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All periods and variety of Medals, Badges, Watch Fobs and Coins will be found in this section, including GAR and Spanish American War - USWV medals.  Fraternal (medals, ribbons & badges) are now in their own section.


1 MB  -  PAST COMMANDER'S JEWEL - UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERAN    About mint condition.  One size smaller than the largest...3 3/4" tall.  Consists of four bronze pieces plus flag ribbon.  Pin back top is spread eagle on shield over wreath, and flag drops from this.  Flag has blue border on both sides.  Affixed to the flag is a miniature colonel's shoulder strap.  Hanging from the flag is piece with crossed rifles, saber, cannon and anchor.  Suspended from this is the pendant with USWV cross with logo, within wreath.  Reverse has more insignia.  Good as they get.  Has the initials FJB scratched on back, crudely. Beautiful!! $135

2 MB  -  FINE MEMBERSHIP BADGE (TYPE 1 MEMBERSHIP BADGE OF THE ARMY AND NAVY UNION OF THE USA...please see paragraph below) SOLD (Some new info has come to light that this badge may in fact be from the Spanish American War)  Similar to the GAR but I believe from a competing Union Veteran organization which didn't last.  Early in my career we used to see these early badges, and I was familiar with their name.  However it has been so long since I've seen one, I don't any longer recall it.  The badge is of the same basic design.  Bronze spread wing eagle (pin back), flag drop, and bronze star hanging from the bottom.  Star has 5 arms, and each has 2 points at the end.  Each arm has the symbol for a branch of the service.  The center has the American Shield with "U.S." raised at center.  Excellent condition.  The bottom rear of the ribbon is parting, so should be handled with care. (The information below was sent to me by a visitor to the website.  I will post it here, with appreciation.  Everything above in bright blue was written by Dale some time back:) Type 1 Membership Badge of The Army and Navy Union of the United States of America.  This badge actually dates to the early years of this organization when it was established in 1886 as “The Regular Army and Navy Union”.  In 1899 the organization was renamed “The Regular and Volunteer Army and Navy Union” to accommodate those who served as Volunteers during the Spanish-American War.  In 1901 the organization was again renamed and is still to this day known as “The Army and Navy Union USA”.  According to the organization they are “the oldest, perpetual membership veteran’s organization in the United States”.   $75

3 MB - G.A.R. DEPARTMENT OF CALIFORNIA 1910 REUNION BADGE    Rare Western delegate badge…4 piece plus ribbon backing.  Guaranteed complete and original.  Top piece is a brass, high relief statue of a Grizzly Bear.  This has two drops held by chain links.  One, a small rectangular piece with image of stage coach on its face.  The second, is a larger bar with the word “Delegate”.  This supports a rectangular pendant symbolizing a knapsack with blanket roll on top with enamel letters G.A.R. over a tree, with crossed cannon behind.  The scarlet ribbon is stamped with gold lettering reading “43RD ANNUAL / ENCAMPMENT/DEPARTMENT OF / CALIFORNIA / AND / NEVADA/OAKLAND, CAL. / APRIL 19-23, 1910”.  Badge is 7 5/8” tall overall.  Condition fine except for a water stain about 2” from the bottom.  The reverse bottom of the ribbon has a paper advertising tag from maker “WHITEHEAD & HOAG CO.”.  As a point of interest, the 1910 NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT was in Atlantic City, N.J., Sept. 19-24.  $195

4 MB  -  G.A.R. 27th NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT DELEGATE RIBBON, 1893   Indianapolis.  For a delegate member from the Chicago delegation to the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic veterans’ group.  Large and showy.  9 ¼” tall.  Top bar is a bright gold, thin stamped brass frame around a celluloid faced title “DELEGATE”.  Immediately below is a crimson silk ribbon stamped with gold lettering “ILLINOIS”.  Below this is a long, mustard-yellow silk ribbon stamped with silver lettering and designs.  Top to bottom reads “27TH National Encampment…(lettering GAR surrounded wreath and crossed US Flags) Indianapolis, Sept 6, 1893”.  At bottom is a complete miniature canteen bearing the famous words “We drank from the same canteen”.  It is bright silver.  Very good-excellent overall.  Top bar complete with clasp.  Sewing which attaches the yellow ribbon to top bar is half loose.  Some scattered fly specks on bottom half of yellow ribbon, which has very subtle darkening from age.  Very scarce ribbon.  $95

5 MB  -  G.A.R. 35th NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT 1901 DELEGATE BADGE WATCH FOB   Made into a gorgeous watch fob, which consists of the primary pendant, now attached to a 9" long leather strap which has alternating plain and braided sections.  The gold and silver colored sections of the 2 1/2" high pendant depicts classical architecture inscribed "1901 / CLEVELAND" supported by two columns.  Next to the columns are a soldier and a sailor.  Centered and below the pediment is a G.A.R. membership badge with a full color fired enamel flag (tiny chip out of blue).  Above the flag are crossed cannon.  In the area behind the things just mentioned are the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the Garfield Monument in silver wash.  The reverse of the badge is marked by the maker, "SCHWAAB STAMP & SEAL CO. MILWAUKEE".  Finish shows light overall wear.  Leather is fine.  Something a veteran/delegate was proud to wear, well after the convention.  Very showy.  $50

