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All manner and variety of glassware, pottery, china, Vernon Kiln plates, milk glass - from all periods.  Historic and Patriotic pitchers, plates, platters, mugs, chargers, chalkware.  Hitler and Anti-Axis items toward the bottom. Early 1800's through WWII period, and possibly a few later. Some very nice buys in this section.



1GL  -  BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE PLATTER OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND PRESIDENTS  This is a quite wonderful platter, with a few of our Presidents and some states, with all the flags and state symbols.  The states shown are Pennsylvania, New York, California, Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Texas.  The Presidents are Lincoln, Washington, Grant, Jefferson, Jackson, Monroe, McKinley, perhaps Garfield, perhaps Cleveland, and the other two I'm not really sure of.  There are beautiful crossed American flags, with swords and pistols, and laurel wreaths around each president.  In the middle of the platter is a fantastic scene of the White House, with flag flying high and colorful landscaping and a fountain.  In the back you can see what looks like a large conservatory.  Since I believe McKinley is the latest president shown, this platter dates around turn-of-the-century.  13 3/4 x 10 3/4".  I see only a very tiny few scratches in the finish and a generalized crazing overall.  No cracks or chips.  There is a blue mark on the back, which I think says "La Francara? Worcester".  Can't make it out completely.  Dale purchased this in 1997 and it has been in storage since.  $250

2GL  -  UNIQUE HAND PAINTED AMERICAN INDIAN "GONE WITH THE WIND" LAMP  Here's another item we had packed away for a long time, just now coming out of storage.  The lamp with the top globe shade is a total of 28" tall.  The base is 8" wide.  The Indian and arrows, quiver, tomahawk theme on the back are hand painted, from what I can tell.  Beautifully done too, and not gawdy looking, in my opinion.  The colors pink and green also seem to be applied.  The lamp has been re-wired, and does work.  At the bottom of the rear right above the base is a repair about 3" long at the maximum width.  From that, there is a very slight crack going north of that, but you almost don't feel it.  The repair seems solid.  I just think it's a real stunning decorator piece for anyone who has an American Indian theme. I'm going to guess it is late 1800's-very early 1900's.  $395

3GL  -  ORIGINAL CIVIL WAR ZOUAVE SOLDIER AND WIFE CANDLESTICKS  8" tall, pair of glazed ceramic candlesticks.  Quite ornate, and well made.  Once ornately painted with gold and blue, red paint, most of it is now gone from handling.  The man is a Zouave soldier standing in front of crossed flags, holding a musket, wearing the traditional style uniform.  The lady is also wearing her Zouave outfit, holding a canteel, standing in front of crossed flags.  On the lady candlestick, there is a chip off the bottom of the flag on the right, and a small chip out of the rim at top where the candle goes in.  On the soldier candlestick, there is a chip at the rim on top, which then radiates a small crack downward.  Still intact.  Toward the rear of that rim, is another small chip.  I believe these have been used quite a lot over their years.  Each have "40" in the bottom of the glaze.  Priced at what Dale paid for them many years ago.  $150

4GL  -  WWII SET OF 8 VICTORY DRINKING GLASSES WITH SEXY WOMEN  Found these tucked away in storage for many years.  Even has a handy carrying tray, with a slot for each glass.  These depict scantily clad, very curvy women, quite provocative for the times.  Six measure 4 7/8" tall, the other two a tad bit shorter.  They consist of DECONTIMATION CORPS; DEMOLITION & CLEARANCE CREW; AUXILIARY (Firefighter or Crew); BOMB SQUAD; AIR RAID WARDEN; MESSENGER; AUXILIARY POLICE; MEDICAL CORPS.  All but one retain most of the gold around the top.  See the photos for condition on each glass...there is some minor amount of missing paint/transfer.  I see no chips or cracks on any of the glasses.  The tray measures 15 1/4" across to each handle, and 3" tall, not including the handles.  Great visual item for your WWII Victory display.  $135

