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All periods and variety of Pins, Sweethearts, Brooches, Stick Pins, Lapel Pins, and some Insignia will be found in this section...over 100 items!  GREAT BUYS!!


ALSO at the bottom of this section you will find any WINGS and AIRPLANE related PINS in their own grouping.


1 SP  -  LARGE & DRAMATIC WWII PATRIOTIC PIN BROOCH  Side view eagle with raised wings, carrying an American flag in its talons, and the flag has a single silver star.  Brilliant color.  Hand made of layered celluloid (Bakelite?) or something similar.  Top layer is red, middle white, and base layer a dark navy blue.  Pin back.  About 3/14" tall.  $65

2 SP  -  WWII STAMPED BRASS SPREAD EAGLE PIN BROOCH  This is a beautiful pin, and could actually be much earlier than WWII.  3 3/4" wide.  Similar to official versions but actually designed for Wartime fashion wear, expressing patriotic feelings.  A large and excellent fashion statement.  $35

3 SP  -  WWII TWO SONS IN SERVICE NAMED PENDANT PIN BY CORO   This is a highly personal pin for the family who had two sons in service.  The quarter sized pendant (1"), has a spread eagle enameled red, white and blue on the shield. Around the eagle are stars and the words "IN THE SERVICE" at top, and the word "SONS" at the bottom.  What is great is that the "S" in SONS was professionally engraved in after purchased, when the two sons' names were added on the other side.  The eagle at top which suspends the pendant, is beautifully detailed and has a script "S" in the middle of the shield.  On the back side of the eagle is the pin back with clasp, and the words "STERLING CRAFT BY Coro".  The pendant under also has the name "Coro" and "STERLING" at the bottom.  In the middle are the two names "JOSEPH A. SMITH" and "WM E. SMITH".  This explains the "S" on the front of the eagle's shield.  There are a few scratches across that area, seen best with a loupe.  Right around 2" tall overall.  Wonderful quality jewelry item for a mom at the home front.   $45

4 SP  -  WWII USMC TRIFARI STERLING & RHINESTONE SWEETHEART PIN   This is a beautiful little pin, 1 1/8" tall x 1 1/8" wide.  This is the traditional US Marine Corps EGA (eagle globe anchor) insignia, made by Trifari, and marked TRIFARI and STERLING on the back of the eagle's wings.  There are spots for 21 rhinestones, with 1 missing.  There are a couple touches of red paint on the rear sides of the anchor, with a couple chips.  Just a beautiful little pin.  $50

5 SP  -  FABULOUS WWII FLAG PIN BROOCH  1 1/2 x 2 1/8".  Full color fired enamel for the red stripes and blue behind the stars.  Couple very tiny specks of blue missing.  The red looks as though it was painted over, and is in good shape.  Everything else is taken up with brilliant rhinestones.  A very nice vintage pin.  48 stars on the flag.  Pin back with locking clasp.  $45

6 SP  -  ORIGINAL WWII ST. LOUIS LIBERTY LOAN SALESMAN'S BADGE   Standard badge shape.  Appears to be nickel plated.  Information stamped in reads as follows: "OFFICIAL SALESMAN / ST. LOUIS / LIBERTY LOAN / ORGANIZATION / 2953".  Fine condition.  1 1/2" tall.  Pin back.  Stamped on the rear "ST. LOUIS BUTTON CO. ST. LOUIS".  $45

7 SP  -  WWI SWEETHEART PIN   Silver star on gold eagle emblem on a ring border.  7/8" circular.  Very attractive pin.  $20

8 SP  -  WWII PIN - OPERATION TORCH No Africa 8 Nov 1942   The basic elements are crossed US and British flags laid against a flat ring with the words "Nth AFRICA / 8 NOV 1942".  Top center is a "V" (Victory) supporting a red, white and blue patch.  Some initial research brought up this info: "Today in 1942, British and American forces went ashore in French North Africa.  This invasion, called Operation Torch, was the first offensive operation by US forces in Europe.  The operation also carried with it many political hazards, for the landing beaches were defended (or not defended, in some cases) by French troops under the command of the Vichy government; that is, the French government formed by the Germans after they invaded France in 1940."  You will be able to find much more. 2" wide.  Excellent condition.  Pin back.  Probably toned brass.  The bottom rear is stamped with a symbol and what appears to be the word "DEPOSE".  $45

9 SP  -  WWII RHINESTONE "V" FOR VICTORY PIN  This is a very nice and fancy rhinestone pin for a lady's dress or coat.  1 1/2" tall x 1 1/2" wide.  This pin consists of varying sizes of rhinestones, with the largest at the bottom, and forms a nice large "V" for Victory.   $35

