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All periods and variety of Paper material, Coca Cola Cards, Matchbook Salesman Samples, Civil War Patriotic Envelopes, Kiowa Indian Art Set, Posters, AVG & Fighter Pilot Limited Edition Prints, Sheet Music, Victory & WWI Paper Hats, Photos, Books, Newspapers, Decks of Cards, Aircraft ID Cards and more will be found in this section.  Quite a mixture of some GREAT items, so please scroll through all the way to the end.


1PP  -  WWII VICTORY STATIONERY UNUSED PACKET   6 3/4 x 10" packet of patriotically decorated "VICTORY STATIONERY".  Off white, darkened with age.  The design is a large red, white and blue V, with an eagle in the middle and RWB decorations and lines on the front.  There appears to be 10 sheets and envelopes inside, with a RWB V and ribband in the left corner.  I can't see any further in the packet to know whether the decoration is on the envelopes.  This has never been opened.  It's got areas of tattered edges and the effects of handling and people trying to look inside the upper left corner.  Overall, it is intact and a great display item.  $25

2PP  -  WWII 1941 KNIT FOR DEFENSE INSTRUCTION MANUAL   Copyright 1941, The Spool Cotton Company.  Splendid cover with flag stripes in red and white, behind a soldier modeling a knitted sweater.  Text is "BOOK No. 172 - PRICE 10 CENTS / Knit for DEFENSE / Chadwick's RED HEART Wools", and has a photo of a soldier modeling the V-Neck pullover sweater.  This manual includes detailed instructions for making military garments - sweaters, gloves, scarves, helmet and mittens, marksman's gloves, trigger gloves, etc. 23 pages.  7 5/8 x 10 3/4".  Great condition.  Shows general use, one small tear on cover, couple bends, but that's it.  Sold at fabric shops in 1941.  $25

3PP  -  1943 COCA COLA DECK OF CARDS, MINT IN BOX   April 1, 1943 WWII cards, mint in box.  The seal has been opened, but the cards are mint and do not look used.  Backs and the box has has a young lady in a circular window, as if seeing her in a mirror.  Coke bottle sits just under the portrait.  There are two different women depicted; one is a WAC with air corps wings behind the bottle; the other is a well dressed lady with autumn leaves surrounding her photo.  We obtained a lot of these original stock from the Schneir collection auction, many years back.  Has Joker and a card with Coke masthead giving bridge scoring; also the title AUCTION BRIDGE on one card.  Box will show trivial handling.  Cards are mint.  Coke symbols in and out.   WAC...$50 each   Lady Autumn Leaves...$45 each

4PP  -  BRILLIANT, SHOWY WWII HOME FRONT UNOPENED PACKAGE   Top third of package face has title in blue "VICTORY PACK" with lady's face showing through the "V".  Center has horizontal red bands/stars and name of product contained..."Extra Heavy Waxed Paper" in bright red letters.  Bottom has message in blue "For Preserving Food - Clean - Fresh - 24 sheets".  12 x 18".  Bright package never opened.  1944 dated.  $25

5PP  -  WWII 1942 ARMY-NAVY INSIGNIA GUIDE   Nice advertising item as well.  A bit over 4" wide x 5 1/4" tall.  Made from cardboard, with an attached wheel behind.  The wheel rotates, changing the information in two separate windows on front.  One is a Navy man and the other an Army man, also with a window on each man's sleeve.  Each stop illustrates what insignia rank goes on each man by the name in the window, and the corresponding insignia on the sleeve.  The advertising piece was given our by MARTY'S RESTAURANT AND BAR, 17 E. FAYETTE ST., BALTIMORE, MD.  Under the Navy man is copyright 1942 New York, NY / ADVERTISERS' SERVICE DIVISION.  Good condition, with some rumpling, mostly the lower left which is bent, but intact.  Neat item.  $20

6PP  -  CIVIL WAR PATRIOTIC ENVELOPES or COVERS  All are unused, all are open on the flaps, except #24, which is glued shut.  No stamps.  If you wish to see photos of the back sides, email with the numbers.  Also note that most are more yellow tone then my photos show, just couldn't get them all edited to their exact tone.  When ordering, please refer to the number on each (i.e. 6PP #7, etc.).  Prices are shown on each photo.   Click each thumbnail photo for larger views and prices

7PP  -  BRILLIANT COLORS!!  KIOWA INDIAN ART - A COMPLETE ORIGINAL SET OF 30 SERIGRAPHS + ART HISTORY BOOK   Produced and copyrighted in 1929 under the title “KIOWA INDIAN ART”.   Also known as the KIOWA FIVE art; the artists are Monroe Tsa-to-ke, Jack Hokeah, Spencer Asah, Bou-ge-tah Smokey, and Steve Mopope.  Still in the original portfolio with introductory text. The main page of the insert lists “KIOWA INDIAN ART”  and the other text in part is “WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS IN COLOR BY THE INDIANS OF OKLAHOMA.  THE INTRODUCTION BY OSCAR BROUSSE JACOBSON…”C. SZWEDZICKI PUBLISHER, VILLA LES CHENES, AU PIOL NICE (FRANCE)”.  The set is numbered 235 of 750 and appears to be hand signed by the publisher.  The inserts give extensive background and history in both English and French.  Each measures 11 1/2 x 15”, and still retains each tissue paper separator.  The prints are near mint, absolutely brilliant, and incredibly detailed with innumerable colors and exciting subjects.  Simply stunning, even under high magnification.  The process used to produce them is also known as the pochoir technique, similar to silk screen.  Individually these prints would bring more than we price for the entire set.  This is a complete, stunning acquisition.  We will also include the book Song From the Earth, American Indian Painting by Jamake Highwater, which discusses the artists and the portfolio, in context of relevant Indian Art history.  All 30 are not shown in the photo above, but all are present.   $895