5GL  -  DRAMATIC & LARGE INDIAN CHIEF CHARGER (PLATTER) C.1890-1900   A bit over 13" in diameter, heavy china charger featuring a full color chromolitho and hand painted Indian Chief portrait nearly 10" across.  Extremely rare and important subject matter seldom encountered and virtually never excelled in artistic merit, dramatic presentation, accuracy, and extensive use of color.  Green border overlaid with gilt highlights in rococo scrolls. The chief's name "WHITE HORSE" appears below portrait. Condition is extremely excellent, but does have a crack on one side, see photo.  It appears to be stable.  Marked on back "HAYNES/BALTo".  These were routinely sold from at least 1890.  Iron wire hanger present, strung through holes provided for this purpose.  $150  priced very low only because of the's a giveaway price for a great decorator piece!

6GL  -  WWII ART DECO SAILOR BANK    All white with a few color accents.  His large sea bag over his shoulder has the coin slot at top.  He has grossly exaggerated bell bottoms.  No flaws or chips.  Missing the cover for the bottom hole.  $45

7GL  -  ANTIQUE 3 PIECE HUNTING DOGS TANKARD SET  A set Dale purchased many years ago, and part of our home decor.  The mark on the bottom is "SV CHINA" or "VS CHINA".  This set has a large pitcher (or flagon, or tankard) 14" tall, with a beautiful dog featured on front.  The two mugs, 5" tall, each have a dog on front, one the same as the tankard. Condition overall is superb.  Few spots of flaked paint and generalized crazing, but I see no chips or breaks.  If you collect these sets, or collect hunting dog memorabilia, this set is a good one.  I think it's probably from around the late 1800's.  Priced at our cost...$150

8GL  -  ANTIQUE 5 PIECE HUNTING DOGS TANKARD SET  Another set Dale purchased for our home decorating.  The mark on the bottom is "SILVER SIENNA".  This set has a large pitcher (or flagon, or tankard) 15" tall, depicting hunting dogs on the hunt.  Each mug is 4 1/2" tall.  One mug has been damaged and the repair is visible (see photos).   The silver on each handle has wear, and just based on that, I think this set was used a great deal.  Otherwise however, there is little loss or rubs to the colors. I see no other damage on the other pieces.  Due to the damaged mug, I am pricing this set quite low, and almost certainly well below our original cost.  $125

9GL  -  STATUE OF LIBERTY AND AMERICAN EAGLE PAINTED VASE  12 1/2" tall, about 5" across the top.  This is a glass vessel, I assume a vase, which has been hand painted in green and gold shades.  The glass is impressed with the Statue of Liberty and a spread eagle below, with three pillars and a faux brick decoration around the rear past the eagle.  Everything looks original, and there is generalized missing paint and scratches.  Overall I'd say it retains 95+% paint.  An unusual item I just found in a storage box.  I believe this is likely very early 1900's.  $95

10GL  -  BEAUTIFUL CHINA CUP COMMEMORATING THE END OF WWI    White china with full color panoply of flags of the Allies with Statue of Liberty at center within green wreath.  Ribband at bottom reads "MIGHT IN THE RIGHT CAUSE HAS PREVAILED".  2 5/8" tall, 2 3/8" diameter.  Choice and delicate.  Two tiny chips just below the rim at the right side of the handle, with a hairline crack running down, barely seen.  Base reads "Ye Olde English' GROSVENOR CHINA, JACKSON & GOSLING LONDON ENGLAND".  $45

11GL  -  ANTIQUE AMERICAN FLAG CHINA PLATE   Rimmed with green rococo scrolls and blue flowers, center has small full color 44 star American flag…the date 1890-1896, is indicated by the number of stars on the flag which equates to the number of states in the Union.  8¾” in diameter.  Couple hairline cracks in glaze near fly end of flag.  Rest excellent. Backmark is “O.P. CO./SYRACUSE/CHINA”.  This plate has good weight.  $30

12GL  -  PATRIOTIC WHITE CHINA CREAM PITCHER WITH DEWEY & OLYMPIA   Spanish American War classic.  Sides have three different patriotic scenes: front has crossed US and Admiral flags in color; one side has scene of Dewey's flagship Olympia at sea; and final scene is fine portrait of Admiral Dewey.  Upper rim and spout take the form of an eagle head, plus wings wrapped around the sides.  Loop handle has rope texture.  Pitcher is 4" tall, and excellent, with a little darkening around the top body portion.  Marking on bottom is circular, containing the text "MADE BY/COOK POTTERY CO./TRENTON, N.J./PATENTED JULY 1899".   $75

