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This section will contain German material, including pins, rings, badges, Vivat Ribbons and all other miscellaneous items, mostly from the WWI and WWII periods.

At the bottom of this section, there are photos of small items in groupings.  To save the time and effort of individually describing each item, we decided to group them at various price levels.  If you collect German material, you should have an idea what each item is.  I annotated the photos with words or markings that might not be visible in the photographs, due to lighting or shadows.  You can buy any item in each group, and pay that price per item.  When emailing, please refer to the Price Level, Item Letter and Group # if applicable.  All items are priced at or in many cases, below our original cost.


1G  -  WWI GERMAN MAN'S IRON CROSS RING  SOLD  The top has a nice black Iron Cross with 1914 with oak leaves on one side and DHG with oak leaves on the other.  Each side below that has a bunch of words that I don't know what they mean.  I'll try to do the translating and put on here asap.  Inside is "PAT NOV 24 1914".  Overall very good condition.  $50

2G  -  BEAUTIFUL LADIES DIAMOND AND SILVER SWASTIKA RING  This is a delicate and well made ring, approximate size 5.5.  I have a diamond tester, and all the tiny chips test positive.  Stamped 900 inside the band.  $250

3G  -  WWI GERMAN MINIATURE MEDALS - ORDERS  Worn by officers at formal occasions.  Suspended from a horizontal fancy gold chain.  Total of 8 orders/medals...little jewels with superb detail, three with fired enamel colors. Each order approx. 5/8" across.  Choice condition.  Charm is affixed to the uniform by a fancy straight pin at each end.  Took considerable searching to obtain such a fine specimen.  $250

  4G  -  A MASSIVE WALL CALENDAR - LUFTWAFFE 1943  14 1/8 X 17" closed.  It's going to be hard for me to describe properly, so please rely on the photos.  This is not your normal calendar, where a complete month is on one page.  These pages flow from week to week, each month.  Each page has another German airplane, and its name and basic information, in German.  There are Stuka, Junkers, Messerschmitt, Dornier, and many others. There are float planes and transporters.  These are copies of real photographs it looks to me.  The planes have swastikas and many other interesting things to study.  From what I can tell, there are some missing pages of some weeks in some of the months.  There are also three separate pages stuck in the rear, one looks like a week that has the bottom removed.  There is a sticker pasted on the inside back cover, which reads in part: "FARBAUFNAHMEN AGFA-COLOR (then a bunch of names below) Entwurf und Gestaltung: C. Gerger / ------UKTION UND OFFSETDRUCK / CARL WERNER - REICHENBACH i.V. / Gedrucki in Deutschland - Printed in Germany - Imprime en Allemagne".  The cover is a bit rough, and has some old tape repairs.  Dale purchased this in 1988.  It is an amazing thing to look through.  Priced at cost...$295

5G  -  WWI GERMAN PATRIOTIC "HOME FRONT" POCKET MIRROR  2" in diameter.  One side of the circular mirror case has a bright 1/4" steel border around a photo which joined two busts - Hindenberg and the Kaiser.  Lifting the face (lid) reveals a circular mirror inside.  Has a wire loop on one end to hang mirror on a nail.  Excellent.  $45

6G  -  WWII SS RING IDENTIFIED TO WAFFEN SS OFFICER WALTER SCHMIDT, OBERGRUPEN  This is a ring Dale purchased some many years ago.  Attached to it in his handwriting are two tags.  Whenever he would buy an item with verbal history, he would always make a point of writing it down.  Unfortunately, there are no markings on the ring to prove it belonged to this officer, but this is what Dale was told when he bought it from likely another dealer.  One tag says "Scmidt Obergrupen / feurer Himmler's Adj't" and the other tag says "Shown in Benders Photos".  I no longer have Dale's extensive library, so don't have that book to refer to.  I found a writeup on this officer online, and a scan is shown here.  The ring itself is gold color with the large SS runes on top with a pleasing side decorations.  Underneath is stamped "333".  This is an 8 karat gold ring.  It shows some wear thinning in spots, but the top and sides are in great condition.  I have full confidence in the information Dale originally obtained with the ring, but can not add anything additional to what is written. Approximate size 10.  $2,500

