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The last two photos are pre-restoration scans of photos taken by the restorer before she began her work.  1WW  -  ICONIC ORIGINAL WWII "AD ART" OIL PAINTING  This is a beautiful painting of a lady done in 1944, typical of the type of models used in cigarette ads, or similar products.  Dale purchased this back in the early 90's, and we had it professionally restored by a lady in Pennsylvania.  As I remember, she didn't need to do a lot, and did a magnificent job.  She also put it in a very nice modern frame, but it is still mounted on the original stretcher frame.  In the frame, it measures 27 1/4 x 33 1/4".  The back has the words "AD ART / PANITED (sic) BY GEORGE HINKY / 1944".  The blue ink had been blurred when the restorer cleaned the painting.  We used to display this in our Alaska home.  I will ship postpaid.  $895

2WW  -  WWI UNITED STATES FELT PENNANT   I'm pretty sure this dates from WWI.  Measures 21 1/2 x 39".  This was obviously hanging on a wall for some time, because the front is a bit faded and muted.  The back side has more color and vibrancy.  Overall excellent condition, with scattered moth holes.  The flag has 43 stars, but I'm not sure if it was done for accuracy, other than putting a billowing flag in the corner.  The words "UNITED STATES" is in the middle and an eagle standing on a rock is in the lower right corner.  Very nice patriotic wall hanging.  $100

3WW  -  UNIQUE WWII PATRIOTIC COUNTER DISPLAY OF CIGARETTE LIGHTERS   Complete, unused, with its 12 original, red, white or blue lighters - "FLAMES WITH THE WIND Pipe, Cigar & Cigarette Lighter".  7 x 13'' high.  Copyright 1944 by the "A. S. Weston Lighters" company.  Has "V" symbols on face.  Reverse has fold-out support.  Comes in original cardstock box printed in red, showing display inside.  Display about mint.  Box has some wear.  Fabulous Home Front display item.  $195

4WW  -  AUCTION CATALOG OF DALE'S PERSONAL AVIATION COLLECTION  This is a 93 page + cover catalog that we produced for our October 1990 mail order auction of Dale's personal collection.  It consisted of a large variety of aviation material, including 50+ painted leather jackets.  Lots of black & white photos, and color photos of the leather jackets.  Also some great and interesting information. Also included is the prices realized sheet.  This is an invaluable reference catalog.   $25 each

5WW  -  FANTASTIC WWII "FLYING FORT" TOY AIRPLANE WITH FOLDING WINGS  Open, it measures 18 X 23 3/4".  The body is wood, and the wings are made from what looks like particle board.  The sides have the words "FLYING FORT", which I assume is a take-off of a B-17 Flying Fortress. The ends of the wings have the Air Corps logo. There are four propellors, and a couple still twirl; the other two should be able to be freed up.  The OD paint is overall excellent, considering the use this likely saw from a kid during Wartime.  I doubt it was played with much.  It's a really great display item.  $175

6WW  -  WWII “MOTHER” IN HEART 1943 SOLDIER DECORATED AUSTRALIAN COIN  Quaint and one-of-a-kind soldier-decorated 1943 Australian coin 1 1/8" in diameter, with a large heart and the word "Mother" within; looks like the decoration was made by punching holes in the coin.  The other side of the coin is crisp and in good condition, with "FLORIN" at top, crown/crest with a kangaroo on one side and what looks like an ostrich on the other.  There is a KG just to the right of the ostrich.  At the bottom is "1943 / AUSTRALIA".  $35

7WW  -  WWII FOLK ART 48 STAR SON-IN-SERVICE SILK FLAG IN FRAME  16 x 20" in original frame with glass.  Made of hand tied bunched and cut silk threads mounted on very dark blue or black shiny fabric, possibly heavy silk.  This is a WWII son-in-service item, with the words "OUR SON" on either side of the single star flag under the much larger American flag.  The letters for OUR SON seem to be applied.  I just noticed the name EDMUND in shadow, below the single star flag, that once had the same letters as OUR SON.  Never noticed them before while hanging on our wall.  The blue star is sewn silk.  A white dowel with spear point at top is used as the flagstaff.  Obviously with the removal of the letters EDMUND, indicates this was taken out of the frame and re-installed. I found a very similar item in a Cowan's auction catalog from some years back, without the words OUR SON, and in lesser condition.  Their estimate was between $600-800. Really beautiful and bright colors, and is just a great wall decorator.  We had it on our living room wall for the past 9 years, but Dale bought it in 1996.  $150

8WW  -  WELCOME HOME VICTORY BANNER  17 1/2 x 23", plus the yellow cord.  The fabric is printed cotton or linen. The main symbol is a huge red, white & blue "V" with crossed flags, and an eagle above.  The words are "WELCOME HOME / OUR HEROES".  Overall pretty nice shape.  At the bottom, there is an impression of some other letters, probably from a similar item stacked in storage.  You almost can't see it, because the color is the same.  Hangs from a dowel rod with a yellow cord above.  $65

9WW  -  A GREAT STATIONARY KIT JUST FOR THE SOLDIER IN THE FIELD  Closed, it measures 7 1/2 x 9 1/4".  It folds in three sections, and opens up to 22 3/4" wide.  The main eye-opener is the blonde bombshell that awaits the soldier as he opens up the kit to write a note or letter.  The kit is titled "Thinking of You / STATIONARY KIT" and has a soldier sitting on his trunk, looking a bit wistful as he gets ready to write a letter.  Included are 10 Air Mail envelopes, 10 plain envelopes, and a stack of blank paper with a cover sheet stating there are 50 sheets and 20 envelopes.  Also states "WHAT EVERY SERVICEMAN NEEDS FOR HIS WRITING PLEASURE".  Inside one flap is a place for Addresses.  Made by BELL ENGRAVING CO. INC. NEW YORK.  Great display piece! Never used, but shows minor handling and storage wear. $45 

10WW  -  BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF BRONZE EAGLE BOOKENDS  Made by John Ruhl, and stamped on the back "J RUHL c 1915".  The top of each bookend is a large spread wing eagle, in bronze finish.  He sits atop an American flag with shield and oak leaves below.  Those items are painted, now missing some paint, and the colors dulled down.  One of the bookends does have a chip at the top of the shield, seen in the photos.  Overall an iconic American set copyright 1915.  Quite heavy.  $225

11WW  -  WWII SET OF 8 VICTORY DRINKING GLASSES WITH SEXY WOMEN  Found these tucked away in storage for many years.  Even has a handy carrying tray, with a slot for each glass.  These depict scantily clad, very curvy women, quite provocative for the times.  Six measure 4 7/8" tall, the other two a tad bit shorter.  They consist of DECONTIMATION CORPS; DEMOLITION & CLEARANCE CREW; AUXILIARY (Firefighter or Crew); BOMB SQUAD; AIR RAID WARDEN; MESSENGER; AUXILIARY POLICE; MEDICAL CORPS.  All but one retain most of the gold around the top.  See the photos for condition on each glass...there is some minor amount of missing paint/transfer.  I see no chips or cracks on any of the glasses.  The tray measures 15 1/4" across to each handle, and 3" tall, not including the handles.  Great visual item for your WWII Victory display.  $135

12WW  -  VICTORY STEEL HAIR PINS - COMPLETE STORE DISPLAY SUPPLY, ALMOST FULL!!   Really great display item, which was the countertop display dispenser for small packets of ladies hair pins.  It features "VICKY VICTORY YOUR HAIR RAID WARDEN" on the front of the box.  Also says..."Save Steel Use YOUR HAIR PIN KIT AGAIN and AGAIN!".  Little boxes are dispensed at the bottom of a tall box.  The little boxes repeat the advertising as on the big box.  You get the entire contents of the display and boxes.  Contents are like new.  The display box edges are rubbed.  Originally this had 25 packets, and there are now 22.  Priced really low for you to sell individual packets, if you wish.  This however, is a great item for a period display.  $65