6 MB  -  G.A.R. DEPARTMENT OF NEW YORK REUNION BADGE     Civil War Union Veteran’s Group (Grand Army of the Republic).  Syracuse New York 1905.  This is a three-piece badge with ribbon backing.  All the metal is tarnished gold washed brass.  The ornate top bar has the design of the G.A.R. badge at center, flanked by the words “DEPT OF/NEW YORK”.  It has a small rectangular pendant with the embossed picture of a typewriter and the words “TYPE WRITER CITY”.  It also supports a red-white-blue ribbon stamped with “DELEGATE”, and supports a large pendant in the shape of a knapsack with blanket roll on top, with the enameled letters G.A.R.  Below this is a red enamel oval frame with the words “39TH ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT, SYRACUSE, NY, JUNE 21-22-1905”.  This encircles a man’s bust, and there are crossed cannon behind.  Metal and enamel are fine.  Ribbon dingy with some edge wear.  The hinge of the clasp is somewhat loose.  As a point of interest, the National Encampment in 1905 was in Denver, Colorado.  $40

7 MB  -  G.A.R. 1892 PRESENTATION BADGE FOR 26th NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT   Two-piece bronze badge with yellow ribbon backing (my photo looks like the ribbon is green).  Apparently given to members of the staff who organized the preparations for the national encampment.  Top bar reads “PALMER NATIONAL STAFF”.  Pendant has bust of an elderly man most likely “Palmer”, who must have headed the arrangements committee/staff.  Also reads “G.A.R./1892”.  Reverse of pendant reads “PRESENTED/BY/PALMER STAFF/ASSOCIATION/1892/WASHINGTON”.  Metal is excellent.  Ribbon is frayed, and a small piece loose.  2¾” high.  Has original clasp.  $25

8 MB  -  WWII AIR FORCE TECHNICIAN'S BADGE WITH SIX QUALIFICATION BARS   All hung like a ladder.  The basic badge and four bars (one harder to see) are marked STERLING (the 4th and 6th are unmarked).  The bars are: AP MECHANIC, AP ELECTRICAL SP., AP INSTRUMENT SP., AP PROPELLER SP., AP ARMORER, AP WELDER.  Rare find with this many bars attached.  Pin back.  Just about 4" long.  $175

9 MB  -  AMERICAN HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION LAPEL BADGE    The AHA began as an informal gathering of eight hospital superintendents in 1899, and ultimately formalized in 1927.  It would appear that the pin is fairly rare and early.  It is only 5/8" and in the shape of a Lorraine Cross in bluff blue fired enamel, with circular logo at center of eagle over shield with different object in each of four quarters...the Caduceus, Maltese Cross, Greek Cross, and Urn Lamp.  At bottom is a Latin motto, translated to "Without God We Can Do Nothing". The top arm as the word "SERVICE" and the bottom arm as a "V". Screw back. The back is stamped "LGB/STERLING".  Fine condition.  $15

10 MB  -  ADVERTISING BADGE FOR DEWEY'S VICTORY AT MANILA    Handsome badge which celebrates Dewey's victory at Manila, and is an advertising piece as well.  Has a rare and unusual silver color filigree border/circular frame.  This fits around a regular celluloid pin back button with photo quality picture of Dewey.  Wording around the edge says "Compliments of THE PRUDENTIAL Insurance Company, Newark, N.J.".  The reverse has advertising for the Prudential, about their premiums and costs.  Below shows info that this was made by The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark, N.J.  Patented July 17, 1894; April 14, 1896; July 21, 1896.  Nice, fancier item than normally seen for a pin back button.  $35

11 MB  -  UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANS DELEGATE BADGE TO THE 1912 NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT   Three piece badge in light bronze.  4" tall.  Top has beach scene with woman under an umbrella.  Has ribband reading "ATLANTIC CITY 1912".  Ribbon is red/yellow with color bleed.  Pendant is shield shaped, the border reading "NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT / UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANS" around the standard USWV cross with logo.  Fine except ribbon which has a little bleed, and is stamped "DELEGATE".   $45

12 MB  -  1st MASSACHUSETTS HEAVY ARTILLERY ASSOCIATION CIVIL WAR REUNION RIBBON  SOLD  Red silk ribbon 1¾” wide x 6 high, printed in black.  Reads top to bottom, “34th ANNUAL Summer Reunion, 1st Mass. H. Art’y Assoc’n, (corps badge), Salem Willows, Thursday, Aug 14, 1902”. Excellent condition.  Probably had a small wire pin-clasp at top which slipped into the narrow channel on the top end; this no longer present.  $25

13 MB  -  FEDERAL WWI U.S. WINGED VICTORY MEDAL   Winged Victory on front of the medal.  Hangs from a rainbow ribbon.  Pin on top has a lockable clasp.  Reverse has allies, and the title of medal at top "THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILIZATION" over a eagle/US/shield.  Excellent overall; top left ribbon has some tiny fraying.   $35

14 MB  -  WWII USMC WATCH FOB  This is a beautiful piece for a US Marine.  7" long, tip to tip.  The black ribbon is in excellent condition, and the other parts are as well, although they show normal, careful wear to the finish.  Consists of a fob in the middle, 1 1/2" wide, with the Marine Corps EGA in the middle (eagle, globe, anchor).  Around that are three enamel portions in red, white and blue, each having a word that makes up "UNITED STATES MARINE".  The snap swivel at the top seems to function well.  All in all, a very nice original vintage WWII piece.  $85

15 MB  -  WWI ERA U.S. FLAG WATCH FOB    Gilt brass pendant bordered by rococo scrolls.  At center is an applied U.S. flag done in bright fired enamel colors.  Minor finish wear.  Good leather belt.  $25

16 MB  -  WWI U.S. WATCH FOB   Complete with narrow leather belt.  The fob part is a leather lobe with thin brass, stamped national emblem...spread eagle, shield, arrows, olive branch, etc.  Very good used condition.  $18

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