13GL  -  ANOTHER DEWEY CREAM PITCHER   As above, but in better condition.  $95

14GL  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR PATRIOTIC MILK GLASS PLATE   8" in diameter.  Quite scarce and definitely original.  2" rim of plate has raised decoration...spread eagle flanked by US flags at top, and alternating fields of stars and eagles the rest of the way.  Fine condition. No chips.  $20

15GL  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR DEWEY AND OLYMPIA PRESSED GLASS PITCHER  Classic original item from the Spanish American War.  This piece has a bust of Dewey, his ship "OLYMPIA", cannon, cannon balls, cannon barrels, crossed flags with "IN GOD WE TRUST", crossed swords, and a couple other symbols.  About 9 1/4" at its tallest point.  I see no chips, dings, flaws, etc.  Good color and solid piece for your display collection.  $85

16GL  -  VIETNAM ERA HIPPY DRINKING GLASS  By Georges Briard.  5 3/4" tall.  Iconic peace symbols and sayings on this glass, in excellent condition.  "Take a Hippy to Lunch", "I Hate Everybody", "Great Society", Pop Art Stinks", "Repeal Inhibition", "Kiss Don't Kill", and many more.  So typical of the early 70's.  $35

17GL  -  SET OF FOUR WWII RED-WHITE-BLUE JUICE GLASSES   4" tall.  White eagle on each side, with red stars above and blue stars below.  All excellent.  All four only...$35

18GL  -  CHINA PLATE WITH AMERICAN SEAL  White central area with color spread eagle/shield, arrows, olive branch, ribband and stars.  A fairly modern rendition.  Rim is banded with narrow orange, blue dots, and a repeating wave pattern.  Condition is like new.  Back of rim has fine floral panels.  Backmark is a square, filled with oriental symbols in orange and red.  10” diameter.  Neat find for patriotic plate collectors.  Beautiful display piece.  $30

19GL  -  WWII FDR (ROOSEVELT) & CHURCHILL "FOR DEMOCRACY" CHINA PLATE  About 9" in diameter.  Shows some mild crazing, a few generalized areas of missing orange trim color.  I don't feel any chips.  Back side has logo "JAMES KENT LTD FENTON / MADE IN ENGLAND".  $35

20GL  -  MATCHED PAIR SPLENDID AMERICAN & BRITISH FLAGS HISTORIC PATRIOTIC PITCHERS   Antique originals.  White china decorated with heavy gold borders and accents around crossed American and British flags.  Flags are in color, and are on both sides.  One US flag has a large center star, total of 19 stars.  The other US flag has a regular size center star, total of 24 stars. The significance of different and total number of stars on the flags is unknown. On the side with the lip, the name "Rev. C. C. Carpenter" is spelled out in gold. The bottom has a maker’s stamp, some hard to read, but it is "MADDOCK BURSLEM".  No chips.  Practically no wear.  On one pitcher, there may have been a repair at the top front, around the top spout and bit of the side.  There is darker glaze inside, and upon close inspection, it looks like a repair was done, and gold paint was neatly put back on also.  A bit of the blue in some of the flags is lightened.  8¼” high.  Represents close ties between the two countries, and probably a particular historic event involving the US and Britain.  In my estimation, it dates 1870’s to 1890’s.  I have seen mugs with this motif dated in the late 1890’s.  Quite striking. Have no idea who Reverend Carpenter was, or why these were made for him.   $125 each...or $200 for the pair

21GL  -  SUPERB COBALT ART NOUVEAU BISCUIT JAR C.1910-20  This is a stunning piece, in just wonderful condition.  Only a tiny flake here or there of missing gold, otherwise, we see no chipping or dings of any kind.  The hardware at top appears to be have a thin finish of silvering, some worn as shown.  $250