8PP  -  UNUSED BOX OF WWII PATRIOTIC STATIONARY AND ENVELOPES   30 patriotic envelopes and 30 (I count 31) pages of writing paper. "20 DIFFERENT PRIZE WINNING DESIGNS AND SLOGANS THAT WON IN A NATIONAL CONTEST" is part of the text on the cover.  6 x 9" sheets.  Original fully illustrated box.  Fine condition.  Complete.  Just a great collectible with some great patriotic graphics, and would be a great display item for your collection.  $35

  9PP  -  HUGE LOT OF 60 ORIGINAL UNUSED SOLDIERS, SAILORS, WWII HUMOROUS ENVELOPES   There were 5 packs with the original paper bands wrapped around; each pack had 3 different designs each when sold originally.  Someone in the past must have changed them because there are a total of 5 designs in varying amounts, and had more than just 3 designs in each pack.  So, we have decided to just sell them all at once where you can take the time to sell individually, or simply add to your collection.  These are colorful, mint condition, never used.  They still have glue.  The paper bands say "HUMOROUS ENVELOPES / Keep 'Em Smiling....Copyright 1943-Porto Server-Chicago".  Envelopes: Have 5 of "SHOOT SOME INK THIS WAY - FOR".  Have 8 of "ON THE LOOKOUT FOR".  Have 8 of "HIGH TIDE AND TORPEDOES CAN'T STOP THE MAIL FOR".   Have 15 of "HIGH-HO! HERE'S A LETTER FOR".   Have 24 of "HEY! THAT'S MY NAME".   The back side of each envelope has "PORTO-SERVER - CHICAGO ILL. 1942" and a place at top with the FROM lines.  Really nice group, guaranteed original.  ALL FOR JUST $75...that's a GREAT price!

10PP  -  1940's 4TH OF JULY PATRIOTIC CHAPEAU STYLE HAT   15" long.  Expands like an accordion.  Top has crepe paper which when pulled apart, expands.  Red, white and blue sides are thin card stock.  Excellent.   $18

11PP  -  NEAT PAIR OF WWI PATRIOTIC AIRPLANE & EAGLE PAPER CAPS  All red, white and blue, in heavy paper.  Looks like they would fit most adults (but we don't recommend wearing).  11 x 6" flat.  Tops have circular star insignia against red and white stripes.  Ends have blue vertical bands with white stars.  Headband is different on each.  One has WWI airplane, the other has a flying eagle.  Unused condition. Great for display.  Both...$28

12PP  -  WWII "V" FOR VICTORY CARDSTOCK HAT   Folds flat.  Red/white/blue with large silver "V" stapled on.  Red/white/blue crepe paper accordion top.  11 1/2" wide across front x 4 3/8" tall to top of "V".  Excellent condition, with some age darkening and minor wear. Great for display.  $25

13PP  -  WWII VICTORY CARDSTOCK HAT  1 1/4" wide forming a red, white & blue band which goes around the head...size approximately 6 7/8.  Attached, so it stands in front of and higher than the band, is a silver foil-faced, die cut "V FOR VICTORY".  Near new condition with one bend in the V.  Great for display.  $25

15PP  -  HAUNTING WWI LIBERTY LOAN POSTER   Surely elicited loathing and fear of the HUN during WWI.  And obviously also intended to provide incentive to recruiting.  Shows woman with baby, cringing at the approach of a Hun looking more like a beast, hovering over the body of her husband.  All drawn in impressionistic style to elicit emotion.  Subtle colors.  Text is “HUN OR HOME?/BUY MORE LIBERTY BONDS”.  Measures 20 x 30”, on good white paper.  A couple areas are reinforced with archival tape on the rear of the poster; nothing large and not visible.  Lower edge marked "EDWARDS & DEUTSCH LITHO CO., CHICAGO".  Excellent condition.  Guaranteed original.  $75

16PP  -  WWI U.S. NAVY RECRUITING POSTER   Top third of poster is filled with huge letters “NAVY MEN NEEDED NOW”.  Center of poster has facsimile of Presidential Executive Order dated March 24, 1917, authorizing enlisted strength to be increased to 87,000.  Below is a paragraph of the advantages of enlisting in the Navy.  Very excellent, with no creases.  There is a 3” chunk out of the bottom edge, in the middle.  It took the bottom half of one letter, and the border line.  Can be repaired by Xeroxing the border and using it to fill in the missing span.  The letter can simply be completed with pen.  The missing area is already filled in with backing. Our photos make the poster look smaller on one end, but it was simply having to take the photo from a real distance and taking it on an angle. $45

