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This section contains all varieties of celluloid pin back buttons, from all periods



1PB  -  LARGE SELECTION OF VIETNAM ANTI-WAR AND PRO-WAR PIN BACK BUTTONS  Sizes range from 3 3/8" in diameter, down to 3/4".  Please refer to the letter and price, with a brief description of any button(s) you would like.  Prices as marked  SOLD: Q, S, Z, DD, JJ, KK, OO, TT, VV, EEE, HHH

2 PB  -  ANTI-WAR SENTIMENT - 1939 STORE CARD FULL OF BUTTONS "KEEP US OUT OF WAR"  SOLD This is an original store card FULL AND COMPLETE of pin back buttons, with the words KEEP US OUT OF WAR, with the United States in the background and a US over the top of the country.  These buttons were made for people to buy and show their support of the peace movement. Lindbergh was one of the notables who supported the movement, for reasons that he knew we, the US, were not prepared to get into War at the time.  He paid dearly for his position.  There are 24 buttons on the original card...a full card, none missing.  Has the text "WEAR A BUTTON / HELP KEEP US OUT OF WAR / STAY NEUTRAL".  All are red, white and blue. Just has a little chunk of lower right corner missing.  Was made by JANCO PRODUCTS, PHILADELPHIA PA. and is so marked on the back of the card.  $95

3 PB  -  LARGE WWII "V" PHOTO BUTTON  2 1/8" diameter.  Neat item of the time, where anyone could go get this button made, and their photo in the middle.  Has a large red "V" in the middle with flags and stars on each side, and a friendly looking lady's photo in the middle.  The top has the symbol for Victory, dot dot dot dash.  $28

4 PB  -  WWII V PINBACK BUTTON   Original 7/8" diameter pin back button.  Has a large V over dot dot dot dash, and the words COMMITTEE TO DEFEND AMERICA around the top and sides.  $15

6 PB  -  WWII 6th WAR LOAN PENNSYLVANIA LAPEL PIN  Tiny thing, 1 1/2" long overall.  The blue top part is 5/8 x 3/4".  Seems to be a hard plastic material.  Front is dark blue with the Minuteman silhouette, stars, and 6th in the lower right corner.  The rear has a lot of writing, with the date 9-27-44, and the initials W & H Co (Whitehead & Hoag Co), New Jersey.  Also "I bought "EXTRA" Bonds over and above my regular Payroll Savings.  6th WAR LOAN PENNSYLVANIA WAR FINANCE COMMITTEE".  $5

9 PB  -  WWII WELCOME BUDDY PIN BACK BUTTON WITH RIBBON  Short red - white - blue ribbon drop.  Button is 1 1/4" in diameter.  White background, red rim.  Shoulders up illustration of a man in uniform and helmet, under "WELCOME BUDDY".  Apparently a welcome home sentiment.  At least it's military related.  Bright ribbon, all original.  Excellent button.  $10

10 PB  -  RARE WWII U.S. ARMY ORDNANCE PIN BACK BUTTON  SOLD  1" in diameter.  White body, blue text "I WILL KEEP 'EM SHOOTING".  Red text and ordnance bomb across the center reads "U.S. ARMY ORDNANCE".  Pin back.  $15

11 PB  -  WWII ARMY PIN BACK BUTTON WITH RIBBON   Believe this is from West Point. 1 1/4" in diameter.  Background is three horizontal stripes - black, orange-yellow, grey (top to bottom) and the word ARMY is in the middle strip, in large black letters.  Has a tri-color ribbon drop.  Lightly soiled from storage and handling.  $10

13 PB  -  WWII PIN BACK BUTTON FROM SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MASSACHUSETTS   1 1/4" in diameter.  White background, red lettering.  Message is "BUY U.S. SAVINGS BONDS".  Bottom of button has "SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, MASS.".  Fine face.  Extreme edge has some scattered light brown stain beginning.  Not generalized.  Original.  $6

15 PB  -  SMALL ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON   7/8" in diameter.  Standard bust at center, under the name "ADMIRAL GEO. DEWEY", with full color flag motif at extreme edge.  Excellent.  Paper label on back with The Whitehead & Hoag Co. information.  $15

16 PB  -  MEDIUM ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON  1 1/4" in diameter.  Standard bust at center, under the words "OUR HERO, ADMIRAL GEO. DEWEY".  The extreme edge has full color flag motif.  Whitehead & Hoag Co. label on back, with a small area of scuff.  Shows use but very good.  $20

17 PB  -  LARGE ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON  1 3/4" in diameter.  Standard shoulders up bust at center, with full color edging in flag motif.  Whitehead & Hoag Co. markings on back, partially missing from moisture.  Excellent front.  $25

19 PB  -  ADMIRAL SAMPSON SPANISH AMERICAN WAR CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON    Photo type portrait of Admiral Sampson on white background, with red, white, blue flag rim border.  Reverse has paper label inset from maker…Whitehead & Hoag Co., with several patent dates, the latest being 1896.  Very excellent condition.  1¼” in diameter.  At least 10 years ago, price guides indicated a value for buttons of this type at $50.  Have two.  One with paper backing...$25=SOLD  One without paper backing...$20=AVAILABLE

20 PB  -  USS BATTLESHIP MAINE CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON   Nice large button 1 3/4" in diameter.  Really prime condition.  Has a red, white & blue flag border around a full depiction of the Maine.  Whitehead & Hoag, Newark NJ.  $45

21 PB  -  SMALL COLOR PORTRAIT OF ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON  7/8" in diameter.  Standard bust pose, but in color, against a silver-gold background.  White & Hoag Co. paper label on back, very fine.  $15

22 PB  -  MEDIUM COLOR PORTRAIT OF ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON   Very attractive button with gold background and chromolithographic portrait of the Admiral in uniform.  He is identified (as if this was needed) by white print along the upper margin.  Reverse has paper label inset, with Whitehead & Hoag Co., plus several patent dates, the latest being 1896.  Measures 1¼” in diameter.  Very fine. Have two.   Each...$25

23 PB  -  PRE-WWII US NAVY RELATED PIN BACK BUTTON  SOLD  Typical patriotic red - white - blue striped edging around white center with large ship at center, encircled with "WELCOME OUR FLEET / 1934 / NEW YORK CITY".  Face good as new.  Back is turning a thin brown.  $10

24 PB  -  "ROOSEVELT FOR EX-PRESIDENT" POLITICAL CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON   From the election of 1940 or 1944, likely the latter.  White background with dark blue print.  1 1/4" diameter.  Mint condition face.  Metal reverse has some thin, spotty beginning brown spotting, and is stamped with UNION LABEL and logo.  A great political button.  $15



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