22GL  -  SPLENDID EXAMPLE OF WWII PLASTER CARNIVAL-WARE STATUE   This is an 11 1/2" tall, stately eagle with good deal of coloring.  Along the base in front is "GOD BLESS AMERICA".  Fine condition, with one tiny piece missing (see photo).  The nose has a little paint rub and a tiny crack (I almost didn't see it), but chalk is intact.  Really nice piece.  Perfect kitsch for the time.  $75

23GL  -  LIBERTY BELL BANK   A vintage novelty.  Unsure of age but we judge it to be 1940's or earlier.  Clear glass Liberty Bell with narrow red-white-blue bands around base and red band around top shoulder.  Has a raised coin slot at the top with couple little chips one edges.  Has the raised text as seen on the original bell, plus raised title "LIBERTY BELL", and Franklin's quote "A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED".  Just under 4" tall x 4" across the base.  There is an almost identical copy out there for those who at the time couldn't find or afford the real thing.  The copy was MUSTARD which came in the bell shaped bottle.  It was up to the buyer to cut a slot in the metal screw cap lid.  This, the real thing, has the glass coin slot and never had a food product inside.   $35

24GL  -  WWII ICONIC BOY SOLDIER LAMP FOR A CHILD'S ROOM   Really cute.  Baby faced soldier with heavy overcoat, who looks very cold and wind blown.  Hands in pockets, and down cast.  He stands on a little pedestal.  Above is a light with neat original shade (little tear to shade on back side).  Uses a Christmas tree bulb - the one in it is white.  Lamp is 5" tall, not including the bulb.  Stiff paper shade has scene of child soldiers coming down in parachutes.  Airplane on the side.  Stars and stripes around the rest.  Wire inside shade which grabs the bulb.  Shade is about 4 1/4" wide at bottom, with a small area pushed in slightly.  Lamp needs new cord, not much of a job.  The original cord, plug is included, but not connected.  Overall the paint is very good; couple small areas of paint missing only; a small spot on the front of the base has a couple small cracks, but is intact.  Worthy of restoration, and priced accordingly.  $20

25GL  -  FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES DECORATIVE CHINA PLATE   9 3/4" in diameter.  Dominated by a rampant eagle perched upon a rock outcrop which has four words on their face...LIBERTY, TRUTH, JUSTICE, EQUALITY".  Gold filigree around edge.  Has F.O.E. at top.  Back mark is "WARNER KEEFER CHINA CO. E. LIVERPOOL".  There are some fine scratching in the eagle's feathers, but not easily noticed.  I judge the date of this fine piece is at least 50-60 years, and easily (based on style) much earlier.  Fine.  $45

26GL  -  "SCHATZI" COFFEE MUG WITH PILOT'S WINGS    We believe this is from the WWII era, but we can't find info on the maker "Garnet", so all we can say is we aren't sure.  This is a nice cream colored coffee mug, 3 '' tall.  On the front of the mug from top to bottom is a skunk, with three red hearts around it, and the name "SCHATZI" in red at the bottom. Schatzi means "sweetheart or darling" in German, and "little treasure" if translated to English.  On the rear of the mug is the pilot's wings in silver color, and the name "TERRY" under it.  All the words and the skunk are raised, and painted, then glazed.  $20

27GL  -  1950's ABRAHAM LINCOLN BANK BOTTLE  Vintage 8 3/4" tall bottle, from I believe the early 1950's.  This one is a bit different in that it was painted all over in red, white and blue, possibly by a school child back then.  Pretty well done originally; because the paint was beginning to chip, I sprayed some matte finish acrylic, and it seems stable now.  Can't tell there is any spray.  The bottle screw cap has a picture of Lincoln and the words "LINCOLN BANK BOTTLE".  The bottom of the bottle is embossed with patent information and "LINCOLN FOODS INC. LAWRENCE MASS.".  Very nice Lincoln or bank collectible.  $25

