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Indian Wars Period (SAW follows below)

The following two sections have some very nice varied material from these two time periods, and there is quite a lot of material in the Span Am section below. Be sure to check out the Uniform & Headgear section for IWP insignia, and the Posters & Paper section for other period items.

1 IWP  -  AUCTION CATALOG OF DALE'S PERSONAL COLLECTION OF AMERICAN PLAINS INDIAN MATERIAL  This is a 56 page + cover catalog that we produced for our December 1984 mail order auction of Dale's personal collection.  Lots of wonderful photos both black & white and color, and great information.  Also included is the prices realized sheet, which also listed unsold items at fixed prices. Only have a few copies left.  I will send via Media mail.  $18 each

2 IWP  -  AUCTION CATALOG OF DALE'S PERSONAL COLLECTION OF WILD WEST MATERIAL, INCLUDING GEORGE CUSTER AND OTHERS  This is a 100 page + cover catalog that we produced for our May 1985 mail order auction of Dale's personal collection.  It included many items from the 7th Cavalry, famous Western, Military and Political figures, and some Indian material.  Mostly black & white photos, and a few color.  Tons of information on some very important items.  Also included is the prices realized sheet.  Only have a few copies left.  I will send via Media mail.  $25 each


3 IWP  -  UNIQUE HAND PAINTED AMERICAN INDIAN "GONE WITH THE WIND" LAMP  Here's another item we had packed away for a long time, just now coming out of storage.  The lamp with the top globe shade is a total of 28" tall.  The base is 8" wide.  The Indian and arrows, quiver, tomahawk theme on the back are hand painted, from what I can tell.  Beautifully done too, and not gawdy looking, in my opinion.  The colors pink and green also seem to be applied.  The lamp has been re-wired, and does work.  At the bottom of the rear right above the base is a repair about 3" long at the maximum width.  From that, there is a very slight crack going north of that, but you almost don't feel it.  The repair seems solid.  I just think it's a real stunning decorator piece for anyone who has an American Indian theme.  I'm going to guess it is late 1800's-very early 1900's.  $395

4 IWP  -  A BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF GAME PLAQUES  I can't remember exactly where Dale found these, but it could be as long as 25 years ago, and they were in storage while we restored our Gettysburg home.  Finally, instead, we brought them to our Alaska house where they were displayed in our "dead animal" room.  I believe they are from the late 1800's, based on subject matter and overall "look";  they are real quality.  Not sure what type of material was used to make the birds, but it's heavy metal of some type (possibly pewter?), a magnet does not stick, and they are realistically cast or sculpted.  They measure about 13 1/4" wide x 18 1/2" tall.  They each weigh about 8 lbs.  I think one is a grouse, the other I'm not sure of.  The plaques are finished tastefully, with nice grain and a black border.  There is a red signature on the bottom right of each plaque, which I think reads "P. Comulery".  I have found no information on this person.  I believe we paid $1600 for the pair many years ago, but will price to move out.  Fabulous decorator items.  Please look through all the photos.  $995

5 IWP - EXTREMELY FINE ORIGINAL ANTIQUE CAST IRON "TAMMANY" MECHANICAL BANK   Clearly marked along the top back "PAT'd DEC 23, 1873".  The most under-priced of all the designs once produced, and one of the more attractive, intriguing, and nicely done.  Unquestionably original.  (I specialized in these fantastic collectible banks some years ago).  This one retains 90-95% original paint!  Never retouched, or cleaned.  Perfect patina.  Complete with trap.  Colors only muted.  Edges show handling wear.  Tiny little dings scattered.  Hairline crack in back at lower left corner.  Fine face.  Arm which takes coin in hand rotates on a rod which was once peaned on the end, which held the arm on the rod.  This bit of "bulge" at the end of the rod is worn, so the arm can slip off.  Displays fine.  Operates (needs coin bit bigger than penny).  Can leave as is or professional bank restorer can fix with little trouble. Nothing visible.  Should be priced at $850 with this fine paint. (Dale wrote this description quite some time back).  This is a fantastic giveaway price for this bank, below what he paid for it many years ago.   $250

7 IWP  -  FOUR CUSTER PHOTOGRAPHS   These are reprints that were once framed and displayed in my office, pre-1985, alongside my Custer collection.  When we sold the collection in 1985 (catalogs of that sale still show up for sale), I retained these photographs, and they just recently came out of storage.  These are exact reprints done in precise original tones, and done in extremely limited numbers back then.  These are all famous views of Custer, and would be great once again framed and hung in your den or office.  From top left, the sizes are: 11 x 13 ¾”; 8 x 10”; 5 x 7”; 5 x 7”.  Back sides of the two smaller have a little tape residue, otherwise, these are all excellent.  All Four only...$20

8 IWP  -  SIX GOFF & FISKE PHOTOS OF INDIAN WAR OFFICERS + FORTS   These are quite crisp black & white glossy photos Dale had sitting in a pile for some years; not sure where he found them originally, but he always had things like this around for reference.  They were in modern frames with glass, insignificant and cheap, so I took them out and tossed the frames for easier shipping.  They are all copies of original photos from the archives of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.  I will list each one from left to right as shown:    $30 for all

1.  "A-1942 LT. WM. REILY 7TH CAVALRY FORT LINCOLN, D.T.  CA: 1875  PHOTO BY ORLANDO SCOTT GOFF  Credit: State Historical Society of North Dakota".  7 x 9".  