13WW  -  THREE MINT WWII PATRIOTIC SAVINGS BOND, UNCLE SAM PORCELAIN DINNER PLATES   Each has a different patriotic decoration at the center.  10 1/4" in diameter.  Fired porcelain finish which suggests institutional use originally.  White body with rich dark blue edge.  The three different patriotic motifs are: (1) P-47 fighter flying into a circular wording "KEEP 'EM FLYING", over "Buy Another", over "SAVINGS BOND TODAY"; (2) Eagle flying with talons extended...wording "FOR VICTORY BUY UNITED STATES SAVINGS BONDS"; (3) "ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!  What ARE YOU DOING TO HELP UNCLE SAM?"  These are unused.  $60 FOR ALL THREE (our original cost)

14WW  -  WWII ICONIC BOY SOLDIER LAMP FOR A CHILD'S ROOM   Really cute.  Baby faced soldier with heavy overcoat, who looks very cold and wind blown.  Hands in pockets, and down cast.  He stands on a little pedestal.  Above is a light with neat original shade (little tear to shade on back side).  Uses a Christmas tree bulb - the one in it is white.  Lamp is 5" tall, not including the bulb.  Stiff paper shade has scene of child soldiers coming down in parachutes.  Airplane on the side.  Stars and stripes around the rest.  Wire inside shade which grabs the bulb.  Shade is about 4 1/4" wide at bottom, with a small area pushed in slightly.  Lamp needs new cord, not much of a job.  The original cord, plug is included, but not connected.  Overall the paint is very good; couple small areas of paint missing only; a small spot on the front of the base has a couple small cracks, but is intact.  Worthy of restoration, and priced accordingly.  $20

15WW  -  VIETNAM ERA HIPPY DRINKING GLASS  By Georges Briard.  5 3/4" tall.  Iconic peace symbols and sayings on this glass, in excellent condition.  "Take a Hippy to Lunch", "I Hate Everybody", "Great Society", Pop Art Stinks", "Repeal Inhibition", "Kiss Don't Kill", and many more.  So typical of the early 70's.  $35

16WW  -  "V" FOR VICTORY SHAPED METAL FLUORESCENT LIGHT FIXTURE   For hanging on a wall behind a store counter or bar.  Almost 20" tall.  Red and blue vertical arms and white background.  Bulbs (not present) faced the arms.  Cord to plug in.  The little push button is loose, and we don't know if it works.  Never tested for function, but I suspect it needs a little TLC to get it to work.  Has 4" diameter Victory/Star/..../Wreath decal on cross arm.  Fantastic item for a WWII Home Front display.   $125

17WW  -  WWII PUZZLE GAME "A YANK THRU THE LINES SLIDEM SOLITAIRE PUZZLE"  This is an unused game, old store inventory.  About 4 3/8 x 6 3/8" packet when folded.  The front shows a man playing the game, and the words "A YANK THRU THE LINES / SLIDEM SOLITAIRE PUZZLE / A GAME OF SKILL FOR (then you fill in who it is going to).  The rear has "Buy WAR BONDS AND STAMPS" and some instructions below.  When open, it's 13" tall.  Inside are the instructions, and then the actual puzzle below, which has a copyright date of 1942.  Under the puzzle, it lists "Paper Products Division / Electric Corporation of America / 222 West Monroe Street / Chicago / Copyright E.C.A. 1942".  Have a few, all unused, from a lot Dale bought decades ago.  Each...$25

18WW  -  WWII "V" MAN'S TIE SLIDE   Made by HICKOK. Very nice "V" for Victory Tie Slide.  2 3/8" wide, stamped "HICKOK U.S.A." on the rear.  Nicely made.  Brass color with blue enamel in the areas on front, the V and the dot dot dot dash, except the dot in the middle doesn't have the blue.  Also doesn't look like it ever had it.  $35

19WW  -  WWII RUPTURED DUCK TIE SLIDE  About 2 3/8" wide.  A crisp insignia on a fancy tie slide.  Came from an original store card that stated "WARRENTED 14 KT. GOLD PLATE".  No markings.  Unused store inventory.  For honorably discharged serviceman.  $25

20WW  -  WWII RUPTURED DUCK TIE SLIDE  Sterling.  2 3/8" wide.  Gold tone.  Shows typical wear from use, but nice insignia on front.  Stamped STERLING on back.  For honorably discharged serviceman.  $10

21WW  -  WWII US MARINE CORPS RECORDED MESSAGE RECORD, GREAT GRAPHICS!!  A great item, 6 1/2" diameter record in its original envelope.  The record is two-sided, with wonderful graphics, all Marine Corps related.  Each side has "A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM...TO______DATE_________ / SPECIAL SERVICES US MARINE CORPS".  I'm pretty sure this was never used or had any message put on it.  Has the Eagle/globe/anchor insignia at the top, and some more comical depictions of Marine life...some great stuff.  The record was sandwiched between cardboard, and you can see how it has darkened from being in storage.  Same with the side that faced the interior of the envelope.  The envelope is 6 11/16" square.  Shows a wistful soldier daydreaming about himself and his girl.  Has the words "DO NOT BEND" and "A RECORDIO MESSAGE FROM A U.S. MARINE".  Just a neat item.  $45

22WW  -  SIX PATRIOTIC PHONOGRAPH RECORDS - FIVE FROM WWII     These are all 78's, in used condition.  We have not played them and can not guarantee how they play.  All but one have the original paper sleeves, in crumpled or tattered condition. The titles are:  (1) "We're Gonna Have to Slap the Dirty Little Jap/Remember Pearl Harbor" (Bluebird label); (2) "Franklin D./Ozark Waltz" (4 Star label); (3) "I'm No Communist/Will Someone Please Tell Me Who To Vote For" (MGM label) probably 1950's; (4) "There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere/Standing Outside of Heaven" (Decca label); (5) "He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings/Jingle Jangle Jingle" (Columbia label); (6) "The Caissons Go Rolling Along/The Marines Hymn" (Harmonica label).  From our personal collection.  $65

23WW  -  UNUSED BOX OF WWII PATRIOTIC STATIONARY AND ENVELOPES   30 patriotic envelopes and 30 (I count 31) pages of writing paper. "20 DIFFERENT PRIZE WINNING DESIGNS AND SLOGANS THAT WON IN A NATIONAL CONTEST" is part of the text on the cover.  6 x 9" sheets.  Original fully illustrated box.  Fine condition.  Complete.  Just a great collectible with some great patriotic graphics, and would be a great display item for your collection.  $25

24WW  -  WWII PATRIOTIC VICTORY GLASS PICTURE FRAME CRAFT SET   In its marvelously decorated original box, with most original contents, looking like it was barely used.  Glass, reverse-painted picture frames were very popular and widely used during WWII.  Many sizes and motifs were sold commercially.  This set allowed the owner to do his/her own painting, following outline designs printed on the glass.  Lid has the title "VICTORY Glass Craft / Picture Frame Set" plus examples of frames inside.  Contents nearly complete.  Has three of the original four unpainted frames, paint, brush, side tape, backing, and instructions inside cover.  The lid shows a good deal of storage and handling wear, but is mostly intact...couple corners loose.  So rare, could be one of only a few still surviving.  8 3/4 x 19 3/4".  Copyrighted 1942, by American Toy and Furniture Co., 725 South LaSalle St., Chicago, USA.  $115

25WW  -  1920-30's PILOT'S STRIKE ACROSS BOX OF MATCHES  Made by the UNIT Match Corporation, and info online shows this company in business in the 1920-30's.  This is a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2" shiny box, which holds a revolving group of pull-off matches, and has a striker right on the top front of the box, in the shape of an airplane.  Also has a pilot and American shield and the words "Give / MAKE DONATION TO THE VOLUNTEER PILOTS TRAINING FUND / 400 MADISON AVE. NEW YORK, N.Y. / TELEPHONE PLAZA 3-1388".  On the bottom flap is "VOLUNTEER PILOTS TRAINING FUND", side "PILOTS FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE", other side "YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL HELP", and top flap "UNIT MATCH CORPORATION / ELIZABETH, N.J. NEW YORK, N.Y. / MADE IN U.S.A. PATENTED" and the instructions above that "TO REVERSE FRICTION SURFACE OPEN THIS END".  The back of the box has some great patriotic info "PEACE THROUGH PREPAREDNESS / A mighty air force is the best insurance against aggression. Let us have it! / The only security in the world today belongs to those strong enough to demand peace because they are prepared to defend it! / Train volunteer pilots to man planes! Give our country all the pilots possible with the best possible training! / Men with wings may mean the difference between invasion or peace through preparedness. / Help train patriotic young Americans to become pilots in government-approved schools.  They need your help NOW - so should the need arise they will be PREPARED to help YOU and YOURS! / SPONSORED BY NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN / CIVILIAN WELFARE COUNCIL".  There may be only a few matches pulled off, and the strike plate doesn't look used, but I did not open the box to remove anything.  Just a really great post-WWI pre-WWII item.  Training went on during these times.  $45