17PP  -  DRAMATIC WWI LIBERTY BOND POSTER    Also obviously served as a recruiting incentive.  Poster features a large blood red hand print at top, symbolizing the brutality of the Hun.  Text under the bloody hand reads “THE HUN – HIS MARK/BLOT IT OUT/WITH/LIBERTY BONDS”.  Printed in Chicago.  19¾ x 30”.  Printed on typical thin newsprint (paper).  Fine condition. Have four of this poster.  Each...$50

18PP  -  WWII RANGERS and COMMANDOS COLORING BOOK   10 1/4 x 15".  Covers have full color illustrations showing soldiers racing through the water, off a ship, bombs going off, American and British flags at the top.  Inside front cover shows this was published by the Merrill Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, copyright 1943.  Two pages loose from the staples at the very middle, otherwise, all others seem intact.  Many of the pages have been colored, but there are many that haven't been.  Overall for its age, and the fact that kids had their hands on it, it's in really good condition.  $45

19PP  -  ORIGINAL WWII SET OF TWO MATCHBOOK SALESMAN SAMPLES   Near mint condition; has only one area of darkening; see photo.  Entitled "AMERICA VICTORIOUS".  Copyright 1942 by the GEM MATCH CO., 74 W. Washington St., Chicago, Ill.  Consists of two mint red, white and blue printed cards 9 x 12", printed both sides and meant to be folded in the middle.  Each is full of dramatic, patriotic text and graphics, plus, each has six sample patriotic match books, each with different design.  There are Anti-Axis, Remember Pearl Harbor, Careless Lips Sink Ships with Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty, Defend America, Let's Go America, Keep 'Em Rolling, Keep 'Em Flying, Keep Democracy from Dying, etc.  Each has a different business listed, and shows what your business could have looked liked on a matchbook.  Very neat, and wonderful for display.  $195

20PP  -  WWII "HUNTING LICENSE" & "WANTED FOR MURDER" PIN BACK BUTTON   WWII classics.  Comes with a red pin back button which is basically a "wanted poster".  Button is 1 3/8" in diameter.  Has Hitler's face, and swastika.  Reads "WANTED FOR MURDER" and "ADOLF SCHICKELGRUBER Alias HITLER".  "Hunting License" is a pre-printed form 4 1/8 x 5".  Never been filled in.  Reads "This Certifies That ______ is hereby issued a hunting license to shoot all JAP ALIENS AND THEIR AXIS PARTNERS.  Signed before me this______ day of _____ 19 __ _________".  Has a red printed seal.  Some wrinkling.  $35

21PP  -  CIVIL WAR GENERAL N. P. BANKS CABINET PHOTO  1880 period photo.   Splendid portrait of an important General and politician.  Born in Waltham, Mass.  Beginning as a factory worker, he studied law, and became successively a member of the state and national legislatures...Speaker of Congress 1856, then Governor of Massachusetts in 1861.  In the Civil War, he commanded on the Potomac, and is known later for his capture of Port Hudson.  Member of Congress until 1873.  Crisp portrait by Warren's of Boston.  Few pale spots of foxing at edge of card.  Important Civil War General. Came from an exquisite album of top government, military and celebrity photos. The accompanying handwritten name was clipped from the page in the album (not his signature).  $50

22PP  -  THREE BUFFALO BILL BOOKS   Buy all three for $18 and we can ship media mail or priority one rate medium size.  Click on each word PHOTO below for pictures

PHOTOS  A.  "BUFFALO BILL - THE BOYS’ FRIEND" 1917 hardbound edition with color cover plate of Bill and Indian about to bring down a buffalo.  5 1/2 x 8 1/8”, 246 pages.  By Elmer Sherwood.  Whitman Publishing Co./Racine…Chicago.  Total adventure package, 37 chapters.  Clean text.  Cover lightly faded.  Some wear at a few extreme edges.  Great cover graphics.  Little corner off at top right.  Front hinge shaken on inside.  Interior spine has come unglued from spine covering, and needs to be re-glued.  $8

PHOTOS   B.  "BUFFALO BILL AND THE PONY EXPRESS" Dates 1917 or very close.  Undated fly leaf.  Inexpensive pseudo-hardbound, out of heavy cardstock covers with paper covering simulating cloth.  Color plate on cover of Bill being pursued by Indians.  4 5/8 x 6 7/8”, 125 pages.  Clean text, on light grey paper.  Cover nearly loose at spine – I believe easily repaired inside.  Exterior has wear at extreme corners and very edges of spine at bend.  Classic early Western thriller; one step up from the Dime Novels.  By the prolific Elmer Sherwood of Whitman Publishing.  $8

PHOTOS  C.  "BUFFALO BILL’S BOYHOOD" Well written adventure novel, based considerably on fact.  Dates 1917 or very close.  Undated fly leaf.  By the prolific Elmer Sherwood of Whitman Publishing Co.  4 ½ x 7”, 121 pages.  Clean text on light grey paper.  Pseudo-hard covers, out of heavy cardstock with printed paper facing.  Color plate on cover of Indians attacking Bill, firing from behind a downed horse.  Covers show good deal of surface wear.  Front cover parted from hinge (just paper).  Rear cover and spine about loose.  Needs a bit of glue.  One step up from Dime Novels.  Well done adventures.  $8