4.  Lower right corner of photo is written "15th Inf Band taken at Fort Buford".  Rear "B-1026 STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF NORTH DAKOTA".  8 x 10".  Wonderful crisp view of musician soldiers and some great musical instruments.

5.  "FISKE #363  FORT YATES INFANTRY BARRACKS & SOLDIERS  PHOTO BY FRANK B. FISKE/FORT YATES".  8 x 10".  Crisp outdoor view of soldiers at attention, with rifles on their shoulders.

6.  "FISKE #2796  Unidentified Cavalry Officer--Fort Yates, H.D.  CA: 1900  PHOTO BY FRANK B. FISKE/FORT YATES, N.D.  /  CREDIT: STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF NORTH DAKOTA".  7 1/4 X 9", attached to a grey mat board. 

9 IWP  -  INDIAN WAR INFANTRY ARTIFICER BRASSARD (SPECIALTY BADGE)   Used from 1870's up through the Spanish American War.  They are heavy wool felt and measure approximately 5 x 7" .  White sledge hammers against blue/black background. Excellent condition.  Some small moth nips, and a few areas of chewing to the upper layer, but is not easily visible.  Has tiny holes around the edges, probably having been once sewn on.  Only have one.  $10

10 IWP - INDIAN WAR INFANTRY PIONEER BRASSARD (SPECIALTY PATCH)    Used from 1870's up through the Spanish American War.  Large crossed axes cut out of center of approximately 5 x 10" dark navy blue wool, backed with white wool. Mint originals.  Have a few left.  Each ... $8

11 IWP  -  BOOK - FIREARMS OF THE AMERICAN WEST 1866-1894 (v. 2) [Hardcover] second printing, by Charles G. Worman & Louis A. Garavaglia   Publication Date: February 1, 1998.  This is the second volume of a two-part study of firearms in the nineteenth-century American West. It traces the development of the firearm from the close of the Civil War to the beginning of its modern era, marked in 1894 by the initial army issues of a new high-velocity bolt-action rifle designed for smokeless-powder cartridges. The Winchester Model 1894, a civilian arm adapted for smokeless-powder ammunition, also appeared at that time. Within this period, the authors have discussed all the important military and civilian firearms used in the settling of the West, as well as the guns favored by Indians. As in the first volume (1803-1865), this study is encyclopedic in its detail on rifles, shotguns, and handguns and again draws on advertisements from newspapers, catalogs, and other primary sources as well. Over five hundred photographs illustrate the weapons and the famous and now-forgotten men and women who used them.  This lively and thoroughly researched book examines guns as a integral part of the frontier experience in a society where peace officers and judges were few. As one Texas ranch foreman observed, "The fear of the law is not half so great as the fear of a bullet..." Condition is very lightly used, excellent+ condition.  The pages are white, but my photos have shades of pink due to poor lighting.   $45...Will ship Media Mail

12 IWP  -  BOOK - PHOTOGRAPHER ON AN ARMY MULE   Signed by family members.  This book also states on the cover "The story of Christian Barthelmess, who photographed the last frontier of the American West during the closing years of the nineteenth century".  By Maurice Frink with Casey Barthelmess.  Second printing 1966, published by the Oklahoma University Press.  Inside the hard front cover are three different signatures from the Casey E. Barthelmess Family, and a total of 7 family names.  It says "Kindest Regards from the Casey E. Barthelmess Family "Toby" Barthelmess / Rosemary Settler / Bob, Dick, Ward, Leo, and Randall Barthelmess" (these last 5 names signed by the same hand).    151 pages, including index.  Lots of photos.  Wonderful condition, with only some light wear and handling to the dust jacket.  $10

13 IWP (A, B, C, D below)  -  INDIAN WAR  SHOULDER STRAPS   The straps listed below came from an old collection Dale acquired years ago. (Photo colors are as close as we could get them, with slight variation).