26WW  -  WWII CHILD'S PATRIOTIC CARDBOARD TOY DRUM IN ORIGINAL BOX   War production required most strategic materials, leaving only wood and cardboard for toy production.  This drum is entirely cardboard (a stiff stock) except for the narrow rope sling. Even the drum sticks are of the same material.  Beautiful display with brilliant red/white/blue design.  Top head has picture of the famed painting Sprit of 76.  12 high and 7 in diameter.  New in original box, which has ink stamp wartime logo reading FOR VICTORY/SAVE AND SELL this empty carton, and a shipping label from ECA Toys Inc, Chicago.  Also printed on side of drum "A REED TOY".  Neat, original item from WWII. We have only two left.  The only differences will be in the outer box, which vary slightly. Photos show a representative example, both drums comparable. The cheapest method to ship will be Parcel Post.  Let me know your zip code, and I can calculate the charges.   $30 Each, or buy Both for $50

27WW  -  FABULOUS WWII GEN. MAC ARTHUR 1944 CALENDAR   12 x 16 1/2".  Full color glossy portrait.  Framed in gold with flags.  Sea scene below.  Full calendar pages on bottom.  These were given to customers to advertise a business, in this case, for E.E. CRONISE Produce, Hagerstown, Maryland.   Impressive.  $40

28WW  -  EXQUISITE WWII GLASS PICTURE FRAME WITH LIEUTENANT RONALD REAGAN PHOTO   10 x 12".  Made from one heavy sheet of glass with second layer of what seems to be heavy board covered in green on the rear, held on with tiny nuts and bolts, which sandwiches a 5 x 7" photo in place.  This frame is original and unused.  Lt. Ronald Reagan's photo (Associated Press photo) is in the frame currently, as it was in the store.  Nice silver rosettes in place at the corners where the photo would be held in place.  Has stand up support on back.  Glass has military decorations and etched (like flocking on the reverse) designs...National Emblem, "U.S. ARMY" and swords.  Condition is almost perfect, with only a few tiny flakes of glass out...you really can barely see them unless you look hard.  $50

29WW  -  CLASSIC WWII COMPOSITION SOLDIER DOLL "PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION"   15" tall.  Nearly mint condition, with only one tiny chip of missing color at the top of the hat.  His cap is molded on.  The body is dressed in summer type uniform; light khaki shirt and darker khaki trousers.  Left breast pocket has a cardboard badge reading "PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION".  The arms and legs are jointed.  The tip of the nose has a rough texture, but close examination does not show new paint or repairs. Priced at what Dale paid a few years ago...$175

30WW  -  WWII MAC ARTHUR PATRIOTIC CIGAR BOX    Full size box with surprising design.  Every edge has royal blue paper covering with pattern of tiny white stars.  Box itself is covered with medium brown...simulated wood paper.  Title on the top if "AS GOOD AS HIS NAME".  Front face has "WAKE ISLAND".  Lift the lid and see inside cover reads, in red, "MAC ARTHUR CIGAR / AS GOOD AS THE NAME...EVERY PUFF A JAP REBUFF".  At each corner is a small "V" + code for Victory.  Some light damp stains inside.  Overall very good-excellent.  Exterior just has some rubbing.  I've kept this and the next one for at least 30 years.  $35

31WW - ANOTHER CIGAR BOX   Everything the same, but condition is just a bit more rubbed in a few spots.  $30

32WW  -  AMAZING WWII PROMOTIONAL COFFEE ADVERTISING PACKET   This is an entire unsolicited proposal sent from a company which designs advertising and prints packaging, to a company which sells coffee.  The folder itself is 9 1/2 x 12 1/2" tan cardstock, with a red, white and blue shield with eagles, and "Coffee goes to War".  A very excellent sales letter explains the proposal, and includes sample packaging in an 8 x 12" photo and three actual full color sample packages.  The company is "CONTINENTAL BAG SPECIALTIES CORPORATION, Hudson River & 27th St., New York, N.Y.  There is a little card within the letter that has typed the name of the coffee seller (L. Hughes & Son, 3 Myrtle St., Pittsfield, Mass), so they can easily mail a reply.  To quote just the brief introduction of the proposal, it is easy to see how effective the proposal could be to introduce patriotic themes: "COFFEE GOES TO WAR...And take a look at the "Armor" it's wearing!   Here is our answer to Uncle Sam's call for patriotic packaging - our newest Victory Design!....The design that SHOUTS Victory - shrieks DEFIANCE to the enemy - FIGHTS for Victory...and withal...PROMOTES GOOD WILL FOR COFFEE!, etc., etc.".  "P.S. May we submit a layout which will turn your present coffee bag into a Patriotic Coffee Bag without losing any of its present identity?  Just send us a sample and check the above card."   Enclosed in the folder are three suggested sample patriotic bags plus an 8 x 10" photo.  Condition shows storage darkening and fading/foxing, and some slight handling.  Really links today to the days of WWII.  $60

33WW  -  OUTSTANDING WWII PATRIOTIC PUNCH BOARD "DIVE BOMBER"    The top third is filled with a full color Army aircraft below the multi-color title and flanked by U.S. flag punch-outs.  Rest of card allows choice of star roundel punch-outs or pull tabs from a massive vertical stack down center.  These punch boards were a popular and inexpensive gambling device found in most gas stations, etc.  Superb patriotic graphics.  10'' wide, 18" high.  Practically unused.  Lacks fold-out cardstock support on back which held it up on a counter.  Top ranked Home front piece.  $175

34WW  -  TWO WWII PATRIOTIC BOY'S NECKTIES IN ORIGINAL BOX   Neat item from the period.  Dark blue.  Each has a young fellow in uniform portraying the motto which is printed under each.  One is "Tell it to the MARINES" and has the fellow marching.  The other is "KEEP 'EM FLYING", and has the fellow in an Air Corps uniform, seemingly running along with a plane in the sky.  One tie looks unused (Flying) and the other possibly shows some use and some small moth holes.  They are in their original box, which only had two ties originally, even though there are four depictions on the cover; US Navy, US Army, Marine, and Air Corps.  The lid has a few rubs and one edge is flat.  Neat display item.   $35

35WW  -  COLORFUL, PATRIOTIC WWII PLASTER WALL PLAQUE   8 1/2" tall.  Lustrous spray painted horizontal bands of red-white-blue as background to design.  Center is eagle emblem with full color shield on breast.  The eagle is a form from an Army helmet as early as 1881.  Above the eagle is "GOD BLESS".  Below is "AMERICA".  A wire loop is at top rear for hanging.  Good as new.  Maker on back "MADE BY PIERCE'S STUDIO ZION, ILL. PHONE 2744".   $35

36WW  -  NICE WWII ART DECO FRAMED "GOD BLESS AMERICA" WALL HANGING  I believe this was cut from something larger and placed in a really neat, period Art Deco designed gold and black metal frame.  The sign is on cobalt blue cardstock, with the words and border/stars in silvery/gold flocking.  A very nice period item to hang on your wall.  8 1/2 x 10 1/2" overall.  $25

This is an 11 1/2" tall, stately eagle with good deal of coloring.  Along the base in front is "GOD BLESS AMERICA".  Fine condition, with one tiny piece missing (see photo).  The nose has a little paint rub and a tiny crack (I almost didn't see it), but chalk is intact.  Really nice piece.  Perfect kitsch for the time.  $65