10 SP  -  WWII SPECIAL SAILOR BOY "DICK" SWEETHEART PIN   3 3/8" tall wood cut-out with painted front of a sailor in his uniform.  He carries a heart and on the heart is the penciled name "Dick".  Pin back, but seems to be missing the catch.  Lots of character.  $35

11 SP  -  WWII "GOD AND COUNTRY" PIN   Famous motto from WWII era.  Mint, fired enamel.  1 5/8" wide.  Blue background with gold border and paint.  A tiny bit of blue missing from the middle of C and O.  Has two pins on the back...not sure why.   $25

12 SP  -  WWII NAVY USN SWEETHEART FASHION STERLING PIN   Beautiful pin for a wife, mother or sweetheart at the home front.  In the shape of a feather or long leaf almost 3 3/4" wide, with the Navy USN and anchor affixed on one spot.  Nice detail.  The back has a stamp "TRU ART STERLING".  Pin back.  Clasp is missing.  $20

13 SP  -  WWII USN NAVY SAILOR SWEETHEART BROOCH PIN   Nice large pin, 2 5/16" tall x 1 7/8" wide.  No doubt what service her man is in.  Gold tone anchor with the letters USN over the front.  Pin back.  Very nice condition, showing very subtle age.  $20

14 SP  -  THREE WWI CELLULOID AMERICAN FLAG LAPEL PINS   As fine a flag stickpin as produced over our entire history.  Superb color and much more life-like than metal pins.  Three sizes from ¾” wide to 1¼” wide.  Fine.  Each on a “staff” with brass ball on top.  $10

15 SP  -  BEAUTIFUL WWII 5-POINTED GOLD TONE STAR PIN   Excellent quality.  For a patriotic outfit.  1 3/4" tall.  Really nice shape.  The back as the maker name "ACCESSOCRAFT N.Y.C", with pin above.  $20

16 SP  -  GOLD PLATED WWII VICTORY PIN WITH SOLDIER PHOTO  Desirable V pin is stamped sheet metal, gold plated, with a small locket fitted to the back braced by the pin/clasp.  The locket is marked on back, "PAT. PEND GOLD PLATED".  Has an original G.I.'s picure inside.  2" high.  Minor rubs to front finish.  $25

17 SP  -  WWII MILITARY BROOCH SWEETHEART PIN   The silver tone American National Emblem is within a circular gold tone rim simulating spun wire.  1 3/8" in diameter.  Pin back.  On the original store card, with the words "MILITARY BROOCH".  Original unused store inventory.  Nice medium weight pin.  $10

  18 SP  -  TWO DIFFERENT WWI OFFICER'S COLLAR “U.S.” INSIGNIA  One a “U.S./N.A.”, and the other a “U.S./R”.  The N.A. and “R” are smaller boxed letters in front of the U.S.’s.  These are blackened bronze, pin-back.  The “NA” has prox. 35% finish wear.  The “R” has slight wear.  Guaranteed original.  $5 each pin, BOTH FOR $8

19 SP  -  WWI BLACKENED BRONZE COLLAR CROSSED RIFLES   Scarce insignia.  Pin back.  2” wide.  Excellent.  Original.  $15

20 SP  -  BEAUTIFUL WWII RHINESTONE ANCHOR PIN   1 1/2" tall red, white and blue rhinestone anchor pin.  Also has a loop for handing from a chain.  In heraldry, the anchor is symbolic of HOPE.  Overall excellent condition, and only with very close-up examination, there are some tiny nicks, unseen with the bare eyes.  All stones intact, with one in the middle that looks a bit smaller.   $25

21 SP  -  WWII PATRIOTIC RED-WHITE-BLUE BEADED FLAG & BELLS PIN   Clever piece of hand crafted beadwork.  Consists of three beaded bells, one red, one white, one blue.  They hang from three thin leather laces.  The laces hang from a little leather rectangle sewn together to form an American flag, also beaded.  The bells even have beaded ringers.  Something a young girl would have liked.  Excellent.  2 1/4" high.  Pin back.  Great Home Front item.  $25

22 SP  -  WWII RIFLEMAN PATRIOTIC PIN   A handsome and complex pin, in shades of brass and copper.  Working front to back we have targets, crossed rifles, red/white/blue braided wreath (or maybe a good luck horseshoe?), with the National Emblem at the bottom.  Pin back.  About 2 1/4" tall.  Shows light use, but overall great condition.  $35