    (A) -  INDIAN WAR STAFF CAPTAIN’S SHOULDER STRAPS.  1 5/8 x 3 15/16”.  Wide gold bullion borders with light tarnish.  Edged with spun brass wire.  Silver bullion captain’s bars with minor dulling.  Black wool facings.  No snags.  Excellent condition.  Backs covered with black fabric, possibly silk.  This is professionally hand sewn in place.  $175

   (B) - VERY NICE EARLY INDIAN WAR STAFF CAPTAIN’S SHOULDER STRAPS.  1 9/16 x 4”.  Gold bullion borders with spun brass wire edging.  Gold tarnished to bronzy tone on top with more gilt showing along the lower edges.  Silver bullion captain’s bars embroidered on each end.  Tarnished on top.  Fine black wool facing.  No snags or holes.  Backs faced with navy blue/black (can’t tell) wool hand sewn in place.  $150

    (C) -  INDIAN WAR CAPTAIN OF INFANTRY SHOULDER STRAPS.   SOLD  Possibly Civil War.  Some of these are very difficult to date precisely.  1 9/16 x 4”. Gold bullion borders narrow enough for early date.  Moderate tarnish.  Edged with quite narrow spun brass wire.  Dulled silver bullion captain’s bars at each end.  Sky blue wool facing.  Black fabric backing hand sewn in place. Very good.  No snags.  $150

   (D) -  INDIAN WAR MEDICAL CORPS CAPTAIN’S SHOULDER STRAPS.  Super rare!  1 5/8 x 3 15/16”.  Wide borders in gold bullion, dulled by tarnish giving bronzy tones, with gold tones showing through. Spun brass wire edging.  Silver bullion captain’s bars on each end.  Some silvery grey tarnish.  Emerald green wool facing, with some light wear to nap.  Black wool backing hand sewn in place.  No snags or holes.  Don’t remember seeing another set.  $175


Spanish American War Period

LOOK for other Span Am material in the Medals & Badges, Glassware, Pins & Stickpins, Pin Back Buttons and Posters & Paper Sections

1 SAW  -  IMPORTANT ORIGINAL SPANISH AMERICAN WAR U.S. ARMY 5th CORPS FLAG  (Dale wrote this some years back)  An exceptional rarity, and among the most important objects a Spanish American War collection can contain.  From our personal collection and the only legitimate, original Corps flag I was able to obtain in over 40 years of collecting, and as an active militaria dealer.  Made of standard wool flag bunting.  Pennant shaped with thick hoist binding, providing a channel for the flagstaff.  Sewn from four pieces.  From the hoist end, vertical bands of white, red, and blue make the flag, with a 12" blue pentagonal form (like a fortress) sewn at the center of the red band.  The flag measures 47" high on the hoist and 51" on the fly.  Condition is excellent with un-faded colors, some dulling of the white, and some small scattered moth or bullet holes.  A rare and valuable find.  $1,050

2 SAW  -  CHARMING SPANISH AMERICAN WAR BOY ADMIRAL LITHO PRINT  Here's another item that we had hanging on our wall in Alaska for 9 years, and prior to that in Gettysburg.  I can't remember how long we have owned it.  This one I will keep intact and not remove the glass, because it is tightly closed up on the back.  It's also lighter weight and should be easier to tape the glass and ship as is.  If necessary and upon your request, I can certainly remove it from the frame and remove the glass.  This one is 15 1/4 x 28 1/2" in the frame.  I see no words on the front of the print, which I assume is a color lithograph.  Just a wonderful decorator item for your Spanish American War collection.  $225

3 SAW  -  THE MAGNIFICENT ADMIRAL DEWEY PORTRAIT CABINET PHOTO ALBUM   This was one of the most showy items created to appeal to the vast souvenir/memorabilia/collecting audience during the Spanish American War.  Out of the thousands of items created with Admiral Dewey's bust or name, this one became a classic, having centerpiece stature.  And what sold it then and sells it now, whether one actually needed a photo album, is the incredible front cover.  All else is extraneous.  This is a big book, with thick covers and thick pages.  8 3/8" wide, 10 1/2" high.  The front cover is a masterpiece in celluloid.  At center is a full color, life-like portrait of Admiral Dewey, surrounded by a wreath, behind which we see draped American flags, and above and below these, a sea scene, and cameos of ships in Dewey's fleet.  The color and the artistry are outstanding.  They almost glow.  The spine and back cover are faced with a green patterned velvet, almost universally worn off, whenever one finds one of these old albums.  While lightly worn, it is unexpectedly good.  The cover lacks the rear half of the latch. Inside are 15 thick pages, gilt edged.  Normally the pages are worn, torn and generally a mess.  These are clean and almost free from small tears.  Has about 2/3 of the pages filled with people from the turn of the century.  This is a splendid display.  Face is very fine.  $195 (Priced below Dale's cost many years ago)