38WW  -  GREAT WWII CHENILLE NAVY SAILOR DOLL  Almost 15" tall.  Blue chenille body with a hard fabric face, in really excellent condition.  The doll sports a gauze fabric Navy cap.  The only real damage is to the rear of the hat, which is frayed a bit.  Just a really cute Home Front item, all original.  $45

39WW  -  WWII AIRPLANE CLAY SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS   Mustard yellow and brown glaze, one has a shinier finish and better details.  The other has lightened up and has a more dull finish, and the stars on the wings are faded almost away.  3 3/4" wing span.  One cork is loose enough to pull out; there sure isn't much room in there for salt or pepper, but it's what they are.  Couple minor insignificant chips.  Crudely made.  Rare form, of a bomber airplane motif.   $25

40WW  -  DESK TOP CIGAR CUTTER IN THE SHAPE OF AN ARTILLERY PROJECTILE   C.1917.  Very heavy, nickel plated brass.  4 1/2" high.  1 1/2" in diameter.  Rear end of cigar was placed in the hole near the top, and the end was cut off by pushing down on plunger.  Took the smaller cigars of the period, which came to a point in the rear.  A raised band at rear (sabot) has impressed writing "PETER THE GREAT/GUMPERT BROS. MAKERS, PHILA.".  I believe the "Peter" name refers to a large artillery piece known at that time, or was the name of a cigar that Gumpert Bros. sold.  Plating is fine, except a trivial bit is flaked off the edge of the copper sabot area.  A great addition to your collection of figural cigar cutters.   $75

41WW  -  WOOD PLAQUE U.S.A. SEAL OF OUR COUNTRY  Another item off our walls.  A really beautiful and quality seal affixed to a shield shaped piece of painted wood.  The rendition is quite precise and very well made.  Not sure of the material, but a magnet does not stick to it.  Also unsure of its age, but it does have some.  I just put it in this section as a more vintage item, not an older antique.  14" tall x 12" wide.  Hangs from a wire on back. There is a vertical crack in the shield, but is solid and looks like it was repaired some time in the past.  (the photo of the back side is black; does not have a green tinge).  $35

42WW  -  WWII USMC WATCH FOB  This is a beautiful piece for a US Marine.  7" long, tip to tip.  The black ribbon is in excellent condition, and the other parts are as well, although they show normal, careful wear to the finish.  Consists of a fob in the middle, 1 1/2" wide, with the Marine Corps EGA in the middle (eagle, globe, anchor).  Around that are three enamel portions in red, white and blue, each having a word that makes up "UNITED STATES MARINE".  The snap swivel at the top seems to function well.  All in all, a very nice original vintage WWII piece.  $75

43WW  -  VICTORY RUMMY - DECK OF PLAYING CARDS WITH WARTIME GRAPHICS   The original box is RWB, with big letters "VICTORY, code for V, RUMMY...".  Comes with leaflet with all the instructions, copyright 1942.  Also comes with original VICTORY (..._ V) RUMMY OFFICIAL SCORE PAD.  Full deck.  Instead of suits, it has dots and dashes (from ..._V), V's, and some cards with characature of Hitler, Tojo, or Mussolini...the Axis allies.  Fine condition.  Backs of cards have vertical red, white, blue bands with flying eagle at center with lightning bolts coming from its talons.  There is minor wear to the box, and a pushed in spot just about in the middle, but is still intact and not real noticeable.   $65

44WW  -  WWII DECK OF AVIATOR PINOCHLE PLAYING CARDS DATED 1945   Dated  “Oct. 22 1945, Aviator Pinochle Playing Cards”.  A gift to the G.I.’s from the Red Cross.  The box is all red with red cross on white square.  The other side says “For use of U.S. Government Permit No. 1”.  Mint deck.  Box is excellent, with some rubs and small open seams at top.   $50

45WW  -  WWI VICTORY PLAYING CARDS   Statue of Liberty and 8 Allied Flags.  Came from the famous Schneir collection auctioned off some years ago. This was lot 263, and still comes in the plastic wrap with auction label.  Excellent+ linen cards with gold edges.  Complete plus Joker & Instructions, and heavy case is excellent.  The backs have Statue of Liberty surrounded with flags of 8 countries.  Box text reads "AIR CUSHION/TRADE MARK/CONGRESS/PLAYING CARDS/606/GOLD EDGES/COPYRIGHT, BY/THE US PLAYING CARD CO./CINCINNATI, U.S.A.".  These cards are WWI Victory cards (1918-1919) with flags of the Allies.  $60

46WW  -  WWII SOLDIER'S POCKET GROOMING KIT   Now has polished steel mirror and nail file.  Missing is the tweezers and hair comb, both simple to replace.  One fascinating bit of lore is that mirrors like this were also sold during this time, as signal mirrors, should you ever find yourself needing to signal your location to an aircraft overhead.  One clam on the packaging for the "Signal Mirror" was that it may be able to deflect a bullet so you should carry the mirror in your pocket over the heart.  I know this all to be the case because about 20 years ago, I had and sold a small stock of these, as signal mirrors/bullet deflectors.  So this set is far more than an innocent grooming kit.  The mirror is identical to the great bullet deflectors I once had.  The kit is in original leather case with metal National emblem on cover flap.  3 1/4 x 4 1/4".  $35

47WW  -  ORIGINAL "BOMB BANK"  This is an original but unused bank from WWII, I believe unsold store inventory. Made from a very lightweight material, perhaps composition.  Color is a grey-blue.  7 3/4" tall.  Condition is excellent, but does have some dings and nicks from storage and handling.  The top of each fin has some missing finish and there is an area on one side that was dinged and missing some finish.  The label on bottom is in excellent condition..."BOMB BANK 1942 / BRUCE A. MACKEY / PATENT DESIGN / NO. 133997 / W. H. LONG COMPANY / CHICAGO, ILL.".  $30

48WW  -  THREE WWII TURNED WOOD "V" VICTORY DRINK COASTERS   Blonde wood with large red-white-blue "V" at center.  3 1/2" diameter.  Varnish is somewhat flaked.  Some color lost from the V's.  Still quite effective for display.  $10

49WW  -  KNIFE, NAIL FILE, MONEY CLIP - PROMOTIONAL GIFT FROM MAJOR DEFENSE CONTRACTOR, PRATT & WHITNEY    A gorgeous little pocket knife, nail file, money clip.  Frequently, whenever government project management people visited the contractor, it was almost routine for the contractor to present the visitor with little gifts – promotional items.  I know, I was there.  Not exactly sure when this dates; possibly 1950’s; just don’t know for sure.  Measures 1 1/8 x 2 1/8”, and fairly flat.  File and blade hinge out.  Side has circular company logo impressed in “PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT/DEPENDABLE ENGINES”.  Next to the logo is “THE AIRCRAFT” and “We Keep the Eagle Flying”.  Excellent condition, with few tiny rubs.  $15

50WW  -  WWI ANVERS 1914 -  BATTLEFIELD RELICS DESK DISPLAY   Nice collectible.  On a good slab of marble 5 1/2 x 7 3/8", are mounted a rifle cartridge, piece of shrapnel, shrapnel ball and large brass artillery shell fuse.  On a brass ribband mounted to the marble base with chamfered edges, is the hand engraved identification and date of the items.  It reads "ANVERS 1914", very early War.  All items have nice mellow patina.  Marble base was broken in half front to back in the middle.  I J-B Welded it back together.  Crack is visible, but not seriously or obviously detracting, and it certainly won't break again.  Nicest relic stand I've seen in years.  $50

51WW  -  NICE WWI FRAMED PHOTO OF GENERAL PERSHING  5 x 10".  Given as an advertising premium.  Red, white and blue background, with a full standing GENERAL PERSHING (words under his feet) and "Compliments of Cartmell & Clark".  Has a little hanging hook on back.  The sides have only minor handling wear to what appears to be a heavy type tape.  $45