23PP  -  19 WWII KELLOGG'S PEP CEREAL MODEL WAR PLANES   19 Total.   Pep was a famous cereal at that time, always giving away neat things.  5 x 7" cards, printed one side with all the punch-out parts to make an authentic scale model airplane suitable for silhouette identification.  Cards are die cut so parts pop out of background.  The back of the card gives information on the cereal itself, and description and specifications of the particular aircraft on the card.  Also at the bottom are the words "BUY U.S. WAR BONDS AND STAMPS".  There are 12 different aircraft still on the original cards, plus 7 more which are duplicates.  They are: Lightning Lockheed P-38 x3; Supermarine Spitfire x2; Mosquito x4; Mosca Russian Fighter x2; Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat; Boulton Paul Defiant; Mitchell B-25; Boeing B-17E; Douglas A-17A; Havon Douglas A-20C; Sikorsky VS-300 Helicopter; Vindicator.  These are widely known from the War and are shown in most books.  Fine condition.  Never used.   $135

24PP  -  1922 CALENDAR LADY STANDING IN CORN FIELD  Very nice and complete wall calendar from 1922; never used.  Has a photo of lady standing in a very healthy cornfield.  Below is the calendar under a flip top. Total size is 5 7/16 x 9 1/4".  Has little cloth hanging tab at top.  $15

25PP  -  1940 FIGHTING PLANES OF THE U.S. NAVY BIG BOOK   Big picture book 11¾” square.  “Copyright, 1940, Grinnell Lithographic Co., Inc.” is on the lower left front cover. 7 heavy sheets plus illustrated covers.  Several views of the aircraft in flying portraits, with explanatory text.  Fine shape.  Very heavy paper.  Some few, pale drip marks on left edge of cover.  Back page has numerous squadron insignia.  To illustrate how early the book is, one of the planes are shown flying over the Yorktown.  $25

26PP  -  NEW CIVIL AIR REGULATIONS BOOK OCTOBER 1945   8 1/4 x 10 1/2", with heavier cardstock covers.  "Examination Questions and Answers" and "For all Grades of Civilian Pilots".  Also on the cover "WE KEEP 'EM FLYING with FLYING ? QUESTIONS / UP-TO-DATE AS A WEATHER REPORT".  The first page inside lists the title as "NEW CIVIL AIR REGULATIONS / FOR ALL CLASSES OF CIVILIAN PILOTS / WHICH BECAME EFFECTIVE JULY 1st, AND AUGUST 1st, 1945".  45 pages.  All intact, in solid condition.  Some foxing and the pages are browning in spots.  $10

27PP  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR PATRIOTIC REMEMBER THE MAINE PAPER SHOPPING BAG!    Featuring UNCLE SAM.  Amazing original item. Heavy manila paper bag, with facing side decorated with a 5¼” tall cartoon.  This consists of the figure of Uncle Sam, flanked by a soldier and a sailor, each pointing to the banner arching over Uncle Sam.  It reads “WE HAVE REMEMBERED THE MAINE”.  Probably given out just after the War ended.  The grocer’s name and address is printed below "W. D. MELLEN, ATHOL, MASS.".  A splendid and rare patriotic Homefront item.  Never used; just has some storage and age darkening.  10 1/2  x 15”.  Have only one... $65

27PP -  ANOTHER REMEMBER THE MAINE SHOPPING BAG  Has been used, but very good.  Has a few little tears around top.  A pencil inscription was put on back but has worn away.  10 1/2 x 15".  Have only one... $50

28PP  -  HISTORIC 1830 NEWSPAPER ANTI-MASONIC HERALD   "The Anti-Masonic Herald, and Lancaster Weekly Courier", Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Friday July 23, 1830.  Volume III. No. 6. 22 x 30", folded in half, giving 4 print pages.  Filled with picturesque advertising and notices, and several editorials and news items, most exhibiting the paper's clear and certain anti-Masonic sentiments, boldly inserted in their reporting on most situations and incidents reported.  A trial is said to have been decided in favor of a mason, George Washington is said to have denied active membership in the masons, and many other examples.  Paper shows wear and some parting on folds. Entirely legible.  Fascinating reading.  Illustrative of the rabid anti-Masonic sentiment which existed at that time in the country.   $25

29PP  -  WWII PATRIOTIC SHEET MUSIC DEDICATED TO KATE SMITH   1942 copyright.  Sheet music entitled TO VICTORY, this in white over a large American Shield with large 'V' across the front.  Branch insignia at each corner.  Brilliant red cover sheet, 3 pages.  About new condition.  $5

30PP  -  1942 SHEET MUSIC FOR "The Song Of The SEABEES"  "Dedicated to the SEABEES Construction and Fighting Men of the UNITED STATES NAVY" and "Printed for complimentary distribution by Bureau of Yards and Docks, United States Navy, by "ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION...".  Great cover art with Seabees emblem at center, large and in color.  It looks like someone folded it to put in a pocket once, but now flat in storage for many years.  $10

31PP  -  WWII AIRCRAFT WARNING-GROUND OBSERVER CORPS MAGAZINE   Monthly magazine sent to all posts, providing news of activities, articles on improving skills, contests and tests, news from various posts, lost of illustrations, and photos, all related to aircraft recognition and the official organizations created to defend our coastline.  Mint condition.  9 x 12".  16 pages.  Dated April 1944.  Have 4.  Each...$5