23 SP  -  WWII CROSSED RIFLES SWEETHEART BROOCH PIN   This pin is made up of two crossed rifles affixed to a circular backing ring.  For wear by mother, wife, or girlfriend of an Infantryman.  The circle is 1 9/16" in diameter, with the rifles sticking out a bit over.  Pin back.  Nice.   $20

24 SP  -  1940's SONJA HENIE LEATHER PIN WITH HANGING ICE SKATES   One motif of a much larger, extremely popular series of leather sweetheart and home front pins, during the 1940's, WWII period.  We collected hundreds of them over decades, mostly military related.  This pin back bar is maroon red with the name "Sonja Henie", and has a pair of off-white ice skates with metal runners hanging below.  Shows some age and use, and the pieces the skates hang from are very fragile.  Very rare.  About 2 1/2" tall.  $35

25 SP  -  SMALL ADMIRAL DEWEY BUST STICK PIN  A scarce and unusual pin.  While his image appears on almost everything, the stick pin is scarce.  Nice bit of relief.  Greyish silver.  Name DEWEY along bottom.  Bust is 5/8" tall.  $25

26 SP  -  WWII FORT ORD BROTHER IN SERVICE HEART SWEETHEART PIN   Consists of a bar on top suspending a heart pendant.  The top has gold "In Service" wording, and the heart has "Brother" also in gold color.  The whole pin is a lustrous brown, and resembles a burled wood, or tortoise shell, but appears to be lightweight plastic.  The reverse has "Fort Ord" in gold writing, and then the owner notched in "CALIF".  Bar is 1 3/4" wide x 2 3/8" tall overall.  $18

27 SP  -  WWII U.S. NAVY 14K GOLD PLATED BOW PIN  2 3/8" wide.  On original store card, with the title "GENUINE HARD ENAMEL" and at the bottom "14 K. GOLD PLATED / EXTRA FINE QUALITY / MADE IN U.S.A.".  Near mint.   $15

28 SP  -  WWII SWEETHEART MOTHER-OF-PEARL HEARTS AND CADUCEUS PIN   Two very pretty Genuine mother-of-pearl hearts with chain going to gold plated caduceus.  The definition of "sweetheart".  In original box.  Mint condition.  Hearts are 1 1/4" wide and the caduceus is 1/2" tall.   $20

29 SP  -  WWII SWEETHEART SILVER NATIONAL EMBLEM PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX   Nice size pin with the National Emblem hanging from a bow.  Mint, in original box.  About 1 3/4" long x 1 1/8" wide.  Never used.  "STERLING SILVER" label under the pin.  $20

30 SP  -  WWII SWEETHEART U.S. NATIONAL EMBLEM PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX  Very nice original old store inventory.  Mint.  Pin is 1 1/4 x 1 5/16" tall.  Have 8.  Each...$15

31 SP  -  WWII SWEETHEART USA & CADUCEUS PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX   Translucent gold edged pendant with caduceus on face, hanging by a chain from pin back USA.  In original box.  The USA is 1" wide.  The pendant is 3/4" x 1" high.  There is a label at the top which says "24 KT. GOLD PLATED".  This is old unused store inventory.  $20

32 SP  -  WWII PATRIOTIC "MOTHER" PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX   Thin silver oval band with script writing across the front "Mother".  Pin is 2" wide x 1 1/2" tall.  Has a tiny gold tone wings/prop at the bottom of the pin.  In the original box, with a "STERLING" sticker at bottom and a clear plastic lid.  Have three, all the same basic condition.   Each...$20

33 SP  -  ANOTHER "SWEETHEART" PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX  Thin silver oval band with script writing across the front "Sweetheart".  Pin is 1 7/8" wide x 1 1/2" tall.  Has a tiny gold tone wings/prop at the bottom of the pin.  In the original clean box, with a "Sterling Silver" sticker at bottom.  Only have one.  $20

34 SP  -  WWII SWEETHEART WING & PROP PIN   Consists of the word "Sweetheart" in cursive, across the entire pin, and is within a smooth oval border, in silver tone.  At the bottom is an Air Corps insignia in gold tone showing what service her sweetheart is in.  Pin back.  Nice condition, probably worn a few times.  Not an expensive piece originally.  1 7/8" wide.  $10