28GL  -  BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN EMBLEM CHINA PLATE BY WEDGWOOD   We believe this dates from 1880-90's, but any Wedgwood collector will likely know for sure.  10 1/4" diameter, with the massive central design of the American Emblem - eagle, shield, stars/cloud, arrows and olive branch...13 arrows, 13 olive leaves, 13 red/white stripes.  Super colors and design - powerful.  Rim has a complex decoration.  Back has sevral markings and serial number.  Large impressed marking "WEDGWOOD" in the middle, and a smaller one I can't make out.  Can easily read "WEDGWOOD ETRURIA ENGLAND".  In red is what I think reads "A 3334 i" or maybe "A5334 i".  I see no chips, cracks, or color loss, other than the shield which has some VERY TINY and almost insignificant missing paint spots.  $150

29GL  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR FIGURAL MILK GLASS BUTTER DISH   In the form of the Battleship Maine with Uncle Sam riding the battleship to War.  The bowl is 6 5/8" long, by 3 1/8" wide, and forms the hull of the ship with simulated port holes, and cannon turrets on the sides, and an American Eagle and shield over waves on the bow, and shield on the stern.  The lid is the superstructure with port holes, and an oversized UNCLE SAM sitting between the gun turrets and smoke stacks.  A superb patriotic and symbolic creation from the Spanish American War.  Sometime in its long life, some of the details were over-painted in gold paint, which has aged a dark gold-brown. Attractive, but simply removed if desired.  There is a piece of glass taped on the underside of the lid, but can't figure out where it came from. Absolutely original and I believe the best, most important design of the milk glass series.  C.1898-99.  If you find one of these in colored glass, it's a repro.   $95

These came in two sizes, this being the largest.  In the form of a battleship, the bowl being the hull, and the lid the superstructure.  The bowl is 7 5/8" long by 4 1/8", with surface features simulating railings, port holes, anchors and chains, and great rococo scroll work on the bow.  The lid has simulated railings, gun turrets, bridge, smoke stacks, and is marked MAINE.  Prime condition.  $100

31GL  -  HOLLYWOOD PICTORIAL PLATE, VERNON KILNS   10 1/2" in diameter.  These were created as collector items during the War, and after.  The brought lasting attention to people and events of the time.  As Hollywood played a large role during the War, Vernon Kilns memorialized Hollywood with this remarkable plate, which captures in broad time capsule form, so much of what was at that exact time, Hollywood.  The edge rim is entirely filled with autographs of all the actors famous at that time.  Encircled by the autographs are panels each featuring some geographic structure or location.  Hollywood Bowl, NBC, Studios, Brown Derby, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ciro's Sunset Strip, and at center, a view of a complex stage where the cameras were working.  Back mark is "Plate Designed by Vernon Kilns U.S.A.".  $25

32GL  -  1949 CHICAGO RAILROAD FAIR PICTORIAL PLATE, VERNON KILNS    Just post-WWII.  10 1/2" in diameter.  (Dale wrote...) My mother took me to this massive gathering of historic and modern railroad engines and cars, which I can still picture, both for the impressive assemblage and for the miserable, if not almost murderous heat of that summer day.  This plate is 10 1/2" in diameter, and the face is filled...a montage of fragments of railroad things.  Some early engines.  A super modern streamliner.  A cab of a really old one.  The rim of the plate has RR company insignia.  Back side reads "Designed exclusively for Consolidated Concessions Inc. 1848 1949 Commemorating The One Hundredth Anniversary of Railroad progress Vernon Kilns U.S.A.".   $35

33GL  -  FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT PICTORIAL PLATE, VERNON KILNS   The famous WWII pictorial china plate by Vernon Kilns.  This one has some color to it.  10 1/2" in diameter.  These were created as collector items during the War, and after.  The brought lasting attention to people and events of the time.  At the center is his portrait, looking young and happy.  His visage is surrounded by symbols of the War...the whole sky behind him is filled with recognizable aircraft - P-38, Corsair, P-47, and parachutists.  To the side are tanks, anti-aircraft guns, Infantry, and at bottom are ships.  Back side has historic information, a quote from Dec. 8, 1941 at a joint session of Congress, and "FIRST EDITION 1942 / BY VERNON KILNS USA".  $35