4 SAW  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR PATRIOTIC REMEMBER THE MAINE PAPER SHOPPING BAG!    Featuring UNCLE SAM.  Amazing original item. Heavy manila paper bag, with facing side decorated with a 5¼” tall cartoon.  This consists of the figure of Uncle Sam, flanked by a soldier and a sailor, each pointing to the banner arching over Uncle Sam.  It reads “WE HAVE REMEMBERED THE MAINE”.  Probably given out just after the War ended.  The grocer’s name and address is printed below "W. D. MELLEN, ATHOL, MASS.".  A splendid and rare patriotic Homefront item.  Never used; just has some storage and age darkening.  10 1/2  x 15”. Have only one... $40

5 SAW -  ANOTHER REMEMBER THE MAINE SHOPPING BAG  Has been used, but very good.  Has a few little tears around top.  A pencil inscription was put on back but has worn away.  10 1/2 x 15".  Have only one... $30

6 SAW  -  BEAUTIFUL PATRIOTIC MATCH SAFE  I believe this is from the Span Am period.  One side has an American shield with flags flanking, and flagstaffs on each side.  The other side has two eagles on each side of a garland wreath.  1 1/2 x 2 7/8".  Striker plate on the bottom.  No markings that I can see.  Just wonderful condition, silver color metal.  $95

7 SAW  -  ANOTHER WONDERFUL PATRIOTIC MATCH SAFE  This one has a flag on a staff on one side, and Lady Liberty on the other.  The silver finish is worn off most of the areas.  The gold finish top and bottom is in better condition.  The two panels with flag and lady have a copper color background.  1 1/2 x 2 7/8".  Striker plate on the bottom.  This one is stamped PATENTED inside the top lip.  $65

8 SAW  -  SMALL ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON   7/8" in diameter.  Standard bust at center, under the name "ADMIRAL GEO. DEWEY", with full color flag motif at extreme edge.  Excellent.  Paper label on back with The Whitehead & Hoag Co. information.  $15

9 SAW  -  MEDIUM ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON  1 1/4" in diameter.  Standard bust at center, under the words "OUR HERO, ADMIRAL GEO. DEWEY".  The extreme edge has full color flag motif.  Whitehead & Hoag Co. label on back, with a small area of scuff.  Shows use but very good.  $20

10 SAW  -  LARGE ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON  1 3/4" in diameter.  Standard shoulders up bust at center, with full color edging in flag motif.  Whitehead & Hoag Co. markings on back, partially missing from moisture.  Excellent front.  $25

11 SAW  -  ADMIRAL SAMPSON SPANISH AMERICAN WAR CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON    Photo type portrait of Admiral Sampson on white background, with red, white, blue flag rim border.  Reverse has paper label inset from maker…Whitehead & Hoag Co., with several patent dates, the latest being 1896.  Very excellent condition.  1¼” in diameter.  At least 10 years ago, price guides indicated a value for buttons of this type at $50.  Have two.  One with paper backing...$25  One without paper backing...$20

12 SAW  -  USS BATTLESHIP MAINE CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON   Nice large button 1 3/4" in diameter.  Really prime condition.  Has a red, white & blue flag border around a full depiction of the Maine.  Whitehead & Hoag, Newark NJ.  $45

13 SAW  -  SMALL COLOR PORTRAIT OF ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON  7/8" in diameter.  Standard bust pose, but in color, against a silver-gold background.  White & Hoag Co. paper label on back, very fine.  $15

14 SAW  -  MEDIUM COLOR PORTRAIT OF ADMIRAL DEWEY CELLULOID PIN BACK BUTTON   Very attractive button with gold background and chromolithographic portrait of the Admiral in uniform.  He is identified (as if this was needed) by white print along the upper margin.  Reverse has paper label inset, with Whitehead & Hoag Co., plus several patent dates, the latest being 1896.  Measures 1¼” in diameter.  Very fine. Have two.   Each...$25

15 SAW  -  "REMEMBER THE MAINE" SPANISH AMERICAN WAR CHROMOLITHOGRAPH BEER TRAY   12" in diameter, with the central portion filled with a color view of the U.S.S. Maine at sea, over the motto "Remember the Maine".  A wonderful patriotic scene and dramatic display specimen, bordered with a raised rim profusely decorated with panoplies of U.S. flags and shields, and crossed cannon, in repeating sequences all the way around.  And bordering this at the extreme edge is twisted rope.  A very scarce and decorative tray.  Condition is bright and excellent and likely as fine as could ever be found.  Border about new condition, with some small chips scattered.  Central scene fine with some small nicks and scratches in the upper quadrant.  $250

