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All periods and variety of Necklaces, Lockets, Pendants, and any Earrings, will be found in this section.  Also see the German section for related jewelry.


1N  -  FABULOUS WENDELL AUGUST FORGE CUSTOM MADE WWII PATRIOTIC JEWELRY SET   Came out of a shop where true artists and artisans produced exceptionally high quality, hand made jewelry, art objects and more.  This set includes a necklace and two bracelets.  Each object has the shop stamp "WENDELL AUGUST FORGE INC. / ART IRON".  The necklace consists of a 2 3/8" tall convex shield (almost like an arrow head) with notched edge and American National Emblem at center.  The back side has a hammered texture.  A fine hand made 12" chain (one each side) supports the pendant.  The entire set is aluminum.  In addition to the stamp listed above, this is also #190.  The first bracelet matches the necklace, with the same piece in the middle.  The other pieces also have the American National Emblem.  All the pieces are convex.  7" long, end to end.  Also stamped #190.  The third bracelet represents the NAVY, where the first set represent ARMY.  This bracelet has the Navy emblem as worn on officer's caps...spread eagle on shield, with crossed anchors behind shield.  Tallest piece is 1 3/4" high.  All pieces are concave...and have hammered rear surface.  6 7/8" long, end to end.  This one is stamped #193.  This company has been in business since 1923.  $195

3N  -  WWII LADIES PATRIOTIC BEADED NECKLACE & EARRINGS  There are a total of 12 strands of red, white, or blue beads.  Larger beads on each end to size behind neck.  15 1/2" long, end to end.  Very nice.  Earrings are clip back; they are losing a few beads, some loose included.  Necklaces are very difficult to find.  $45

4N  -  WWII MINT PAIR OF STERLING SILVER CAPTAIN BARS EARRINGS   Screw back.  Mint in original box.   3/4" square.  Would have been worn by a lady whose husband or boyfriend was a captain.   $20

Screw back.  Mint, in original box.  5/8" wide.  Would have been worn by a lady whose husband or boyfriend was a lieutenant.   $20

6N  -  WWII (perhaps a bit later) U.S. ARMY STERLING SWEETHEART NECKLACE   Gorgeous and beautiful condition.  The main piece is convex, oval and displaying a faceted red stone.  Around this is a band with "UNITED STATES ARMY".   The rear is stamped "CREST CRAFT STERLING".  Whole thing is almost the same as the top of most such rings.  Top has a small ring where the chain goes through.   $35

7N  -  WWII SWEETHEART 14kt GOLD FINISH NATIONAL EMBLEM EARRINGS    Near mint, in original box.  Looks unused.  About 1/2" x 1/2".  They are the National Emblem with red-white-blue fired enamel on the shield and the stars above.  Tiny bit of blue missing from one earring, top of shield.  $15

10N  -  WWII PAIR OF SWEETHEART MAJOR EARRINGS   Fine pair with screw backs, in the form of majors leaves, each one 5/8" wide. Marked "STERLING" on the tip of the screw back.  $18

11N  -  ATTRACTIVE WWII OVAL PENDANT   7/8" tall oval.  Nicely textured background with National Emblem center.  Ring at top for neck chain (not included).  Fine condition.  Two miniature examples of red-white-blue fired enamel on face.  $20

12N  -  WWII SWEETHEART LOCKET NECKLACE   Heart shaped pendant with white plastic overlay, it featuring a wing/prop Air Corps insignia.  Hinges open for two photo portraits.  Fine shape.  On original chain.  $45

13N  -  WWII PATRIOTIC NECKLACE   Nine blue plastic with white stars buttons, affixed to the blue plastic link chain.  Basic Navy motif.  Neat item.  Excellent.  $25

14N  -  WWII DRUMS & STICKS NECKLACE IOB   Fine gold chain with three drums hanging off - interspersed with pairs of drumsticks; the ends painted with red-white-blue.  The middle drum has the National Emblem affixed. Shiny gold-tone finish.  Mint in original box.    $30

15N  -  REALLY NEAT PATRIOTIC RED-WHITE-BLUE PLASTIC CHOKER NECKLACE & EARRINGS   This creates a complex band of color around the neck and a whole blizzard of little contemporary designs - sailor, ships wheel, anchor, sailboat...all white on red and blue.  Also comes with matching clip-on earrings, which can no longer be worn because the clamp is no longer flexible.  Overall condition is excellent.  Great display item.   $45

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