35 SP  -  TWO TINY STATUE OF LIBERTY PINS  Two original and early patriotic pins relating to the Statue of Liberty.  I believe they date early, possibly to the WWI period, just based on construction and appearance.  The first is a Statue of Liberty arm and torch lapel pin.  Tiny equilateral triangle 1/2" on a side.  Gold beveled edge.  Inside, in descending size, a red, then blue interior with white "STATUE OF LIBERTY" arm holding the torch.  Fired enamel colors.  High quality. Good age to it.  Has tiny hinged pin with safety clasp.  Have no idea of the organization it represents.  Fine condition. The second is a lapel stud with flag and Statue of Liberty; has a small American flag with the Statue of Liberty in the middle.  5/8" diameter. This piece slips into a lapel slit, the back does not come off. Cute.  Both for $15

36 SP  -  BEAUTIFUL WWII PATRIOTIC PIN   Large metal red, white and blue bow with great eagle emblem. This one screams 1940's.  Large original pin, 3 1/4" wide x 1 5/8" high.  Has a great rendering of the National Emblem in good looking plastic over a gold tone disc in the middle, set against a large red-white-blue sheet metal bow.  Pin back.   $30

38 SP  -  WONDERFUL FLAG MOTIF LADY'S HEAD STICK PIN   Not sure how old this is, but we acquired it probably 10-12 years ago, and is a charming item, well made. This is a lady's head with flag motif knit cap which is pulled down over one eye.  The top is long and falls to the rear, and has black/red ribbon tails.  Like a French high-fashion pin. She has full red lips, and even a beauty mark on one cheek.  Feels like it might be made of chalk or something like that.  It does show a couple tiny chips, seen only close up, so it has been worn.  The store label on rear reads "FRENCH FLAPPERS".  About 3 1/4" tall, including the pin.  $5

39 SP  -  BEAUTIFUL WWII PATRIOTIC US & BRITISH FLAGS BROOCH PIN   This is a real showy piece.  2 1/2" tall x 3" wide.  Wood construction.  Face seems professionally finished.  Brilliant, glossy hand painted crossed British and US flags.  The flag staffs have light grey name painted on which reads "CASA LOMA".  Simple pin back.  $25

40 SP  -  WWII 6th WAR LOAN PENNSYLVANIA LAPEL PIN  Tiny thing, 1 1/2" long overall.  The blue top part is 5/8 x 3/4".  Seems to be a hard plastic material.  Front is dark blue with the Minuteman silhouette, stars, and 6th in the lower right corner.  The rear has a lot of writing, with the date 9-27-44, and the initials W & H Co (Whitehead & Hoag Co), New Jersey.  Also "I bought "EXTRA" Bonds over and above my regular Payroll Savings.  6th WAR LOAN PENNSYLVANIA WAR FINANCE COMMITTEE".  $10

41 SP  -  WWII SWEETHEART PINS  Click on each thumbnail to see larger views

F.  WWII Crossed Rifles Pin.  Cast metal crossed rifles under USA.  Pin back.  Gold tone.  Very good.  About 1 5/8" wide.  $5

G.  WWII Crossed Rifles & National Emblem Pin.  Really nice national emblem eagle on crossed rifles.  Pin back.  Near mint condition.  Bit over 2 1/2" wide.  $15

H.  WWII Crossed Rifles Pin.  Cast metal crossed rifles under USA.  Pin back.  Dull silver finish tone.  Very good.  About 1 3/4" wide.  $5

42 SP  -  EARLY FLAG STICK PIN   2 1/4" long overall.  Could be WWI, we're just not sure.  It has a very early look to the construction, and has an early looking paper flag attached on the front.  There is a marking on the back that is hard to read without a loupe, and says "------- --PLIED FOR".  Small hole at the bottom probably dangled some other patriotic symbol.  $10

43 SP  -  WWII WAR ORPHAN AID LAPEL PIN   Mint stamped brass pin in the shape of a young girl’s bonnet or hat; painted red, white and blue, with white ribbon at chin, bearing tiny lettering “War Orphan Aid”.  1½” high.  Pin back. Back is stamped “BATIGNE/PAT. PEND”.  Choice.  $18

44 SP(A)  -  WWI SWEETHEART or LAPEL PIN   About 1" wide x 7/8" tall pin with letters USA and a Lieutenant bar hanging from it with short chains. Stamped STERLING on rear.  $5

44 SP(B)  WWI 36th Division Sergeant Stripes Sweetheart Pin.  5/8" tall x 1" wide plastic, possibly celluloid or bakelite.  Tan in color, with a horseshoe and the 36th Division insignia in the middle of three sergeant stripes on each side.  Nice little item with a delicate wire pin on the back.  $5