16 SAW  -  "REMEMBER THE MAINE" SPANISH AMERICAN WAR CHROMOLITHOGRAPH BEER TRAY  12" in diameter, with the central portion filled with a color view of the U.S.S. Maine at sea, over the motto "Remember the Maine".  A wonderful patriotic scene and dramatic display specimen, bordered with a raised rim profusely decorated with panoplies of U.S. flags and shields, and crossed cannon, in repeating sequences all the way around.  And bordering this at the extreme edge is twisted rope.  A very scarce and decorative tray.  Condition is good with bright colors.  The upper quadrant has numerous light brown speckles. Small scattered chips overall.  $175

17 SAW  -  GLASS CANTEEN WITH ADMIRAL DEWEY'S PHOTO PORTRAIT   A souvenir of his great victory in the Philippines.  His return home initiated a massive industry creating souvenirs, this among the best.  This canteen is a miniature glass reproduction of the Civil War Army canteen which was used also by the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), at their reunions, and as election paraphernalia during the same period; the canteen would simply display a different person (i.e. Grant) or theme.  The canteens are scarce and prime collectibles.  Canteen is almost 4 1/2" in diameter.  Rear has U.S. embossed in the glass.  The front has a brown tone photo portrait of Admiral Dewey.  Also has the motto "REMEMBER THE MAINE".  The portrait has a pattern of age lines.  Not flaking.  Just lacks cord sling for hanging on the wall.  Bottom rear has "PATENT APPLIED FOR".  $195

18 SAW  -  CLASSIC SPANISH AMERICAN WAR HALL COAT & HAT HANGER  Another item we had displayed here in our Alaska home, and it's time to move it on to someone new.  26" across x 25 1/2" high.  The largest hook at the bottom is 7" across.  Unsure if this is copper; a magnet does stick.  Pressed with Dewey, Schley, the U.S.S. Maine, and "OUR BOYS OF '98".  It's a classic from 1898.  We've owned several over the years, but kept this one as the best to use in our front hall.  Overall has an even mottling to the finish.  The mirror has some loosened areas now showing up as black spots, but still overall pretty good.  Many a friends' hats have hung here.  $195

19 SAW  -  THE CLASSIC ADMIRAL DEWEY BULLET LAMP     One of the most eagerly sought Spanish American War collectible.  Consists of a horizontal sheet copper cylinder made to look like a large cartridge case, with a bullet-shaped nose with darkened brass finish.  The "cartridge" is supported by two pair of black cast iron crossed cannon.  The top surface of the "cartridge" (which is the oil reservoir), has an oil burner.  One side of the lamp has the raised image of the "MAINE", surrounded by the words "ADMIRAL DEWEY'S LAMP".  On the opposite side are crossed U.S. and Admiral Flags, with the motto "REMEMBER THE MAINE".  The lamp is almost 9" long, and 3 1/2" in diameter.  Condition: About as fine as can be found.  Copper has small, mild impression on top, forward of the burner, not affecting any of the image or words. Copper has nice color.  Lacks glass chimney.  Nose has some wear to color.  A marvelous, ornate piece which truly represents the feeling and taste of the period.  Absolutely original.  Will also include a decorative lamp shade, that sits on top of a glass chimney (which is not included).  It is approximately 3 3/8" tall by 5 1/2" across at the bottom.  Top opening is approximately 2" across.  $395

20 SAW  -  THE CLASSIC ADMIRAL DEWEY BULLET LAMP   One of the most eagerly sought Spanish American War collectible.  Consists of a sheet copper cylinder made to look like a large cartridge case, with bullet shaped nose of a darker color.  The "cartridge" is supported by a pair of cast iron crossed cannon.  The top surface of the "cartridge" has a threaded base for a small oil burner, which should not be difficult to replace, there being so many sources of restoration parts.  One side of the lamp has the raised image of the "MAINE", surrounded by the words "ADMIRAL DEWEY'S LAMP".  On the opposite side, are crossed U.S. and Admiral Flags, with the motto "REMEMBER THE MAINE".  The lamp is almost 9" long, and 3 1/2" in diameter.  Condition:  Very good.  Copper finish darkening from age/patina.  Nose, once bright, is now darkly tarnished.  Overall nice mellow look of age.  No dents.  Lacks burner and glass chimney.  A marvelous, ornate piece which truly represents the feeling and taste of the period.  Absolutely original.  Will also include a decorative lamp shade, that sits on top of a glass chimney (which is not included).  It is approximately 3 3/8" tall by 5 1/2" across at the bottom.  Top opening is approximately 2" across.  $295

21 SAW  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR ADMIRAL DEWEY STRAIGHT RAZOR   Bright blade has etched on one face, starting at the end, is a spread eagle, then text, "ADMIRAL DEWEY", over bust of Dewey, over "DEFEATED SPANISH FLEET OFF MANILA", ending in floral spray.  Nicely lustrous handle, I believe dark brown/black hard rubber.  $99