34GL  -  WWII DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT PICTORIAL PLATE, VERNON KILNS  SOLD 10 1/2" in diameter.  These were created as collector items during the War, and after.  The brought lasting attention to people and events of the time.  Shows aerial view of the huge expanse of the wartime factory, and numerous planes flying over the factory.  There's a C-47, B-17, A-20's and a B-19 which on the plate is bragged as a super bomber, but in reality never came into service.  A rare plate.  Back side has information current as of 1941 when this plate was released.  Also says "Made Exclusively for STRICKLIN'S LONG BEACH by VERNON KILNS U.S.A.".  $35

35GL  -  WWII DOUGLAS MACARTHUR PICTORIAL PLATE, VERNON KILNS   10 1/2" in diameter.  These were created as collector items during the War, and after.  The brought lasting attention to people and events of the time.  Rim of plate has repeating "V"s and V code and waving bands.  Within the border are vignettes of his life and career - West Point, WWI combat, Manila Bay, and large portrait.  Made after he left the Philippines and while he was in command of the Far East Forces.  Wonderful WWII memorial.  Reverse has resume' of his career from his graduation from West Point in 1963, and "by VERNON KILNS U.S.A.".  Have two.  Each...$25

36GL  -  CHIEF WOLF ROBE LIBERTYVILLE, ILL ASHTRAY  1940's.  5 1/2" tall x 5 7/8" wide ceramic ash tray.  Has a full color bust view of Chief Wolf Robe and those words toward the bottom, with "SOUVENIR OF LIBERTYVILLE, ILL.".  One tiny chip on the right edge.  The back has "HARKER 1840" over the bow and arrow logo.  Overall nice condition.  $20

37GL  -  COLORFUL, PATRIOTIC WWII PLASTER WALL PLAQUE   8 1/2" tall.  Lustrous spray painted horizontal bands of red-white-blue as background to design.  Center is eagle emblem with full color shield on breast.  The eagle is a form from an Army helmet as early as 1881.  Above the eagle is "GOD BLESS".  Below is "AMERICA".  A wire loop is at top rear for hanging.  Good as new.  Maker on back "MADE BY PIERCE'S STUDIO ZION, ILL. PHONE 2744".   $35

40GL  -  JOHNSON BROS. ENGLAND WHITE HOUSE CHINA PLATE   7 1/8" diameter.  Nice full color picture of the White House and grounds, with a billowing American flag at top.  C.1880's.  Gold on rim worn, but the decorative portion next to the rim is in good shape.  Rear has the stamping "Johnson Bros. England".  $20

41GL  -  TWO SMALL GLASS CHIMNEYS FOR OIL LAMPS  Dale had these packed away with a couple Spanish American War lamps.  He may have purchased them thinking they would fit, but they don't.  Both are 6 1/2" tall; top opening is about 1 1/8" across inner diameter; bottom opening is about 1 1/2" across inner diameter.  I don't know if these are old, or if he purchased from a modern supplier at a show or flea market.  They have the look of old wavy glass. One has a couple long sharper areas inside, see photo.  Both for $20

42GL  -  SMALL MILK GLASS GLOBE FOR OIL LAMP  Another item Dale had packed away with the chimneys above.  It does have some signs of older dirt on the top area, as if it was used before.  About 3 1/2" across.  Top opening is about 1 3/8" inner diameter; bottom opening is 1 5/8" inner diameter.  Beautiful white milk glass with fluid flowing raised design.  Excellent condition.  $25

43GL  -  WWII FAMOUS HITLER BUTT PLASTER STATUE   He is bent over at the waist, and his exaggerated butt dominates the figure.  Hitler looks in horror back at his butt where, because this is a toothpick holder.  If the holes are filled, his butt is filled with picks piercing his backside.  4 1/4" tall.  Couple rubs, overall excellent condition.  $145

44GL  -  HITLER THE SKUNK STATUE  About 5" long x 5 1/4" tall.  This is a great display item.  Painted plaster skunk with Hitler face.  Long famous anti-axis statue.  There were slightly different versions of this skunk, Hitler's face having variations.  I have seen some that are metal.  Overall nice condition, with a clear face that looks like Hitler.  Some paint wear in a few areas, see photos, although not bad at all.  $100


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