52WW  -  WWII SOLDIER PORTRAIT CLASS PAPERWEIGHT   3 5/8" in diameter.  Encloses an actual enlistedman's photo portrait, in color or tinted.  Excellent condition.  One thumb size portion of the photo on the left (to his right) is  slightly dented, and must have happened when made.  Can't see how it would have been done otherwise, since it's sealed and does not appear to have been opened.  Does not affect the man's face.  Nice looking guy.  Special Home front item.   $45

54WW  -  PACKET OF CASH USED IN THE PHILIPPINES DURING THE JAPANESE OCCUPATION   The Japs threw us out of the Philippines very early in the War, and weren't removed until very late in the War, after some of the most violent and costly battles of WWII.  These packets recall MacArthur's "I shall return".  Only after we reoccupied the Philippines did the money end its usefulness and was turned in, hopefully in exchange for something equally useful.  Several bills show ink stamp markings indicating some sort of collection and exchange by a government entity.  Fabulous collectibles from the Pacific Campaign, and the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines. These are original packets containing approximately 50 bills.  Same size and type of engraving as US bills.  2 3/4 x 6 1/4".  The words "THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT" run across the center, over the denomination.  There is one 100 peso bill, the rest being mostly 10 peso notes with an occasional 5.  Some ink stamped in oval "Japanese War Notes/received for Safe Keeping/Association of the Philippines".  Bills run from about new to well used.  Super neat items.  Each packet...$25  Buy two or more...$20 each  For a bulk price, send me an email

55WW  -  WWII PENNANTS MADE IN NEW ZEALAND   Click on each thumbnail photo below for larger views  Would have been picked up by a G.I. on R & R.  Each pennant has the name of a different place he probably served.  All roughly the same size and material, made by the same company in New Zealand, PHILIP & PIPER, AUCKLAND, N.Z.  Navy blue to black felt.  Nice designs.  Fine shape.  Each...$25

A.  SOLD   NEW HEBRIDES - Espirito Santo.  7 3/4 x 16".  Dark color.  One tiny moth nip.
8 1/4 x 16".  Dark color.  Couple tiny moth nips.
C.   Nice Air Corps patch in front of crossed anchors and sword down the middle - NEW GEORGIA. 
8 1/2 x 16 1/4".  Very dark blue color.  Couple tiny moth nips.
D.   Eagle, shield, stars insignia - KOLOMBANGARA. 
9 x 15 1/4".  Dark blue color.  One tiny moth nip.
E.   Crusader type shield - New Caledonia. 
8 1/2 x 16 1/2".  Dark color.  Few tiny moth nips.

56WW  -  WWII PATRIOTIC ELECTRIC CLOCK   7 1/4" wide, 4 3/4" wide oval face plate.  The entire thing is thin sheet metal painted.  The main feature is the Statue of Liberty against an outline of the USA, with the hours marked in a circle around the country.  Bottom band has "GOD BLESS AMERICA".  Has seen a lot of use.  Has an American flag which moves back and forth over the clock.  Cord is cracking from age, so it definitely needs replacing before plugging it in.  I plugged it in once to see that it worked, but not enough to know if it is accurate, and we don't want to plug it in again.  Copyright date on the bottom is 1940, Chicago.  The back side of the works indicates 60 cycle, 110 V A.C., Made in USA.  Priced well below our original cost.   $45

57WW  -  WWII ART DECO PATRIOTICALLY DESIGNED LIDDED BOX   For cigarettes, candy, and possibly even ladies face powder.  4" on a side, 2" high.  Cream color base.  Dark gold lid.  Has large, side view of flying eagle (ala Art Deco) with stars.  Finish shows edge wear and some overall handling.  Cream color shows some very light "damp" stain, kind of a mottled look.  $15

58WW  -  WWII CERAMIC OR PLASTER "TANK BANK"  Has a nice label on bottom. About 7 1/2" long x 3" wide x 5" tall.  Each side of the tank above the wheels is "B.1748" and "U.S.A.".  The bottom has a piece of cardboard with a lot of printing, under the heading "TANK BANK"...Pat. Pending Design Copyrighted 1942--J.M. / This Bank will hold $18.75 in quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.  When full, open and go to nearest bank or Post Office and buy a War Bond to aid our country's war effort...V / F. & H. NEW YORK".   The same message is repeated facing the other direction, on each side of the cardboard.  In the middle, there is an explanation how to remove the coins.  I think this was used, and the cardboard was carefully bended upwards to get the coins out.  There are a few minor areas of missing green paint, but overall this is a nice bank and something you wouldn't expect to hold up over so many years.  $35

59WW  -  WWII WOODEN VICTORY TANK BANK, ADVERTISING FROM BARTLESVILLE OKLAHOMA   This appears to be a local product of Bartlesville Oklahoma, which is written on top of the turret by a wood burner.  Rear deck has "Save for Victory" also burned in.  The lower portion of the tank is a single chunk of wood with more detailed picture of tracks, wheels and guns, all burned in.  Probably the most basic example we've seen.  Either something given away by a local bank, or a cheap souvenir.  Condition is excellent.  5 7/8" long.  $25

60WW  -  WWII COMPOSITION TOY TANK BANK    Typical toy illustrating the removal of strategic materials from the entire toy making industry.  This led to many items like this, which lacked the detail available prior to the War.  This is an extremely rare and excellent example of a molded toy made from composition.  Few such toys survived as they were easily broken or discarded by the end of the War, and in this case, it would have had to have been broken to get any coins out.  6 1/2" long.  Good as new.  Impressed on one side "MFG. BY WELLMADE DOLL N.Y.C." and on the other "M.N.R. MADE IN U.S.A.".  Has a paper star decal on top.  The bottom has some yellow wording having to do with patent, etc., but it's mostly illegible.  Really neat item for a bank or tank collection theme.   $70

61WW  -  WWII ART DECO SAILOR BANK   All white with a few color accents.  His large sea bag over his shoulder has the coin slot at top.  He has grossly exaggerated bell bottoms.  No flaws or chips.  Missing the cover for the bottom hole.  $50

62WW  -  U.S. AIR FORCE LINCOLN AIR BASE PILLOW COVER  Golden yellow satin fabric with red and gold trim, and red and blue flocking on the front.  Major red and blue shield covers most of the front  with "U.S. AIR FORCES" / "KEEP 'EM FLYING" / wing & prop with "U.S. AIR FORCES" / "LINCOLN AIR BASE LINCOLN, NEB.".  The flocking has some rubs in the finish here and there, but overall is in pretty nice condition.  About 16+" square, not counting the trim.  Bottom has a slit where you slide in a pillow body.  $15

63WW  -  WWII VINTAGE EMBOSSED PAPER TABLE CLOTH    54 x 72".  Patriotic and Military designs the full length.  Eagle / Shield - Anti-aircraft guns, red, white, blue looping edge designs.  Folded.  In original cellophane wrap (a bit ragged). Never out of the packaging.  Has original label by Beach Products, Inc. Kalamazoo Michigan.  Paper is embossed to give it the look of fabric.  The tablecloth is in mint, unused condition.  $35

64WW  -  WWII PORTABLE SOLDIER FIELD OR BARRACKS CARD GAME WITH GAME CHIPS, IN SLIP CASE   Fine, full conventional deck with 4 extra Jokers.  Trivial use.  Has two trays of red, white or blue chips; somewhere around 140.  Comes in a wood framed box enclosed in a practically new condition simulated leather wrap around covering with a closing flap (has one crease) impressed with huge American Emblem.  This slips into a cardstock box, quite tattered, but legible.  For all the traveling and card playing that went on then, this kit would have been quite popular.  $85

65WW  -  WWII PORTABLE SOLDIER FIELD OR BARRACKS CHECKERS GAME WITH ARMY AIR CORPS INSIGNIA with OWNER'S NAME    Folds out to 9 3/8" square checker board.  Under the board are two swing out trays with either red or black wood checkers.  Nice tan/khaki fabric backing to board.  Has gold impressed title "CHECK * R * PAK" Manufactured by MEVI (?) Inc.  Also has a very neatly written name of the owner "Donald J. Volk 1942".  When the kit is closed up, it has the Air Corps insignia on top, and measures 5" square by a bit over 3/4".  Clean, crisp condition.  $95