23 SAW  -  ADVERTISING BADGE FOR DEWEY'S VICTORY AT MANILA    Handsome badge which celebrates Dewey's victory at Manila, and is an advertising piece as well.  Has a rare and unusual silver color filigree border/circular frame.  This fits around a regular celluloid pin back button with photo quality picture of Dewey.  Wording around the edge says "Compliments of THE PRUDENTIAL Insurance Company, Newark, N.J.".  The reverse has advertising for the Prudential, about their premiums and costs.  Below shows info that this was made by The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark, N.J.  Patented July 17, 1894; April 14, 1896; July 21, 1896.  Nice, fancier item than normally seen for a pin back button.  $35

24 SAW  -  CUSTOM MADE NGNY SPANISH AMERICAN WAR INSIGNIA  1 1/8" wide custom made insignia pin, appears to be gold.  Nice quality.  Crossed sabers with a large orange enamel C in the middle of the blades, over the letters "NGNY" (National Guard New York).  $125

25 SAW  -  MARVELOUS U.S.S. MAINE FIGURAL HARD RUBBER PIPE   Extremely rare and desirable, original Spanish American War collectible.  All but the bowl and the end of the stem is in the three-dimensional form of the U.S.S. Maine.  Bowl sits on the bow of the ship.  Overall length is 5 1/2".  Pipe is black hard rubber, over which someone painted gold, which shows great age and some wear.  Likely done during the War.  From Dale's personal collection, which took over 30 years to build.  Over this period he stated  he had not encountered more than three of these pipes, two of which he purchased.  The third was offered in a catalog and was sold before he could contact the company.  If you collect SAW memorabilia, you definitely will want this.  $295

26 SAW  -  THREE CABINET PHOTOS OF SPANISH AMERICAN WAR FAME - SHAFTER, HOBSON, WHEELER   3 7/8 x 6 1/4”; standard card stock.  Includes Major General William R. Shafter, Lt. Richmond Pearson Hobson, and ex-Confederate, Major General Joseph C. Wheeler.  Photo print detail and clarity.  Actually a half tone printing press copy (from the period) of an original photo print.  Made to be given to people as an advertising premium.  Entire back of the cards is devoted to advertising “Fairy Soap”.  These cards were extremely popular with the public, who used them to fill their cabinet photo albums, which also frequently had a military motif on decorative covers.  Excellent condition.  One has little damp stain for 1” on bottom margin.  All three only...$30

28 SAW  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR FIGURAL MILK GLASS BUTTER DISH   In the form of the Battleship Maine with Uncle Sam riding the battleship to War.  The bowl is 6 5/8" long, by 3 1/8" wide, and forms the hull of the ship with simulated port holes, and cannon turrets on the sides, and an American Eagle and shield over waves on the bow, and shield on the stern.  The lid is the superstructure with port holes, and an oversized UNCLE SAM sitting between the gun turrets and smoke stacks.  A superb patriotic and symbolic creation from the Spanish American War.  Sometime in its long life, some of the details were over-painted in gold paint, which has aged a dark gold-brown. Attractive, but simply removed if desired.  There is a piece of glass taped on the underside of the lid, but can't figure out where it came from. Absolutely original and I believe the best, most important design of the milk glass series.  C.1898-99.  If you find one of these in colored glass, it's a repro.   $95

29 SAW  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR FIGURAL MILK GLASS BUTTER DISH   These came in two sizes, this being the largest.  In the form of a battleship, the bowl being the hull, and the lid the superstructure.  The bowl is 7 5/8" long by 4 1/8", with surface features simulating railings, port holes, anchors and chains, and great rococo scroll work on the bow.  The lid has simulated railings, gun turrets, bridge, smoke stacks, and is marked MAINE.  Prime condition.  $100

30 SAW  -  STATUE OF LIBERTY AND AMERICAN EAGLE PAINTED VASE  12 1/2" tall, about 5" across the top.  This is a glass vessel, I assume a vase, which has been hand painted in green and gold shades.  The glass is impressed with the Statue of Liberty and a spread eagle below, with three pillars and a faux brick decoration around the rear past the eagle.  Everything looks original, and there is generalized missing paint and scratches.  Overall I'd say it retains 95+ paint.  An unusual item I just found in a storage box.  I believe this is likely very early 1900's.  $95

31 SAW  -  ADMIRAL DEWEY PAPERWEIGHT   Heavy clear glass.  Circular disc 3" in diameter, prox. 1 1/4" deep, with a photo portrait of the Admiral.  Extremely fine condition.  Has one little flake out on an edge (see photo).  $95