32PP  -  WWII 1944 SOLDIER "WELCOME HOME" PAPER SIGN  I believe this was intended for use at home parties, or very small homecoming celebrations.  12 1/2 x 19".  Wonderful large red, white and blue letters WELCOME HOME.  Bottom of the face has large panel for G.I.'s name to be written in, in crayon.  Bottom right has the words "COPYRIGHT 1944 BY PARENTE & PERLMAN".  Very decorative.  Surely an event which brought many tears.  Never used.  Just needs to be flattened or lightly ironed.  $15

33PP  -  ORIGINAL WWII "VICTORY LOAN" QUOTA POSTER ON BOARD   14 x 22", on heavy poster board.  Possibly stenciled on, with the department and quota progress hand lettered.  "HELP BRING 'EM HOME / VICTORY LOAN OCT. 29 - DEC. 29 / THE VICTORY BONDS YOU BUY WILL HELP PAY THEIR WAY BACK TO THE U.S.A.".  Bottom right corner has "DEPT. 87 / QUOTA $1350.00".  Was displayed in a factory.  Colorful!  $50

34PP  -  VICTORY RUMMY - DECK OF PLAYING CARDS WITH WARTIME GRAPHICS   The original box is RWB, with big letters "VICTORY, code for V, RUMMY...".  Comes with leaflet with all the instructions, copyright 1942.  Also comes with original VICTORY (..._ V) RUMMY OFFICIAL SCORE PAD.  Full deck.  Instead of suits, it has dots and dashes (from ..._V), V's, and some cards with characature of Hitler, Tojo, or Mussolini...the Axis allies.  Fine condition.  Backs of cards have vertical red, white, blue bands with flying eagle at center with lightning bolts coming from its talons.  There is minor wear to the box, and a pushed in spot just about in the middle, but is still intact and not real noticeable.   $65

35PP  -  WWII DECK OF AVIATOR PINOCHLE PLAYING CARDS DATED 1945   Dated  “Oct. 22 1945, Aviator Pinochle Playing Cards”.  A gift to the G.I.’s from the Red Cross.  The box is all red with red cross on white square.  The other side says “For use of U.S. Government Permit No. 1”.  Mint deck.  Box is excellent, with some rubs and small open seams at top.   $50

Statue of Liberty and 8 Allied Flags.  Came from the famous Schneir collection auctioned off several years ago. This was lot 259, and still comes in the plastic wrap with auction label.  Excellent+ linen cards with gold edges, still wrapped in the original wax paper with gold seal.  Complete plus Joker & Instructions, and heavy case is excellent.  The backs have Statue of Liberty surrounded with flags of 8 countries.  Box text reads "AIR CUSHION/TRADE MARK/CONGRESS/PLAYING CARDS/606/GOLD EDGES/COPYRIGHT, BY/THE US PLAYING CARD CO./CINCINNATI, U.S.A.".  This box has an August 1894 tax stamp, providing dating information.  However, this is misleading.  Tax stamp series frequently were used over several years.  These cards are WWI Victory cards (1918-1919) with flags of the Allies.  $60

38PP  -  WWII VINTAGE EMBOSSED PAPER TABLE CLOTH    54 x 72".  Patriotic and Military designs the full length.  Eagle / Shield - Anti-aircraft guns, red, white, blue looping edge designs.  Folded.  In original cellophane wrap (a bit ragged). Never out of the packaging.  Has original label by Beach Products, Inc. Kalamazoo Michigan.  Paper is embossed to give it the look of fabric.  The tablecloth is in mint, unused condition.  $35

39PP  -  DECK OF CIVIL WAR PLAYING CARDS    These are super bargains.  Excellent unused  condition in original paper wrap.  Cardstock on which they were printed is a bit thicker than later cards.  Typical inexpensive cards of the period.  No numbers on the cards.  Value of the card is indicated by number of times the suit is repeated on the card...i.e. 3 hearts is a 3-of-hearts.  Nice colored paper wrap with label (blue or red), unopened, but wrap may be torn or have parted edges.  Reads “GREAT MOGUL SUPERIOR CARDS”.  These were made in Belgium for English speaking trade.  Each Deck...$65


40PP  -  CIVIL WAR NEWSPAPERS “THE NEW YORK HERALD”...BUY ALL FOUR FOR $80, or individually priced below

  1. February 2, 1865.  Highly important issue heavily covering the Peace Mission at Ft. Monroe where Confederate Vice President, etc. met Secretary Seward’s party.  Much of first page quotes Richmond newspapers.  Also report of Cabinet changes at Richmond. Inner pages enlarge on the coverage and editorialize.  Also report of Passage of the Constitutional Amendment outlawing slavery with related activity.  Back page has war news from Sherman, Wilmington, Conley, and on the Draft.  8 pages, 15½ x 22”. Clean.  Shows some use and has some parting on the spine.  Unusually important content.  $25
  2. February 7, 1865.  Reports the results of the Peace Mission at Ft. Monroe, as well as including long quotes from Richmond newspapers which give their reaction.  Also has short report from Sherman.  Inside has long summary and analysis of the current war situation, plus considerable reporting from the various theaters.  Short pieces on the draft and the unsuccessful attack at Petersburg crater explosion. 8 pages, 15½ x 22”.  Clean.  Some parting on spine.  $25
  3. February 21, 1865.  Main front page headlines and coverage…Sherman…ground climax of the Campaign in South Carolina…Charleston evacuated by the Rebels…the birthplace of Treason in our hands…Sherman marching in Charlotte…evacuation of Richmond…Progress.  Grant…exchange of prisoners on the James (with reports of their treatment).  Center pages include summary of situation, reports from other theaters and pieces on the South to include that Virginia decided to arm Negroes.  Reconstruction matters already being considered in Congress, before War ends.  8 pages, 15½ x 22”.  Clean.  Little parting on spine.  $25
  4. February 24, 1865.  The South crumbles and the reporting covers the many fronts which have or will soon be overrun.  “Sherman…has massed columns Still Marching On.”.  “The South…North Carolina overrun”.  “The Last and Grandest Campaign Now in Progress”.  Many small pieces from varied places.  Richmond papers quoted.  General news gives sense that events already going into post-War mode.  Clean.  8 pages, 15½ x 22”.  Paper very slightly toned.  $20