66WW  -  1944 HOME FRONT PATRIOTIC CALENDAR   10 X 19 1/2".  Big, heroic picture at top.  Statue of Liberty in the middle front, flag billowing in the sky full of B17's, the sea full of ships below, and the words "For Liberty".  Full 1944 set of calendar sheets at bottom.  Was used as an advertising piece given by businesses, in this case, GEO. C. LEISTER DAIRY FARM PRODUCTS, WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND.   $25

67WW  -  WWII V-J DAY NEWSPAPER HEADLINES SOUVENIR SILK SCARF  Sale Pending  Thin silk kerchief 17" square printed with the headlines "UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER BY JAPS COMPLETED AT 20 MINUTE CEREMONY".  Black on white kerchief.  Has picture of surrender table on the USS MISSOURI...picture of Truman and Admiral, dated at top is Sunday Morning, September 2, 1945".  From the Selma Times Journal.  Mint condition.  $25

68WW  -  WWII V-J DAY NEWSPAPER HEADLINES SOUVENIR SILK SCARF  Sale Pending  Thin silk kerchief 17" square printed with the headlines "UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER BY JAPS COMPLETED AT 20 MINUTE CEREMONY".  Orangey red on white kerchief.  Has collage of articles and headlines from various sources.  Basic headlines under masthead of "Pacific STARS & STRIPES FOR U.S. FORCES", dated Sunday morning, September 2, 1945.  From the Selma Times Journal.  Mint condition.  $25

69WW  -  INTERESTING WWII ITEM - OFFICER'S HAT CANDY DISH  At least that's what I think it was used for.  It could be a container to dump cigarette ashes into, but I'm thinking candy dish.  Hefty weight metal, possibly plated.  It shows wear at the point your thumb would lift the the top of the hat to open.  The rim front on the body of the hat has a slight cut-out so your thumb can grab the lid to open.  Does show some other areas of wear to the finish, some tiny dings and overall scratches.  6" across the top, about 2 1/2" tall at the front.  The eagle logo is kind of form fit in the area it's in, with prongs going through to the inside to hold it in place.  Perhaps you know for sure what it was used for, and it's certainly different.  $35

70WW  -  LARGE SELECTION OF VIETNAM ANTI-WAR AND PRO-WAR PIN BACK BUTTONS  Sizes range from 3 3/8" in diameter, down to 3/4".  Please refer to the letter and price, with a brief description of any button(s) you would like.  Prices as marked   SOLD: O, P, Q, S, Z, KK, OO, TT, VV, EEE, HHH

71WW  -  WWII PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE MIRROR DISPLAY WALL HANGER    Impressive mirror background mixed with stark black really sets the design off.  Eagle emblem in full color.  Victory "V" on top.  The Pledge of Allegiance at the bottom.  Nice embossed wood frame. 6 3/4" square.  Nice decorator item.  To me, it just says WWII era.  $25

72WW  -  WWII ARMY VICTORY INSIGNIA SCARF BY BEAU BRUMMELL IN ORIGINAL BOX  32" square, white rayon...feels like parachute silk.  Large, full color National emblem on one corner over ribband reading "ARMY".  Noted on the illustrated instruction sheet enclosed (dated 1943), shows 7 ways to wear the scarf and prominently display the emblem showing in what branch their sweetheart was serving in.  Looks unused.  One half the length of the edge hem on one side has unraveled and needs to be re-sewn.  Comes in original box which was designed to be put in the mail, and sent as a gift, and it was mailed; has two 3 cent stamps at top and a name/address which has been crossed out.  Box is a bit battered.  Comes with an illustrated sheet showing various manner of wear.   $25

73WW  -  A REAL WWII VICTORY MIRROR IN ORIGINAL ENVELOPE   It's a thick, highly polished steel plate 5" long, in its original heavy tan envelope with the title on its face, plus Morse code for "V".  Reverse is the "IMPORTANT" message which explains what this is.  It reads: "Soldiers in battle have a certain amount of protection from shell fragments and bullets by having a steel mirror in the shirt pocket.  Small as this protection is, one little fragment may be deflected to save a life.  This mirror is made of hard and strong steel and heavily plated for field service.  THE HAMILTON SPECIALTY CO. 4015 CHERRY STREET CINCINNATI OHIO".  The mirror is about mint, and envelope is in great condition.   $25

74WW  -  WWII HEAVY COTTON VICTORY SHOPPING BAG   12 1/2 X 7", with 5" handles.  The front face has a 5 1/2" tall victory "V" in red with the wording between legs "VICTORY BAG".  Fine condition, showing light use.  $40

75WW  -  HUGE 1940's UNITED STATES MAP WITH LOTS OF INFORMATION  Believe this is WWII 1940's period.  There is no date, unfortunately, but going by the information listed, it just makes sense it is from the 40's.  If you look closely at some areas in each state, you can also determine what areas exist now that didn't exist then, and figure some of it out.  A whopping 41 x 54", folded in storage down to 10 1/4 x 13 1/2". Printed on heavier paper, it's in really great shape overall with some parted areas along the folds.  This map consists of a huge United States in the main portion, along with a smaller U.S. showing Air Mail routes, and another showing Minerals and Agriculture.  Other boxes show states and territories.  The main text box has a large "UNITED STATES / Produced under the direction of Alexander Gross, F.R.G.S. / PUBLISHED BY / GEOGRAPHIA MAP CO. 11 John St., NEW YORK".  Below that are references for Railroads, Canals, Scenes of Battle.  Tons of info on this map; it is quite large, and will need space to display it.  $30

76WW  -  WWII PILOTS' INFORMATION FILE - RESTRICTED  8 3/8 x 11" manual.  Tons of information in this book, of so many different topics related to flying.  Lots of different dates from 1943 and 1944.  Seems complicated to me, but if you were a pilot, this apparently was absolutely essential. The front cover states "NOTICE: This document contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Act, 50 U.S.C., 31 and 32, as amended.  Its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law."  Dale paid $50 for this in 1983.   $50

77WW  -  WWII AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION FLASH CARDS    Used to teach aircraft identification to Ground Observer Corps members - people who during WWII kept a constant look at the skies.  The same cards were used in combat theaters as well to teach aircrews, ground observers, gunners, etc., how to identify enemy aircraft.  These cards are originals and are mostly 4 x 5'', white cardstock, printed in black, showing three views of each aircraft.  These came from the Albany Air Region Ground Observer Corps.  This is a nice sampling of the cards used.  Have set of 18 different... $15

78WW  -  C.1970 SOUVENIR SCARF FROM RIO DE JANERIO WITH JET FIGHTER PLANE   29 x 29" square, including fringe.  Light pink, silk-like material.  It is shown folded into a square of approx. 14¾", and was sold that way.  I believe it is hand colored.  It shows a USAF jet fighter plane flying over the seaport of Rio De Janeiro.  Excellent overall condition; no tears that I see.  Just needs ironing. A couple very small, very light water stains, at the edges; really insignificant.  This was found stored with other military related items such as pennants, pillow covers, souvenir scarves, of varying periods.  $5

79WW  -  EXCEPTIONAL, ESPECIALLY ATTRACTIVE WWII JAPANESE PRAYER FLAG   Quality silk.  Clean, almost like new.  27 x 40".  Couple very pale damp stains.  Several large messages and a neat separate panel of small messages.  Gold foil-faced paper corner reinforcements with lace on one end, the other missing.  $95  REDUCED TO MOVE OUT!

80WW  -  EXCEPTIONAL AND HANDSOME WWII JAPANESE PRAYER FLAG    Medium weight silk.  Choice condition.  Very attractive inscriptions of small and large (emphatic) nature.  29 x 34".  Clean. Brilliant sun.  Few very pale damp stains.  Cloth corner reinforcements with laces.  $95  REDUCED TO MOVE OUT!

