as a prize and known as the Kix Atomic Ring. It's really very nice quality, much better than what you would think.) $40

10R  -  WWII REALLY DIFFERENT AIR CORPS STERLING RING   Never seen another like it and we've collected near 1000 military rings for our private collection.  Top consists of two tall, flag, narrow ovals, sitting side by side.  The left oval has Air Corps insignia applied.  The right oval is undecorated; perhaps it was meant to have initials engraved on it.  The ring body itself is plain and narrow.  Condition is fine.  Stamped STERLING underneath.  Approximate size 5.5.   $20

11R  -  HOOVER 1928 PRESIDENTIAL POLITICAL CAMPAIGN RING  Very nice Herbert Hoover political campaign ring from 1928.  Likely brass, with a red, white and blue fired enamel top with the name HOOVER across in diagonal.  Excellent original condition.  Approximate size is 7.  $25

12R  -  WWII 27th INFANTRY DIVISION RING   The "New York Division".  The patch design is a branch style monogram, NY in red on a black field.  Has an octagonal face with applied circular sheet metal disc with insignia on it in color.  Fairly plain ring body, with light fluted sides.  Believe this is silver plated brass.  Years ago, Dale purchased a small lot of original store inventory, so the sizes will vary from around a 9 to perhaps 9.5.  Absolutely original.  Each $30

13R  -  WWII 27th DIVISION A.E.F. SOLDIER RING (AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCES)  This is a nice, WWII US 27th Division American Expeditionary Forces soldier's ring. Solid and good looking. The top is red and blue fired enamel. Has the 27th Division logo and the letters "A.E.F." with stars, and "27TH DIV" below. Very excellent condition.  The body of the ring is brass color, and has the rampant eagle on both sides.  Approximate size 10.5.  $50

14R  -  WWII 44th INFANTRY DIVISION RING   Insignia consists of two blocky 4's, back to back.  Has an octagonal top face to which is applied a circular, thin sheet metal embossed with its colored insignia.  Fairly plain ring body, with light fluted sides.  Believe this is silver plated brass.  Years ago, Dale purchased a small lot of original store inventory, so the sizes will vary from around a 9 to perhaps 9.5.  Absolutely original.  Each $30

15R  -  WWI  3rd ARMY SILVER RING   Elevated oval face of polished semi-precious gem or glass, with 3rd Army patch engraved into it, and color added to the depression.   Decorative shoulders.   830 silver body.   Excellent condition.   Approximate size 7.   $45

16R  -  WWI 1st CORPS INSIGNIA MILITARY RING   White and blue concentric circles in fired enamel, like a bullseye, with a large blue "A" at center.  Also has very thin silver lines around the white and blue.  Nice condition, with some white enamel a bit bumpy.  Sides have a small area of rococo scrolls.  There is a rectangular mark inside the band, but not sure what it signifies.  Approximate size 10.  $35

18R  -  WWII SOLDIER RING U.S. S.M.A. 26   This is a WWII soldier military ring, for what I believe is a military academy.  At first, I thought it was West Point, but then realized it has U.S. S.M.A. on the top of the ring, around a "26" in the middle of a beautiful Navy blue enamel center.  Perhaps many of you will know the origin of this ring.  The sides have beautiful shields with wings outstretched. The bottom is stamped with "D.S.D. STERLING". Condition is almost unused, with only a couple tiny nicks in the enamel, seen with a loupe.  Approximate size 7.  $65

19R  -  WWII 50th ARMORED DIVISION CORPS INSIGNIA STERLING RING  According to online sources, the 50th was activated 5 July 1946, and deactivated 1 September 1993.  It was part of the Army National Guard.  Before 1968, New Jersey supported the 50th, and was named "JERSEY BLUES".  The ring is in really nice condition, the fired enamel all intact.  The tri-color pyramid has the number 50 at top.  The insignia is applied to the mirror bright backing layer.  Sides have conventional spread eagle over American shields, with crossed swords behind the shield.  Marked STERLING and next to it is a U over top of an arrow.  Approximate size 9.  $50

20R  -  IMPRESSIVE WWII USMC SOLDIER RING   Large and impressive design, with the EGA (eagle, globe and anchor insignia) and large rampant eagle on each side.  Condition is really great, showing average use, and is still mostly crisp, with pleasing patina. Stamped "STERLING" inside.  Bottom of ring and inside shows some areas of darkening. Approximate size 6.5-6.75.  $75

21R  -  FINE WWII US ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT RING  SOLD  Standard design employed on most unit/insignia rings.  Face is tall oval surrounded by a deep blue, fired enamel band having this text, "MEDICAL DEPARTMENT U.S. ARMY".  Within this band is a black oval with a silver caduceus at center.  Shoulders have spread eagles standing on American shields.  Fine detail.  Choice condition.  Stamped inside "GROUSE CO. / STERLING".  Tough to find better.  For the medical officer.  Approximate size 12.5.  $95

22R  -  WWII 87TH DIVISION US ARMY SOLDIER RING   Enamel on top with the acorn in the middle, showing mild wear upon close major areas of enamel missing.  Sides have the typical rampant eagle over shield.  Stamped "STERLING/CROUSE CO" underneath. Shows some mild wear and use, but overall, very nice condition. Approximate size 10.5.  $75

23R  -  CAMP PERRY  - WWII NATIONAL MATCHES RING - INCREDIBLE RING  The top insignia is a circular target in red, white (silver) and blue (the red and blue is enamel).  The outer ring bears the miniature text "NATIONAL MATCHES / CAMP PERRY O.".  Valuable and rare memento of these early matches.  Sides have standard spread eagles with American shields.  Very good used condition.  No missing enamel.  Crisp lettering.  Marked "STERLING" inside, plus a couple unknown marks which may deal with sizing.  Approximate size 11.5.  $150