41PP  -  VERY IMPORTANT ORIGINAL CIVIL WAR MILITARY NEWSPAPER – “THE ARMY NAVY JOURNAL – GAZETTE OF THE REGULAR AND VOLUNTEER FORCES”  This paper features all War news, all of the time.  Nothing could be more pertinent to the Civil War collector.  These papers were eagerly awaited and read by all armed forces in the North, and more so, in the South, to learn the latest on all campaigns throughout the country…the big picture.  We have a very few copies we’ve been hoarding for years.  Fine, clean copies.  9¾ x 14¼”, 16 pages.  Spine shows signs of having once been bound.  Gorgeous eagle/shield masthead.  BUY ALL THREE FOR $95, or individually priced below

  1. Saturday August 6, 1864.  Superb and detailed report of Grant’s moves at Deep Bottom and vicinity; one of the best reports in the Petersburg Mine, its construction, explosion, and the disastrous fight after.  Then there is Sherman’s Operations – plus analysis of mines, Monitors, breech loaders, more. Also has personnel matters, editorials, and too much more to list.  Last page is filled with fascinating military goods advertising.  Clean.  Excellent.  Spine worn at edge.  $35
  2. Saturday April 30, 1864.  Action in North Carolina - Forts about Roanoke were assaulted as were the Federal gunboats, which were defeated – a report on fighting Navajos in New Mexico – a very long and detailed analysis of Ironclad design and use to date – more than a page of recommendations for inexperienced officers, on how to perform their duties – list of Court Martials with several to be shot or hanged – more – good advertising.  Spine has some fraying along edge from having been removed from bound book of issues.  Clean text.  $25
  3. Important Double Issue “Army-Navy Journal Supplement”.  February 20 & February 27, 1864.  Issued in addition to the usual weekly issue, and as large as them, for the purpose of publishing in full, General McClellan’s report on the organization of the Army of the Potomac, and its campaign in Virginia and Maryland, July 26, 1861 to November 7, 1862.  This was published in book form, available for public purchase and copies sell for over $700.  This was the public’s opportunity to secure the same information at a fraction of the book’s original price.  Each of these supplements are 16 pages, the same size as the regular A-N Journal.  Unfortunately, the bulk of the text ran very slightly longer than the 32 pages of the double issue supplement, and so the closing words were printed in the next regular issue.  This we do not have.  However, these two contain virtually the entire record of all correspondence between McClellan, the President and the Secretary of War.  Believe Custer had a large part in assembling this report. Excellent clean condition.  Spine worn at edge.  $45

42PP  -  CABINET PHOTO OF A U.S. ARMY BUGLER - SPANISH AMERICAN WAR   Standard heavy card stock 4 1/4 x 6 1/2", with photo 3 15/16 x 5 1/2".  Full standing pose, wearing regulation fatigue uniform and holding a regulation bugle against his hip.  You see the entire bugle with a long, braided bugle cord.  He wears standard khaki slouch hat with "28 over E" applied to front.  His coat is dark blue wool 5-button with brass buttons.  His belt is leather with M1851 rectangular eagle plate (it's a guess, because the plate is very faded and only traces of the design show, but I think I see the wreath).  Trousers are lighter with double line of piping down outer seam.  Has canvas leggings over tie shoes.  Background is lightly faded but soldier and his uniform is nearly as crisp as new.  Nice reference photo.  Has been in my reference collection for decades.  $45

43PP  -  HONORABLE CHARLES SUMNER CABINET PHOTO  1880 period photo.  Superb pose by Warren's of Boston, Mass (back mark).  Came from an exquisite album of top period governmental, military and celebrity photos of the period.  Excellent crisp image.  Slight foxing on card.  Comes with Xerox of biography.  Senator with uncompromising position against slavery.  In 1856 he was beaten severely in chambers by Preston S. Brooks of S.C., a member of Congress.  Candidate for presidency in 1872.  Important image.  The accompanying handwritten name was clipped from the page in the album.  $75

44PP  -  GREAT AMERICANA - REAL STAGE COACH TICKETS   Pre-Civil War.  Very nicely made.  Powder blue stiff cardstock, printed in black with "North Brookfield Stage / DEPOT /to / VILLAGE / Boston / C. A. Bush / (number)".  A few have minor variations.  Very fine condition. 1 1/2 x 2 7/8".  Shown is a representative example.  Each...$5