81WW  -  WWII PLASTIC BOMB SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS  One is red with an "S" on top, and one is off-white with a "P" on top.  2 7/8" tall.  The tops remove for refilling.  They show some rubs, but mostly overall really nice condition.  $10

82WW  -  DAZEY ATOMIC ICE CRUSHER IN ATOM BOMB DESIGN  1945 brought the Atom Bomb, which concept was soon incorporated in a cereal or radio premium Atom Bomb ring.  If you're old enough, you know exactly what I am talking about.  At the same time, this ice crusher appeared on the market...it being a direct copy of the bomb on the ring - metallic front and red rear including fins.  This is a rare souvenir of our culture from the year 1945.  Information on the top of the lid is: "DAZEY / T.M. REG", and on the inside of the lid is: MADE BY DAZEY CORPORATION / ST. LOUIS, MO. U.S.A. / PAT. NO. 2.208.040 D-113,016 / MODEL 160".  10 1/4" tall.  Has a 6" red plastic tail with fins.  The name DAZEY is also on the side of the red plastic.  Top is white painted.  Crank is on the side.  Just needs to have a wall mount - but this is really memorabilia...suppose it could still be used, but is better for display.  Shows some light paint chipping in spots.  $45

83WW  -  VINTAGE WATCH CHAIN, CIRCA EARLY 1900's     Found this in a bunch of period accessories which had been stored for at least 35 years.  Simple 11" chain with snap swivel on one end, to attach to watch's loop on top of stem; one side is stamped with a "? & CO".  Other end has cross piece for button hole.  Brass chain tarnished to an even, pleasing bronze color.  $20

84WW  -  VIETNAM BOOK "QUOTATIONS FROM CHAIRMAN LBJ"  Copyright 1968, Fifth Printing, Simon & Shuster.  3 5/8" x 5 1/8", 189 pages.  The book is tight, and appears to have not been opened and read.  Shows handling wear to the covers.  $15

85WW  -  RARE WWII PATRIOTIC JIGSAW ART WALL DECORATOR  Very few examples of this art survive due to their fragile nature.  Those that do survive are normally missing pieces and lack any particular display value.  This one is spectacular, essentially perfect, and the most desirable and impressive design we've seen in over 45 years of dealing and collecting Americana.  Prox. 22" high, and 10" wide.  Filled with patriotic American symbols, featuring at upper center, a large raised-wing eagle sitting on the American Shield, over a ribband reading "GOD BLESS AMERICA".  Flanking the shield and running horizontally below the ribband are small shelves with ornately pierced railings.  Below the lower shelf is fretwork surrounding the Statue of Liberty.  Busts of Lincoln & Washington flank the eagle.  Constructed in three layers of different colored wood which likely came in a kit, with sheets of thin wood printed with the designs to be cut out on a jigsaw.  All of the designs, and especially the background fretwork is exceedingly complex, and cut out so expertly that it appears stamped out.  Evidence of how complex the construction was, is on the back, where the fellow who built this signed it, "J. E. MEDITZ, JR." and dated the construction "STARTED - OCTOBER 26, 1942/FINISHED/NOVEMBER 9, 1942".  A great example of WWII jigsaw art.  $95

86WW  -  WWII CHENILLE ARMY ENGINEER INSIGNIA - PATCH   A large, colorful engineer's castle insignia embroidered in red chenille on a white felt backing, still on its original store card. Insignia is 3 3/4" high x 5 5/8" wide. The card is grey green with GEMSCO logo in corner, and "SEMBLER/CHENILLE EMBLEMS/for SPORTSWEAR" at top. On the bottom is "Guaranteed Fast Color". Insignia is mint. Card excellent with a flex on one side, possibly a slight tear; hard to tell with the plastic on. Extremely rare and desirable insignia from WWII used like patches on jackets, sweaters, etc., probably by both military and civilian. I remember these from my childhood during WWII, but rarely see them today. Discovered in a basement of an old store. Only two left.  Representative sample pictured  $10 each

87WW  -  WWII PATRIOTIC PLYWOOD PHOTO ALBUM   May have been a kit.  The graphics are factory good, yet the wood itself seems a bit less than professional, yet very good...and substantial.  9 1/4 x 11 1/2".  Forest scene on the front.  The rear cover has a very large, complex patriotic display.  Centers with red, white and blue shield with "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN".  Filled with every type of national symbols - planes, steel mills, cities, Statue of Liberty, tank, soldier, sailor and more.  Cover has leather lace hinges, one broken.  So very typical of the culture of the era.  All photos were removed, but the notations indicate this family was from Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Doylestown.  $25

88WW  -  TWO WWII CHILD'S MILITARY CUT AND PASTE BOOKS   Full color graphics on these neat children's books from WWII.  There are ships, tanks, jeeps, planes, lots of action graphics.  1. 1943 "PUT TOGETHER AND PASTE WITHOUT PASTE" and "PLANE TANK JEEP SHIP" on the cover.  Copyright 1943 by The Saalfield Pub Co. in lower left.  Inside, all the pieces have been pasted in.  There are other pages to color, and have not been touched. 10 x 12 1/2".   2. 1942 "CUT AND STICK / MAKE PICTURES / No Paste Needed" and "Our ARMY AND NAVY in Action" on the cover, plus company information lower left, kind of hard to make out.  Inside cover has instructions, and copyright 1942 date at bottom, from the Merrill Publishing Company, Chicago.  All the pieces have been pasted in.  There are other blank pages. 10 1/2 x 13 1/4".  Gently used condition, but still in great shape.  Wonderful display pieces.  $40

89WW  -  WWII "FANCY HANKY" ARMY OR AIR CORPS MOTIF   These are old original store inventory, unused.  Some have the original cellophane wrap, others no wrap.  All are priced accordingly.  Some have duplicates, and the cellophane is fragile on most.

Each Below $5...with wrap

A. Have 2    B. Have 4    C. Have 1   

D. Have 3    E. Have 4    F. Have 2  SOLD

G. Have 2    H. Have 1    I. Have 4

J. Have 1    K. Have 1     L. Have 1

Each Below $3...No Wrap

M. Have 2    N. Have 4    O. Have 1  

P. Have 4    Q. Have 1    R. Have 1

90WW  -  LARGE LOT OF 27 WWII AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION MODELS   These are original silhouette models issued November/December 1942 by the US Army Air Forces - Aircraft Identification Section, Washington DC.  There are three different sizes, and all come in their original pale yellow envelope (condition of envelopes varies; some very good, some quite tattered) and each has the name of the aircraft on the front.  The small size is 7 1/2 x 11 1/2"; the medium size is 11 1/2 x 14 1/2"; the large is 14 1/2 x 23 1/2".  Each envelope comes with a 5 1/2 x 8 1/4" illustrated instruction sheet.  In part, and individualized for each aircraft, it states “This silhouette model airplane is designed to assist in identifying the Br. Defiant.  Study and assembly of the component parts and careful observation of the completed model should enable the student to make instant identification of the plane from any angle or distance. The assembled model, when viewed against a light background at 36 feet, will show exact silhouettes of the plane from top, bottom, sides, front or rear.  From any three-quarter view it will simulate the plane sufficiently for recognition purposes.  It is suggested that the assembled model be observed from a distance of approximately 36 feet, which will be equivalent to the silhouette of the actual plane at one-half mile”.  These come from a very old collection Dale had purchased decades ago.  Each varies a bit in condition, from tattered envelopes to pieces separated from the board, to a couple pieces missing here and there.  I will list all the planes below, but not all are photographed.  I just picked a few to show basic condition.  Giveaway price for all is $250...see below