45 SP  -  WWII FANCY SIGNAL CORPS PENDANT PIN 14K GOLD PLATED   Very pretty pin, with the white enamel U.S. Signal Corps pendant hanging from a bar.  On original store card, which says "14K. GOLD PLATED" at the top, and EXTRA FINE QUALITY MADE IN U.S.A. at the bottom.  The pin is mint; the card shows age and handling wear.  I have not removed the pin to see if there are any markings on the back of the top bar.  The bar is 1 1/2" wide and the total height is almost 2".  Have several, all about the same condition.   Each...$15

46 SP  -  1930's CONSAIR CONSOLIDATED MINUTEMAN EMPLOYEE PIN   This is an original 1930-possibly early 40's CONSAIR airplane manufacturer's employee pin.  Consair became Convair Aeronautics, 1941, when Consair and Vultee combined.  Silver pin has a classic design of the Revolutionary War Minuteman.  Lower right corner has an eagle with the name CONSAIR.  The other corners have airplanes, we believe two are Constellation and another twin engine (C47).  3/4" wide x 5/8" tall.  Nice bronze tone highlights with silver background.  We think it's a silver pin, but is unmarked.  Safety clasp on the rear.  $10

47 SP(A) -  BEAUTIFUL WWII NATIONAL EMBLEM BROOCH PIN  Appears to be made from pure copper, but not absolutely sure.  The emblem consists of several details, all in 3 dimension and superb detail.  The whole presentation is encircled by twirled copper wire.  2 1/4" in diameter.  Condition is great.  Pin back.  $40

47 SP(B) - Same as above but missing the pin on the back.  $30

48 SP  -  WWII ARTILLERY CROSSED CANNON LAPEL PIN  1 1/8" wide.  Bright, shiny brass color, in excellent condition, with nice detail to the cannon.  I'm not sure of the age, but think it could be earlier than WWII, based on the loop on back...just can't be positive.  $15

49 SP  -  WWI BOLT ACTION RIFLE PIN   2 1/2" wide gold color rifle pin, with good detail.  $15

50 SP  -  WWII SON-IN-SERVICE NATIONAL EMBLEM SWEETHEART PIN   Spread eagle national emblem (3/4" wide) hanging from a RWB enamel "Son in Service" pin...single star, 5/8" wide.  On the original store card with the words "Sterling Silver" at the top, and "Non-Tarnishable" at the bottom.  Mint.  Have a small lot of original store inventory.  Each...$15

51 SP  -  WWII SON-IN-SERVICE NATIONAL EMBLEM SWEETHEART PIN   Spread eagle national emblem (3/4" wide) hanging from a RWB enamel "Son in Service" pin...double star, 5/8" wide.  Mint.  Have a small lot of original store inventory.  Each...$10

52 SP  -  WWII MILITARY NOVELTY BROOCH PIN   This is one of the largest pins we ever found.  I can see it on a ladies coat or jacket; so 1940's.  Consists of a stamped brass spread eagle pin from which hangs three long chains which lead to a large stamped brass military drum (with nice detail), and three more shorter chains with a round ball at the end of each.  Even the chains are made from decorative links.  Properly laid out, the whole thing covers approximately 5 x 6", depending on how you splay it out.  $30

53 SP  -  SELECTION OF WWII FLAG PINS  Click on thumbnails to see larger views 

A.  Bow shaped flag pin, 2 3/4" wide.  Flag can be removed and a soldier photo added.  Mint, on original store card.  $15

B.    SOLD 

C.  1942 Flag Pin on original "Pledge of Allegiance" store card. Mint, with little crease on card.  5/8" x 1" high.  The reverse of the card has "The American's Creed".  $10

D.  A very nice lapel flag pin on original patriotic store card - "Democracy DEPENDS ON U...-nity" and "UNITED FOR VICTORY".  About 1" wide flag pin.  $10

E.  Nice lapel flag pin on original "Pledge of Allegiance" store card.  Mint pin, card has slight creases.  Pin is 5/8" wide.  The reverse has "The American's Creed".  Have three.  Each...$10

54 SP  -  WWII ARMY SWEETHEART PIN    Features a "Mr. Bill" look-alike, doughboy type soldier.  He is carrying in one hand, a sign which says USA.  Whole thing is supposed to represent the fact that a family member is in the Army.  Just under 2" tall.  Was just one of the many fairly inexpensive patriotic pins during the War.  A cute pin.  $20