45PP  -  PACKET OF CASH USED IN THE PHILIPPINES DURING THE JAPANESE OCCUPATION   The Japs threw us out of the Philippines very early in the War, and weren't removed until very late in the War, after some of the most violent and costly battles of WWII.  These packets recall MacArthur's "I shall return".  Only after we reoccupied the Philippines did the money end its usefulness and was turned in, hopefully in exchange for something equally useful.  Several bills show ink stamp markings indicating some sort of collection and exchange by a government entity.  Fabulous collectibles from the Pacific Campaign, and the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines. These are original packets containing approximately 50 bills.  Same size and type of engraving as US bills.  2 3/4 x 6 1/4".  The words "THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT" run across the center, over the denomination.  There is one 100 peso bill, the rest being mostly 10 peso notes with an occasional 5.  Some ink stamped in oval "Japanese War Notes/received for Safe Keeping/Association of the Philippines".  Bills run from about new to well used.  Super neat items.  Each packet...$35  Buy two or more...$28 each

46PP  -  BOOK - FIREARMS OF THE AMERICAN WEST 1866-1894 (v. 2) [Hardcover] second printing, by Charles G. Worman & Louis A. Garavaglia    We just purchased this, mistakenly thinking it was a different book.  Dale already has both volumes, and highly recommends you get both.  Publication Date: February 1, 1998.  This is the second volume of a two-part study of firearms in the nineteenth-century American West. It traces the development of the firearm from the close of the Civil War to the beginning of its modern era, marked in 1894 by the initial army issues of a new high-velocity bolt-action rifle designed for smokeless-powder cartridges. The Winchester Model 1894, a civilian arm adapted for smokeless-powder ammunition, also appeared at that time. Within this period, the authors have discussed all the important military and civilian firearms used in the settling of the West, as well as the guns favored by Indians. As in the first volume (1803-1865), this study is encyclopedic in its detail on rifles, shotguns, and handguns and again draws on advertisements from newspapers, catalogs, and other primary sources as well. Over five hundred photographs illustrate the weapons and the famous and now-forgotten men and women who used them.  This lively and thoroughly researched book examines guns as a integral part of the frontier experience in a society where peace officers and judges were few. As one Texas ranch foreman observed, "The fear of the law is not half so great as the fear of a bullet..." Condition is very lightly used, excellent+ condition.  The pages are white, but just have shades of pink due to poor lighting.   $60...Will ship postpaid

47PP  -  AMAZING WWII PROMOTIONAL COFFEE ADVERTISING PACKET   This is an entire unsolicited proposal sent from a company which designs advertising and prints packaging, to a company which sells coffee.  The folder itself is 9 1/2 x 12 1/2" tan cardstock, with a red, white and blue shield with eagles, and "Coffee goes to War".  A very excellent sales letter explains the proposal, and includes sample packaging in an 8 x 12" photo and three actual full color sample packages.  The company is "CONTINENTAL BAG SPECIALTIES CORPORATION, Hudson River & 27th St., New York, N.Y.  There is a little card within the letter that has typed the name of the coffee seller (L. Hughes & Son, 3 Myrtle St., Pittsfield, Mass), so they can easily mail a reply.  To quote just the brief introduction of the proposal, it is easy to see how effective the proposal could be to introduce patriotic themes: "COFFEE GOES TO WAR...And take a look at the "Armor" it's wearing!   Here is our answer to Uncle Sam's call for patriotic packaging - our newest Victory Design!....The design that SHOUTS Victory - shrieks DEFIANCE to the enemy - FIGHTS for Victory...and withal...PROMOTES GOOD WILL FOR COFFEE!, etc., etc.".  "P.S. May we submit a layout which will turn your present coffee bag into a Patriotic Coffee Bag without losing any of its present identity?  Just send us a sample and check the above card."   Enclosed in the folder are three suggested sample patriotic bags plus an 8 x 10" photo.  Condition shows storage darkening and fading/foxing, and some slight handling.  Really links today to the days of WWII.  $60

49PP  -  FINE WWII STUDIO PHOTO OF TWO BROTHERS   Crystal clear, in their immaculate uniforms, both sergeants, with Army Service Corps patches.  4 x 6'' in patriotic studio folio.  Good as new.  Studio was in Highland, Illinois.  $12

50PP  -  1944 SKY HEROES STAMP ALBUM SINCLAIR GAS PAMPHLET   4 x 8 3/4" pamphlet with colored postage-type stamps pasted in over a concise description of their exploits as of 1944.  Cover is bright red with Army, Navy and Marine Corps insignia.  Has most of the greats - Scott, Foss, Bong, Boyington, Johnson & more.  This was a premium given with a gas purchase at Sinclair (back cover has "Compliments of your SINCLAIR DEALER").  22 pages, plus cover.  1944 copyright inside front cover.  All the stamps were acquired.  This is a really great period item, in excellent condition overall.  $15

avgprint.jpg (30145 bytes) 51PP  -  FLYING TIGERS WWII AIR COMBAT PRINT MULTIPLY SIGNED BY 55 AVG MEMBERS -  #718 of 1500   The most important and desirable limited edition WWII Air Combat Print I know to exist.  The Flying Tigers, Clair Chennault's American Volunteer Group (AVG).  Shows three P-40's rising over China, toward a flight of Japanese Bombers.  Besides this magnificent scene by artist Stan Stokes, it is signed by 55 members of the AVG and the artist, among which you will find many legendary names.  It was signed over a few months in 1987.  I bought several in 1993, and have one on my wall.  The one for sale here is #718, although the photos show #719.  Included with the print, is a pamphlet with pictures of several members signing the print, along with a brief but excellent history of the AVG.  Further, you get a fine certificate of authenticity, numbered to the print.  For more information on the AVG, you must see Larry Pistole's fine book on the AVG.  Fabulous item.  26 x 30" overall.  Mint.   $450