Small: 1.) British Defiant (missing one tiny brace, which can easily be made, using the hole in the backing as a template), envelope a bit torn;  2.) Japanese Nakajima T-97 N.S.O. Observation Seaplane (missing chunk of envelope);  3 & 4.) Japanese T-97 MKIII T.B. Torpedo Bomber (have 2);  5.) Japanese T-97 A.N.F. Nakajima Fighter;  6.) Japanese Mitsubishi T-96 N.F. Fighter;  7.) Japanese Mitsubishi T-98 A.L.R.B. Bomber;  8.) Japanese Kawasaki T-97 A.L.B. Bomber;  9.) Japanese Aichi T-99 N.D.B. Dive Bomber.  Medium:  10 & 11.) Japanese Mitsubishi T-97 MC-20 Transport (have 2);  12.) German Messerschmitt Me 110 Twin Engine Fighter (envelope a bit tattered & open on edge);  13 & 14.) Japanese Mitsubishi T-97 A.N.H.B. Heavy Bomber (have 2);  15.) British Flamingo Personnel Transport;  16.) British Beaufighter; 17.) British Maryland Bomber;  18.) British Hudson III A.A.F. A-29 Reconnaissance Bomber.  Large:  19 & 20.) British Halifax Heavy Bomber (have 2), one envelope tattered, piece loose inside;  21 & 22.)  British Lancaster Heavy Bomber (have 2; one is missing three pieces, simply recreated using the template from the backing...vertical fuselage, horizontal nose, and one little brace), envelope quite torn up;  23.) USN PBY-5 Catalina Patrol Bomber A.A.F. OA-10 BR CATALINA (envelope tattered);  24.) Japanese Mitsubishi T-96 N.H.B. Heavy Bomber;  25. German Dornier Do 18 Reconnaissance Aircraft;  26. ) German FOCKE-WOLF FW200 KURIER 1 Heavy Bomber (missing fuselage), envelope tattered; British Short Stirling Heavy Bomber, envelope open a bit;  27.) British Wellington Heavy Bomber. 

91WW  -  TWO WWII PATRIOTIC PORTRAITS IN EAGLE FRAMES   Framed in dark walnut with pressed composition gold eagles on top.  Photo reproductions are of FDR and MacArthur.  Mats around the pictures have all types of patriotic designs.  The four stars on MacArthur's frame each have some broken off.  The frames and photo mats are identical.  Very good overall condition, showing age and some darkening.  FDR's is lighter overall.  9 1/2 x 11 3/4" frames.  The backs have stand up supports or accommodations for a nail.  These were never expensive when new.  Probably sold at a dime store.  Nice patriotic items.  (There are some variations in the colors/tones due to lighting, and lots of reflections because of the glass in the frame).  The pair...$50

92WW  -  WWII HOME FRONT BOB PINS ON ORIGINAL CARD   Original unsold store inventory.  Card pack has four pins - two white, one red, one blue.  Nice store card with drawing of how to use to pin back hair.  Title at top says "BOB PIN HAIR ORNAMENT".  Manufactured by the Boye Needle Company.  Neat wartime patriotic item sold at the home front.  Last one left from a small lot Dale bought many years back.  $10

93WW  -  "CRYING TOWEL" LACKLAND A.F.B.   Original, and I believe unused, WWII Air Corps "CRYING TOWEL".  15 X 25" linen towel fabric.  Shows a bunch of military personnel and officers in various chores, of which they are all complaining in one form or the other.  Under the title CRYING TOWEL is T S. CLUB NO. 5.  AT the bottom of the towel is "LACKLAND, A.F.B.".  This towel has been folded all these years, and shows only signs of storage dust.  The back has an original tag "DRYFAST MADE IN U.S.A. BY CANNON MILLS".  Shows no signs of having been washed, and does show clear fold lines with that storage dust.  $25

94WW  -  WWII RANGERS and COMMANDOS COLORING BOOK   10 1/4 x 15".  Covers have full color illustrations showing soldiers racing through the water, off a ship, bombs going off, American and British flags at the top.  Inside front cover shows this was published by the Merrill Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, copyright 1943.  Two pages loose from the staples at the very middle, otherwise, all others seem intact.  Many of the pages have been colored, but there are many that haven't been.  Overall for its age, and the fact that kids had their hands on it, it's in really good condition.  $35

95WW  -  WWII U.S. MAIL ENVELOPES (COVERS)  Click on each thumbnail for close up view

A.  1945 Cover   An original WWII envelope sent through the postal system.  Has a cancelled 3 cent stamp and was postmarked Cleveland, Ohio Jan 30, 1945.  This envelope is a bit larger than most at 4 x 7 1/2".  The reverse has a stamp and a lot of numbers and letters, perhaps a union member, not sure.  $3

B.  1945 Cover  An original WWII envelope sent through the postal system.  Has a cancelled 3 cent Florida Centennial stamp, and was postmarked Louisville KY April 16 1945.  The rear of this envelope is sealed shut.  $4

C.  1945 Cover   An original WWII envelope sent through the postal system.  Has a cancelled 3 cent U.S. Navy stamp, and was postmarked Nashville, Tenn Dec. 4 1945.  Tiny tear to envelope at right of stamp.  $3

96WW  -  FABULOUS WWII VICTORY CLOCK   A very nice decorator item, whether it runs or not.  A real art piece embodying all the basic symbology of the War years.  I plugged it in, spun the start knob, and it worked.  Due to age, probably should have cleaning and lubrication, and so we are not selling it as a working clock, since we can't guarantee it will keep time or continue to run smoothly.  12 1/2" tall overall.  Dark finished mahogany base and large "V".  Big cast composition eagle on top.  Face of "V" has large ship's wheel framing the clock face.  The pendulum has a "V" on bottom, with slightly worn finish.  Base plate is warped and needs a piece of wedge to have it not want to wobble.  Had it running for 15 minutes, so because it is an electric clock, we know it's not burned out.  Made by Howard Clock Corp, Chicago, and this is on the face of the clock.   $75

97WW  -  WWII HOMEMADE DITTY BOX WITH US AND BRAZIL FLAGS ON COVER  5 1/4 x 6 1/2 x 2 1/2" tall, box completely covered with embroidery of various types.  The top has an American flag and a Brazilian flag (identified by a website visitor; thanks!).  There is a red, white and blue rope border around the top lid, and red, white and blue stripes all around the side of the box. These colors seem a bit faded which is logical if it spent years on a dresser or table. The bottom has brilliant green and yellow colors in a pleasing design, and the feet are green; seems only to be missing a small section of blue edging.  All this work took a lot of time and expertise to create this box.  The inside looks completely unused and bright red.  Because of the rope edging, the lid doesn't open all the way.  Still easy enough to access jewelry or whatever you put in it.  Will never know the origins of this box, specially made for someone with American/Brazilian ties.  $45



100WW  -  WWII FAMOUS HITLER BUTT PLASTER STATUE   He is bent over at the waist, and his exaggerated butt dominates the figure.  Hitler looks in horror back at his butt where, because this is a toothpick holder.  If the holes are filled, his butt is filled with picks piercing his backside.  4 1/4" tall.  Couple rubs, overall excellent condition.  $145

101WW  -  HITLER THE SKUNK STATUE  About 5" long x 5 1/4" tall.  This is a great display item.  Painted plaster skunk with Hitler face.  Long famous anti-axis statue.  There were slightly different versions of this skunk, Hitler's face having variations.  I have seen some that are metal.  Overall nice condition, with a clear face that looks like Hitler.  Some paint wear in a few areas, see photos, although not bad at all.  $100

. 102WW  -  SUPER WWII ANTI-AXIS WORKSHOP APRON   Heavy white canvas with comedy scene on front done in black and orange.  Bib front has Hitler and Tojo in sinking row boat, with Mussolini already in the water.  Above the scene is the text "ONE DOWN - TWO TO GO!".  Advertising below but above the pouches, is for "GEORGE WEIMER & SONS / BUILD FOR TOMORROW - BUY BONDS TODAY / PHONE 70".  Unfortunately, no city is listed, but it likely a hardware store.  New, crisp condition, never used, but absolutely original.  22" tall.  Has loop to go over head and has two ties to go around the waist. Special.   $175

103WW  -  ANOTHER ANTI-AXIS APRON  Same as above, but condition is different and the store is different.  This apron is still crisp, but has a lot of staining overall.  It may have been used, but I'm not certain.  The store is "PORTERVILLE LUMBER & MATERIALS CO. / N. MAIN ST.".  Too bad they didn't list the city or state.  $125


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