24R  -  PRE-WWII ORGANIZATIONAL RING QM MOTOR TRANSPORT SCHOOL    Standard form. Blue enamel ring reads “QM MOTOR TRANSPORT SCHOOL, 1936, 1937”. Spread wing eagle on both sides, nice and sharp.  Stamped “STERLING C. K. GROUSE”.  Moderate wear on top, with some of the blue enamel chipped off.  Everything is clear.  Unit crest at center.  Approximate size 9.5.   $35

25R  -  AN EXQUISITE WWII UNIT RING U.S. ARMY EUROPE   One of the most handsome unit rings we've found, the insignia for "U.S. ARMY / EUROPE".  Top face of ring is a shield shaped glass rendering of the colorful insignia.  The entire patch has all the colors and designs within it.  Each side of the ring made from deep vertical grooves.  Silver quality 935 stamped inside.  Beautiful condition.  Lovely colors.  Approximate size 11+.  $75

26R  -  WWI AEF SOLDIER RING  This is a WWI US AEF American Expeditionary Forces soldier ring. 14K Gold Shell, and stamped inside the ring. Beautiful red, white and blue fired enamel octagon shape top, with a shield over blue background, and the letters A E F around it, and one chevron at the bottom.  There is a small gash at the top left, missing the blue, and minor other spots of wear only seen with magnification.  The rest of the ring is the gold finish, showing average wear.  Approximate size 10.25.  $45

27R  -  WWII U.S. ARMY RING, ONCE HAD UNIT INSIGNIA, NOW GONE  This is a very nice vintage ring, which used to have a unit insignia crest on the top, but somehow just turned to mush...can't explain how.  Not even sure which side of the stone was facing up, but you can see one side is blue, with an arrow.  Maybe there is another layer that is now missing.  The opening on top is roughly 1/2" square.  I see no markings for sterling or such, but it sure looks like silver.  Approximate size 9.75.  The ring body is good quality, and ready for any other type of insert. Giveaway price... $5

28R  -  WWI SON-IN-SERVICE ENAMEL RING   Small size ring, 4.  This is a very nice ring for a woman or a pinky ring.  I believe it to be WWI vintage, red, white and blue enamel son-in-service flag with fleur-de-lis side design.  Stamped STERLING inside the band. The enamel is intact, but shows minor wear if you look through a loupe.  $35

29R  -  WWII UNIDENTIFIED DISTINCTIVE UNIT INSIGNIA STERLING RING   In full color fired enamel.  Against a tall oval face is the insignia which is in shield shape, the bottom half is red with gold fleur-de-lis.  The upper half has a blue horizontal cross in front of what appears to be a lion with paw up, against a white background.  There are some tiny cracks, and a couple tiny pieces of white enamel missing.  Also one vertical crack in the red portion, to the right of the fleur-de-lis.  The sides have eagles.  Stamped STERLING inside the band.  Looks like it has seen some good use over the years.  Approximate size 9.  $25

30R  -  WWII MANILA 1945 SOLDIER RING  This is a WWII US Soldier ring made by merchants, for sale to troops in their country.  Silver color, with etched decorations, and a brass color area on top with the word "Manila" and below that "1945".  No other markings. Approximate size 8.  $45

32R  -  WWII U.S. NATIONAL EMBLEM PATRIOTIC AND MILITARY RING  This is a WWII US National Emblem Patriotic motif ring, for Home Front or soldier wear, size is large for a man.  Very nice rendering of the American eagle and shield, with a pleasing Art Deco style ring body. Well made quality, but I see no markings. Approximate size 9.5.  $35

33R  -  VERY NICE WWII AIR CORPS RING IN ORIGINAL BOX  SOLD 10K gold.  Nice Art Deco design to the ring, with the wing & prop logo on top.  Stamped "10K" underneath.  Condition is excellent, showing light wear consistent with age.  The box is marked on top "H. S. Jenks, Jeweler, LIMA, N.Y.".  Approximate size 9.  $95

34R  -  WWII B-24 PILOT RING  Not much to say about this, other than it is a sturdy weight ring, does stick to a magnet.  Has a flat top, with a gold colored B-24 airplane on top.  The sides of the ring are stepped down.  The ring shows it was worn, and has some age spots, mostly along the bottom outside.  Approximate size 8.  Priced at what Dale paid many years ago.  $125

35R  -  SMALL VINTAGE METAL FLAG RING  This could go back to WWI, I'm just not really sure.  Unpainted metal American flag ring.  Small, likely a pinky ring.  Approximate size 2.5.  $10

36R  -  WWII US 27th INFANTRY DIVISION STERLING RING IOB  I believe this to be 27th Division, New York. This appears to me to be delicate enough for a lady, probably wife or girlfriend of a soldier.  The patch design is a branch style monogram, NY in red on a black field in enamel, in disc form, on what looks like a red plexi-glass planchet. The disc rotates, but is complete.  The sides have an Art Deco look, and the top stands up from prongs, as if a diamond setting.  Underneath is stamped "STERLING".  Shows some typical wear and age patina, but a very pretty ladies ring.  Comes in its original ring box, blue outside, no jeweler's name listed.  Approximate size 9.  $65

37R  -  WWII US SOLDIER ALGIERS AFRICA 1943 RING  SOLD This is a souvenir ring made for the troops in-theatre.  It is not a high quality ring, yet not too cheap either.  Some were made better than others.  This one has the words "ALGIERS AFRICA 1943" etched on top.  The side has a simple keystone shape design.  No other markings.  Approximate size 11.75.  $45


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