55 SP  -  WWII INFANTRY CROSSED RIFLES & HELMET SWEETHEART PIN   A patriotic statement.  Consists of a lightweight plastic Infantry helmet, pin back, suspending a pair of crossed rifles.  All have a gold painted finish.  About 2 1/2" tall.  The helmet is in the early style used by the Army during WWI - WWII.  Very popular, especially with veterans.  $10

56 SP  -  WWII MILITARY ARTILLERY OFFICER'S HAT PATRIOTIC PIN LOCKET   A great accessory that could turn an ordinary suit or coat into a patriotic statement.  This pin dates WWII and is in the form of an officer's visor cap.  Cap body is dark green with silver officer's insignia on front, and thin gold on visor and chin strap.  Crown has crossed cannons.  Pin back.  Cap worn visor down.  Top of cap hinged toward you, exposing an interior set up for photo.  Some paint loss on the hard edges of the crown and a few specks on the side.  Rare subject matter for sweetheart jewelry.  (The green in the photo is only a reflection of the green top I was wearing during photo taking.)  $12

57 SP  -  WWII AIR CORPS MILITARY OFFICER'S HAT PATRIOTIC PIN LOCKET   A great accessory that could turn an ordinary dress, suit or coat into a patriotic statement.  This pin dates WWII and is in the form of an officer's visor cap.  Cap body is white with gold officer's insignia on front, and thin gold on visor and chin strap.  Crown has the Air Corps insignia.  Pin back.  Cap worn visor down. Top of cap hinged toward you, exposing an interior set up for photo.  Some paint loss on the hard edges of the crown and a few specks on the side.  Rare subject matter for sweetheart jewelry.   $15

58 SP  -  HUGE WWII BRIGHT RED NAVY ANCHOR SWEETHEART PIN BROOCH   2 3/8" in diameter, made of unknown material.  Has a pin on back, and some other pieces, their use unknown.  Couple tiny chips in the red finish.  Great fashion item.  Overall fine condition.  $20

59 SP  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR PATRIOTIC RIFLE PIN   Consists of a steel color Winchester Lee Straight Pull Rifle with bayonet, 2" long, pin back, with a 9/16" tall brass color bullet applied at center.  Excellent with some tarnish.  $20

60 SP  -  WWII "SON-IN-SERVICE, IN THE AIR CORPS" PLASTIC PIN   Consists of the pin back bar with a fading inscription "IN THE AIR CORPS".  Hanging from the bar is a red, white and blue plastic son-in-service flag with one blue star.  Almost 1 1/2" tall.  Nice little patriotic piece.  $20

61 SP  -  WWII MILITARY MOTIF SPREAD EAGLE SWEETHEART PIN   Has an Art Deco styling to it.  The eagle has a chevron on its breast and the ribband below has a star.  2 5/8" wide.  Decorative details are silver colored and the rest is gold tone.  Fine pin back.  No markings.  $30

62 SP  -  UNUSUAL STICK PIN - PATRIOTIC 4-LEAF CLOVER   Believe this one dates WWII.  The entire face of clover is cloisonné or fired enamel in red, white and blue.  Long stick pin on reverse; total height is 2 3/8”.  Very fine.  Chip of paint out of the blue in stem.  $20

63 SP  -  CLEVER MILITARY WWII ALL LEATHER NOVELTY PIN   Consists of a sign board on a stake.  The sign board is blue with white print, reading "MY MAN IS IN THE ARMY / NO TRESPASSING".  The stake is red.  The sign is 2 1/4" wide.  Pin back.  Nice original condition, with a little bit of red paint loss on the rifle and puff of smoke, and a bit of white missing in the word MY.  $25

64 SP  -  WWII MILITARY STERLING USA LAPEL PIN  Two piece pin, held together with miniature rings.  The top piece is "U.S.A.", over the bottom piece of three chevrons.  Pin back.  About 7/8" tall.  Stamped STERLING on the back of the USA.  $15

65 SP  -  WWII PATRIOTIC MILITARY STERLING USA LAPEL PIN  Two piece.  Top piece is stylized American Shield, fired enamel red, white and blue.  The blue bar has "U.S.A" in it.  Hanging from it are two chevrons, perhaps for corporal.  Approximately 1 1/2" tall.  Pin back.  Stamped "STERLING" on each piece.  $25

66 SP  -  WWII PATRIOTIC LAPEL PIN   Spread wing eagle on a large shield over scroll, colors of cream, gold and blue.  Colors are faded about 30%.  Pin back.  Approximately 1" tall.  Back side shows some verdigris.  $10

