EARLY WARS up through 1845
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1RW  -  VERY EARLY AMERICAN OFFICER'S BIRD HEAD HANGER C.1750-75  We sold this sword many years ago from our print catalog.  The owner was selling his collection, and Dale thought so much of it, that we purchased it back probably 4-5 years ago now.  I found the description Dale originally wrote, and it follows:  "One of the earliest portrayals of a bird head pommel I've seen, which ultimately evolved into the finely sculpted eagle head of the 19th Century.  This however is more closely allied to the primitive lion heads, and in character looks more parrot-like.  Hilt is solid cast brass with simple incised line down the grip. Simple stirrup knucklebow with incipient langets.  Classic 24" hanger blade, single edged, lightly curved, with single fuller along the top.  Unmarked.  Dark mottled grey with average wear.  One of the very first examples where an animal head appears on the pommel.  Crudity and primitiveness of designs strongly suggest American origins.  Very nice Rev War officers sword."  $2,150

2RW  -  VINTAGE PRIMITIVE STYLE SOLID COPPER HAND MADE SLOTTED SPATULA OR LADLE  And now, for something completely different!!  Didn't have an appropriate section to list a vintage copper spatula.  I have to say at the beginning I have no idea how old this is, or where it came from, but has some great patina.  It's in this early section, because of its appearance, and the idea one can use this in an early display, or actually use it in a modern kitchen.  It is certainly not newly made.  This is a heavyweight and solid, one piece hand made copper spatula with holes, or a ladle of sorts.  It is slightly cupped, though not a spoon, and not completely flat either.  The end has a loop which would hang over the end of a pot or kettle.  19" long.  Roughly 3 1/2 x 5" slotted end.  Pretty interesting and useful item.   $35

3WAR   -  ORIGINAL 1812 AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS  The “Salem (Massachusetts) Gazette”.  One large sheet folded in half, giving 4 pages, 11 ¾ x 19 ½”.  Have only two left.  Click on thumbnail photos for larger view    Buy both for $105

  1. July 31, 1812.  Just a month and a half after the Declaration of War.  Front page has incredibly insulting piece on Connecticut refusing to supply a single company of militia to the Federal government.  Every scathing term of insult imaginable is off-set in italics and runs a full 14 lines.  Much more on the same subject – News from Britain that they repealed the Orders in Council (commerce restricted over which we went to War) – Arguments over forming an Army – Resistance over National Army being built by Gen. Dearborn – States want only state controlled militia…more!!  Light water stain on upper left edge.  Typical wear.  Very good.  $60
  2. September 15, 1812  SOLD  Three months after Declaration of War.  Front page a eulogy of General Lingan.  Inside 2 pages practically all War news – full description of the famed Naval battle between the Constitution and the Guerierre.  Much on the Canadian campaign and Detroit.  Advertising (they all have).  $55

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