GrummanHellcat.JPG (26470 bytes) 52PP  -  FAMOUS WWII FIGHTER ACE SIGNED LIMITED EDITION F6F-5 COMBAT PRINT #500 of 950   Title "Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat / Flown by Cdr. David S. McCampbell 34 victories / Commander Air Group 15 / U.S.S. Essex 1944".  Shows a Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat just after flaming a Jap Zero.  This particular F6F-5 has 30 Jap flag emblems on the side signifying that many victories, plus the name "MINSI III".   This picture portrays Cdr. David S. McCampbell in his personal plane shooting down his 31st Victory (total 34).  He was Commander Air Group 15, U.S.S. ESSEX, in 1944.  This is a full color, limited edition aviation combat print, #500 of 950, by John Ficklen.  Copyright 1981.  Signed in pencil both by Cdr. McCampbell and the artist.  Mint condition.  20 x 26" overall.  Full color.  I purchased this and another, currently hanging on my wall, at the issue date.  Material just not available today.  $275

HawkerHurricane.JPG (32567 bytes) 53PP  -  FAMOUS WWII FIGHTER ACE SIGNED LIMITED EDITION HURRICANE HAWKER COMBAT PRINT #50 of 950   Title "Hawker Hurricane I / Flown by Squadron Leader Robert R. Stanford Tuck / Commander No. 257 (Fighter) Squadron / Battle of Britain".  Limited Edition aviation combat print, #50 of 950.  Personalized and signed "To Larry Pistole"/Best of Luck/Bob Stanford Tuck".   Also signed by the artist "John Ficklen".   Larry Pistole, by the way, is the author of the fine book on the Flying Tigers (AVG).  Print is mint, and copyright 1980.  I purchased this and another, currently hanging on my wall, at the issue date.  You just don't see material like this these days.  Picture shows Stanford Tuck's personal plane with 19 swastikas on the side, and a small portrait of what looks like Prime Minister Winston Churchill with a cigar and a cane.  Overall size is 20 x 28".  $295

54PP  -  TWO WWII CHILD'S MILITARY CUT AND PASTE BOOKS   Full color graphics on these neat children's books from WWII.  There are ships, tanks, jeeps, planes, lots of action graphics.  1. 1943 "PUT TOGETHER AND PASTE WITHOUT PASTE" and "PLANE TANK JEEP SHIP" on the cover.  Copyright 1943 by The Saalfield Pub Co. in lower left.  Inside, all the pieces have been pasted in.  There are other pages to color, and have not been touched. 10 x 12 1/2".   2. 1942 "CUT AND STICK / MAKE PICTURES / No Paste Needed" and "Our ARMY AND NAVY in Action" on the cover, plus company information lower left, kind of hard to make out.  Inside cover has instructions, and copyright 1942 date at bottom, from the Merrill Publishing Company, Chicago.  All the pieces have been pasted in.  There are other blank pages. 10 1/2 x 13 1/4".  Gently used condition, but still in great shape.  Wonderful display pieces.  $40

55PP  -  FIVE WWII RATION BOOKS AND ADVERTISING SLEEVE   Four books "WAR RATION BOOK FOUR" and one book "War Ration Book One", plus a sleeve titled "TIP-TOP WAR RATION BOOK COVER",  "Compliments of the Bakers of Enriched TIP-TOP BREAD MADE WITH VITAMINS AND FOOD IRON".  Everything shows lots of handling.  Some remaining ration stamps in each book.  Four of the books and the cover sleeve are from Pearl and Leona Lesk, and Joseph Rohmire from the same address, once located at 3411 N. Kilpatrick Ave. in Chicago Illinois.  The other book belonged to Georgia Guidas from Hazen, Arkansas.  $30 for all

56PP  -  THREE WWII SOLDIER RELATED HOME FRONT RELIGIOUS WINDOW SIGNS   These were made to hang in a window or on a wall.  These are cardstock 5 1/2" square with a loop at top.  Cobalt blue color with stenciled words in white sparkly flocking.  They read "With God's help we shall Win"; "MAY GOD BE WITH OUR SOLDIER BOYS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN"; "Let Us Live Together and LOVE One Another".  The last one has a small dark stain upper right, not too noticeable.  $15 each

57PP  -  WWII AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION FLASH CARDS    Used to teach aircraft identification to Ground Observer Corps members - people who during WWII kept a constant look at the skies.  The same cards were used in combat theaters as well to teach aircrews, ground observers, gunners, etc., how to identify enemy aircraft.  These cards are originals and are mostly 4 x 5'', white cardstock, printed in black, showing three views of each aircraft.  These came from the Albany Air Region Ground Observer Corps.  This is a nice sampling of the cards used.  Have set of 10 different... $10



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