67 SP  -  FABULOUS WWII LARGE BILLOWING AMERICAN FLAG BROOCH PIN   Beautiful large pin in red, white and blue fired enamel.  Pin back.  An exceptional brooch from exceptional times.  About 2" wide x 2 1/8" tall.  Wonderful condition overall.  One white stripe on the right side, second from bottom, has some old looking fill of white where a piece had been knocked out.  Almost not noticed.  $65

69 SP  -  WWII SILVER VICTORY PIN MADE IN MEXICO    Nicely marked on back "MADE IN MEXICO", with 4 letters between, I think "O.R.A.G.".  The front has a tiny American emblem affixed between the V, but not very crisp.  Chemical test showed it is silver.  Pin back.  1 7/8" tall.   $25

70 SP  -  WWII U.S.A. SWEETHEART PIN WITH RHINESTONES   1 1/4" tall x 1 1/16" wide.  Tall, stylized narrow letters faced entirely with red, clear, blue rhinestones.  A few blue missing, as seen in the photo, and a couple clear missing, harder to notice.  No reds missing, but bottom couple are darker.  Needs cleaning, and may be easy to find replacement stones, or use these as replacements for other jewelry pieces.  $10

71 SP  -  RARE MILITARY VETERAN'S PIN C.1870-80's ARMY ENLISTEDMAN'S DRESS HELMET  This is a great item!  In the shape of the U.S. Army's Enlisted Dress Helmet, worn through the Indian Wars and Spanish American War.  Universally popular for souvenirs of many types of public events, veterans' gatherings especially.  A great accessory that could turn an ordinary suit or coat into a patriotic statement or conversation piece.  The helmet hangs from a spread eagle pin back identical in every way to those in use since the Civil War.  Wonderful condition and patina; shows very little use.  Has the eagle emblem on front and spike on top, with very nice detail.  2 5/8" top to bottom.  $40

72 SP  -  WWII U.S.O. STERLING PIN   1" wide.  This pin consists of large entwined block letters USO.  The back of the pin is stamped STERLING.  Pin back with a clasp.  This has been worn over the years, and shows some uneven finish on the front, some gold tone having worn thin.  $25

73 SP  -  1930's PIN MILITARY SWORD or DAGGER with US EAGLE POMMEL  To us, it appears typical of a 1930's style pin. 3 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" long. Gaudy and large pin of dagger or sword, scimitar shape - military influenced - with eagle head pommel and US eagle emblem on the langet.  Neat.  Pin back.  Fine condition with typical age wear/patina.  $15

74 SP  -  WWII PATRIOTIC STERLING EAGLE SWEETHEART LOCKET PIN  Consists of a wide, spread eagle on top, carrying in its talons a heart shaped locket, with the American emblem on front.  Front and rear halves slide in opposite directions.  2 1/4" wing span.  Pin back. Rear of heart of stamped "STERLING" at the bottom.  $25

75 SP  -  RARE WWII BADGE PIN "USA MINUTE WOMEN"   This is a red, white and blue fired enamel pin, 1 3/4" tall.  It has a large standing eagle in the middle with the words "GUARDING THE LAND WE LOVE" at the top and "U.S.A. MINUTE WOMEN" at the bottom.  Beautiful condition.  Have never seen another.  $45


1 WA  -  EXCEPTIONAL WWII FIGHTER PLANE RHINESTONE PIN   Perfect for dressy occasions.  Entirely glittering from total coverage of rhinestones, and I think I see only two missing.  The insignia on wings, tail and cockpit are painted, and in really great condition.  Resembles a P-51.  Propeller even turns.  2 3/8" wide.  Beautiful pin!  Pin back.  $75

2 WA  -  WWII MILITARY AVIATION NOVELTY PIN   A large propeller with the National Emblem at center, and two small fighter aircraft suspending on chains below.  2 7/8" tall. Pin back.  Metal, does not stick to magnet.  $35

3 WA  -  WWII PLEXIGLAS OR LUCITE LARGE WING PIN WITH US   This is a very nice and large Plexiglas novelty wing with pin back.  4 1/8" wide.  Hand made or produced by a small commercial firm; no way to know for sure.  Wings are transparent.  The center disc has a large black "US".  Makes a statement!  $45

4 WA  -  A GREAT WWII MILITARY NOVELTY PIN   Red, white and blue plastic.  Consists of a fighter aircraft (1 5/8" wide wings) trailing a chain from which dangles several letters spelling "LOLA" in alternating red, white and blue colors.  The very tail of the chain is a miniature wing pin, about 3/4" wide.  Scarce because of their fragile nature, and this is in great condition.  $25