32 SAW  -  NEAT SPANISH AMERICAN WAR ADVERTISING PIECE   From the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company.  Cardstock 4 1/4 x 9", folded in thirds.  One side has 3 color panels; one shows the battleship Olympia; another shows the Brooklyn at Santiago; the third has three color portraits of officers...Schley, Dewey, and Sampson.  When folded up, the other side becomes a knapsack in color, with blanket roll at top, shown both sides.  One face has unit information and has canteen draped on one side.  Excellent.  $15

33 SAW  -  COLORFULLY PATRIOTIC ARMY & NAVY BOOK OF NEEDLES    Classic Spanish American War themes made this a real showpiece of SAW memorabilia.  Comes in its original grey envelope, 3 ¼ x 5 ¾” with the printed title on its face “The Army and Navy/Needle Book/Contains a full variety of/LARGE EYED NEEDLES, etc. etc.”.  Inside is a stiff card stock folder which hinges open to 2 ¾ x 9 ½”.  The outside faces of this folder have colorful, full face spread eagle on shield, with arrows and olive branch, all sitting on the top edge of the globe.  The entire background is blue sky with stars.  An amazing display.  The other face has a color picture of one of the S.A.W. war ships, the IOWA at sea, all framed with rococo scroll work.  Everything is like new.  $12

34 SAW  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR DEWEY AND OLYMPIA PRESSED GLASS PITCHER  Classic original item from the Spanish American War.  This piece has a bust of Dewey, his ship "OLYMPIA", cannon, cannon balls, cannon barrels, crossed flags with "IN GOD WE TRUST", crossed swords, and a couple other symbols.  About 9 1/4" at its tallest point.  I see no chips, dings, flaws, etc.  Good color and solid piece for your display collection.  $85

35 SAW  -  ARTILLERY FULL DRESS SHOULDER LOOPS  Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection & Boxer Rebellion, 1898-1902.  Heavy wool.  Deep red tops.  Navy blue undersides. Type which is sewn into seam where arm meets the shoulder.  Has button hole at opposite end.  Have two pair, with different lengths.
A. Dark Red.  Shows use and some age toning.  Sewn into jacket, would be 4 1/2" long.   Pair...$8
B. Rich Red.  
SOLD Shows less age.  Longer than the ones above.  5 1/2" long, sewn into jacket.  Pair...$15

36 SAW  -  ARTILLERY SHOULDER LOOPS OR TABS   Issued for the Spanish American Wars, Philippine Insurrection & Boxer Rebellion, 1898-1902.  Made in the color designating the this case, red for Artillery.  These are detachable style and have little wire hooks & eyes and button hole.  Have a few original examples.  Usually worn on khaki fatigue jackets.  Sold in pairs - some small variations expected.  Approximately 4 3/4" long.  Heavy twilled cotton.  All excellent and have been worn.  Each pair...$15

37 SAW  -  CAVALRY SHOULDER LOOPS OR TABS   Issued for the Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection & Boxer Rebellion, 1898-1902.  Made in color designating the branch.  Detachable - most held on by little hook & eye and button hole.  Usually worn on the khaki fatigue jacket.  Have a few original examples. Sold in pairs - some small variations to be expected.  Approximately 4 3/4" long.  Cavalry yellow.  Heavy twilled cotton.  All have been worn.  Have a few needing couple wire hooks replaced.  Full hooks...$15 pair    Hooks needing replacement...$8 pair

38 SAW  -  INFANTRY SHOULDER LOOPS OR TABS   From the Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection & Boxer Rebellion.  Excellent, heavy twilled cotton. White on top, khaki on underside. Fastened to shoulder of coat by wire hooks & eyes, the eye on the coat.  Also has button hole which took brass eagle button on upper end.  Rare variety.  About 4" long.   $15

39 SAW  -  RARE VISITING CARDS FROM THE MEMBERS OF THE 1st SOUTH DAKOTA U.S. VOLUNTEERS, CO K    All or nearly all of the members of this Spanish American War combat outfit ordered visiting cards, or what today call business cards.  This is the only unit I know to have done this, making these exceedingly rare, not to mention really neat items because of their design.  Judging from what I've observed, the soldiers would swap and collect cards from all their friends in the regiment...not knowing what to expect once they got into combat.  (I'm confident that these cards were ordered while the unit was still assembling and training, all from the same printer, probably local.  There are two forms of cards ordered.  Most soldiers ordered the obviously cheaper card.  These have billowing full color American flag on staff, with a small picture of a ship, or soldiers, the soldier's name in lovely script, where the soldier was from (hometown), and full unit designation, to include company.  A few soldiers ordered the "deluxe" version of the card.  It has the same information, but is much more artistic, with full color panoply of war trophies with Dewey's portrait on front.  Also, there is a small picture of the Maine at the upper right corner.  These cards are small works of art.  We have a few of each, all from one soldier in the unit who collected them from friends.  Price for Card A...Each...$25  Price for Card B...Each...$50 (NOTE: The upper right single in the 1st and 3rd photo is sold)