5 WA  -  WWII PLASTIC NOVELTY WINGS IN WWI DESIGN   Very stylish.  Light copper color wings and full color shield.  More attractive than later styles.  2 5/8" wide.  Pin back.  $20

6 WA  -  WWII HOME FRONT WING & PROP "BROOCH PIN" ON ORIGINAL CARD   (Representative sample pictured)  Probably the most popular symbol worn during the War.  Official examples were worn by aviation cadets, and officers.  Exact styles were sold in all sizes, and finishes as sweetheart pins. 2" wide metal pin. Original store inventory.  Have a few.   Each...$8

6 WA (B)  -  ANOTHER  Similar to above, with slight variation and a different card.  1 1/2" wide pin.  The top of the propeller looks clipped, but it appears to have been made that way.  Only one.  $5

7 WA  -  RARE WINGS OF MERCY LAPEL PIN C.1930's   Extremely rare pin expressing medical and aviation joined together in an organization which provided what looks like trans-oceanic rescue flights.  The pin is very small and narrow, 1 1/2" wide.  Under a loupe you will see an arch in red, white and blue enamel with the motto "WINGS OF MERCY".  Under the arch is the large Amphibian aircraft with twin vertical stabilizers on the tail, and a very deep keel.  Area under nose has large red cross where on military planes was any nose art.  Tiny pin on back.  Dates almost certainly in the 1930's.  Never saw anything else vintage from this group.  $20

8 WA  -  WWII AIR CORPS CAMP CAMPBELL SWEETHEART STERLING PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX   Two piece in Sterling.  The main piece is shield shaped, with eagle at center.  Has location over the top, reading "CAMP CAMPBELL, KY.".  Note CAMP, not FORT Campbell.  Small chain leads to second piece of the set, which is wing & prop insignia.  Unsold original store stock, in original box.  $20

9 WA  -  WWII TOP SERGEANT IN THE AIR CORPS SWEETHEART PIN IOB   Wing & prop top piece with pin back.  Suspends Top Sergeant Chevrons.  24 KT. Gold plated, on Sterling.  Very good original box, with a colorful box top that says "the original miniature rank insignia pin created by GK Co New York".  The pin is about 1 3/4" tall.  Unsold original store stock.   $20

Wing & prop top piece with pin back.  Suspends Sergeant Chevrons.  24 KT. Gold Plated, on Sterling.  Very good original box, with a colorful box top that says "the original miniature rank insignia pin created by GK Co New York".  The pin is about 1 1/2" tall.  Unsold original store stock.   $20

11 WA  -  WWII WING & PROP LAPEL PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX   13/16" wide silver color wing and prop lapel pin.  Mint condition.  Have several from a lot of original store inventory, never used.  Each...$12

12 WA  -  WWII HOME FRONT WING & PROP BROOCH PIN IN ORIGINAL BOX  1 3/4" wide, gold tone metal.  Pin back.  Mint condition.  Original store inventory.  Have a few.  Each...$15

14 WA  -  WWII SWEETHEART MINIATURE AIR CORPS BOMBARDIER WINGS   Sterling Silver.  Exacting detail and high quality.  Pin back.  1 3/8" wide. The best that were made.  On the original store card.  Mint condition.  Have 1 left.  $20

Sterling Silver.  Exactly detail and high quality.  Pin back.  1 3/8" wide.  On the original store card.  Mint condition.  Have 3.   Each...$20

17 WA  -  WWII SINGLE ENGINE AIRCRAFT PIN WITH RHINESTONES   All glittery from the rhinestones over most of the surfaces; I think I only see one missing.  2" wide wing span.  Pin back.  Very nice sweetheart pin.  $40

18 WA  -  WWII NOVELTY MILITARY AVIATION KEEP 'EM FLYING PIN  Two piece. The banner on top has the engraved wording "KEEP 'EM FLYING".  Hanging below is a brown disc with a brass, four engine transport aircraft applied.  1 3/4" high.  Nice engraving.  Minor wear to finish on airplane.  $20

19 WA  -  RHINESTONE WWII TWIN ENGINE AIRCRAFT PIN  Passenger style.  2 1/2" wing span, 1 3/4" front to back.  Almost entirely covered with rhinestones, but some are missing. The wings seem to have all the rhinestones, except two long spaces that are missing stones.  Most of the missing stones are on the body of the plane, but there is a large square stone behind the cockpit.  There are holes on each side that appear to be deliberately holes, not meant for rhinestones.  The tail does have red and green stones.  Pin back.  With a little work, you should be able to fill in the spaces with rhinestones.  $30


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