40 SAW  -  ANTIQUE DRUM CANVAS CARRYING CASE C.1890-1900   A tan color canvas with half loop carrying strap and snap fasteners.  Sound.  Dusty from storage with some water stains.  Dim owner's name and town on one side (Portland Maine), very faded.  Case will probably improve quite a bit if washed (by hand, in cold water, at your own risk).  Takes a drum up to 17" in diameter, and 14" high.  Snaps work.   $15

41 SAW  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR PATRIOTIC MILK GLASS PLATE   8" in diameter.  Quite scarce and definitely original.  2" rim of plate has raised decoration...spread eagle flanked by US flags at top, and alternating fields of stars and eagles the rest of the way.  Fine condition. No chips.  $20

42 SAW  -  EXCEPTIONAL PATRIOTICALLY EAGLE DECORATED POCKET MIRROR  This mirror form has been used since man's early encounters with the Indians.  This type mirror was a common commodity of trade goods, and they were seen everywhere on battlefields and campsites during the Civil War, Indian Wars and later.  This one dates C.1890.  consists of front and rear thin sheet metal discs which fit together, one having a circular mirror inside.  Lifting one half of the mirror apart, it can be made to sit up by itself.  This one has a marvelous full color litho flying eagle/shield, ribband/motto, all within a wreath.  The best I've ever seen.  The rear panel has a bunch of roses in color.  2 3/4" diameter.  Excellent mirror and graphics.  Some edge wear.  $35

43 SAW  -  SAW-WWI PATRIOTIC FLAG ALUMINUM TIN CONTAINER   Upon first look, this appears to be a yo-yo.  It's actually a thin aluminum tin in yo-yo shape.  One half of it is the lid.  One side has a billowing U.S. flag on staff.  The style places this roughly between 1890 to WWI period.  Really neat item.  A bit under 2 1/2" in diameter.  Excellent used condition.  Very lightweight.  $20

44 SAW  -  PATRIOTIC WHITE CHINA CREAM PITCHER WITH DEWEY & OLYMPIA   Spanish American War classic.  Sides have three different patriotic scenes: front has crossed US and Admiral flags in color; one side has scene of Dewey's flagship Olympia at sea; and final scene is fine portrait of Admiral Dewey.  Upper rim and spout take the form of an eagle head, plus wings wrapped around the sides.  Loop handle has rope texture.  Pitcher is 4" tall, and excellent, with a little darkening around the top body portion.  Marking on bottom is circular, containing the text "MADE BY/COOK POTTERY CO./TRENTON, N.J./PATENTED JULY 1899".   $75

45 SAW  -  ANOTHER DEWEY CREAM PITCHER   As above, but in better condition.  $95

46 SAW  -  1900'S PINCH NOSE GLASSES Top 4 Civil War sold...bottom set is available = $10  This is a group I found in that box Dale used to put things in, figuring he would get to writing them up one day.  Six pair of original eyeglasses.  Five are typical of those worn mid-1800's and slightly later, and one is the pinch nose style, with a hole to attach a chain to shirt or coat; probably early 1900's.  $10

47 SAW  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR LADIES DRESS PATRIOTIC BUCKLE   An openwork frame consisting of a series of rococo scrolls and sprays.  Made from stamped sheet brass, gilded. Top has a billowing American flag applied, done up in precise detail, and full color fired enamel.  Reverse has belt loop and tongue.  Some minor tarnish spots. Flag is missing a tiny bit of enamel.  2¼” high.  $35

49 SAW  -  PATRIOTIC DRESS BUCKLE - SPANISH AMERICAN WAR    Imitates the general form of the regulation Army-Navy officer’s dress buckle, but is more decorative and is made of crisply stamped thin sheet brass with thin gilt finish.  Known as a tongue & wreath form.  Consists of a laurel wreath around a highly domed center with spread wing eagle and red-white-blue American shield at center.  Belt loops supported by rococo scroll bases flank the central wreath.  Worn on a heavy silk belt (not provided) by men and women.  Very handsome, and when worn originally, made a real fashion statement.  $75

50 SAW  -  SPLENDID PATRIOTIC SPANISH AMERICAN WAR OFFICER'S BELT PLATE    Sold for civilian wear, as a showy display of support for the military and the War with Spain.  Actually a regulation pattern of 1851 officer's belt plate which saw long service thereafter.  This one was enhanced for patriotic wear by the addition of bright, glossy fired enamel colors in the upper third.  Classic design of spread eagle/shield within wreath, with ribband/motto, star field and sunburst above.  Stamped brass with fine raised detail.  Measures 2 x 3".  Tongue and belt loop on back.  Exceptional and rare variation.  $95

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