7G  -  WWI GERMAN "GOLD FOR IRON" WATCH CHAIN  12" long.  Heavy iron links separated in three places with solid oval links with text.  Center one features the German eagle and inscriptions on back reading "IN EISERNERZEIT 1916" (Iron Times).  The two other links with inscription are identified and read "GOLD ZUR WEHR / EISEN ZUR EHR" around "1916" (Gold for Iron).  One end has hook for watch and the other has larger one for button hole. Fine condition.  $95

8G  -  WWI ERA FANCY GERMAN MARITIME BADGE - IN ORIGINAL JEWELER'S CASE  Reading the inside of the lid and what appears as a repeat on the life preserver separate medal is "EHRENWART * DEUTSCHER FLOTTEN-VEREIN" which seems to translate to "HONOR OF GERMAN MECHANIC Flottenverein".  The badge is 3 3/4" tall and begins at top with silver crown and ribband.  Below is a red/white/black ribbon.  Detached from the bottom of the ribbon is a gorgeous nautical pendant - gold anchor at rear, life preserver in front with fired enamel in maroon.  At center is a black eagle.  Top quality.  Ribbon shows lots of handling.  Original case.  $125

9G  -  LARGE & HEAVY GERMAN SS RING   Simple, yet stylish.  Looks like brass, with black enamel on top, and the SS runes in silver, maybe.  No markings.  Sides have a fluted design.  Absolutely original.  Approximate size 12.5.  $325

10G  -  WWI GERMAN WAR CARD GAME OF SCHAFKOPF   Deck of 31, lacking a single card.  Box lists count at 32.  It revolves around familiarizing the users with the appearance of all the important persons of the War, starting with Hindenberg, and working down.  Most of the cards have excellent color portraits of WWI personalities, including most generals.  Condition is very excellent.  I can't offer a translation of the considerable text on the box.  A few words of the title are: "Deutsche Kriegs-Spielkarte".  Worth more than the price just for the excellent portraits - all in color.  $75

11G  -  WWII LARGE & HEFTY GERMAN SWASTIKA RING  The top is completely filled with a swastika.  The surrounding areas including the sides, have a striated decoration.  Fairly heavy.  I see no markings. Shows wear and good patina of age.  Approximate size 10.  $125

12G  -  GERMAN MINIATURE LAPEL RIBBONS, BELIEVE WWI   Consists of a red, white and black miniature ribbon tied very much like a bow tie.  Back has small button for attaching to lapel.  Have two, different sizes.  One is 7/8" wide, and the other is 1 1/4" wide...and has gold crossed swords at center on the bigger one.  The largest looks unused.  The other is excellent, just needs minor straightening on ends.  The two...$25

14G  -  CAPTURED WWI GERMAN CIGARETTE CASE  3 1/4" square, silvered steel with prox. 50% bright finish left.  Affixed to face is the regulation insignia as found on Infantry belt buckles - circular, high relief, nicely stamped with wreath and motto "GOTT MIT UNS" around a domed crown...this in brass.  The capture part is evidenced by the circular medal affixed to the other side...clearly U.S., added by a G.I.  It is silver, and displays a familiar patriotic scene of a soldier with pike, stabbing a German eagle, below the words "GLORY TO THE UNITED STATES".  Very unusual and fascinating piece.  $95 

15G  -  WWI GERMAN ALUMINUM LARGE CIGAR CASE   4 x 5 3/4".  For large cigars.  Hinges open with hinges on the long dimension.  Front face has large, detailed Iron Cross stamped in, raising the design to have nice relief.  Background has hammered texture.  Emblem is 2 5/8" tall.  Inside has retainer tape that looks like elastic, but is not springy.  Very nice used condition, with very subtle areas of having been pushed on, being softer aluminum.  Does not detract at all.  $75

16G  -  GORGEOUS WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE SILVER RING  800 Silver.  This is a solid and real Luftwaffe pilot's ring, quite hefty and standing tall.  Has a beautiful black shiney stone on top, and I see no flaws.  The sides have the Luft eagle holding the swastika, with the wings spreading around under the oval, meeting up at the front and rear of the ring.  Inside is stamped "800" with a couple other touch marks.  Beautiful, crisp condition, showing mild wear, but also a good patina of age.  I have no other information on it. Approximate size 9.75+.  $695

17G  -  1942 G REICHSPFENNIG 3RD REICH 5 COIN  This could be made of zinc, according to some online info on German coins.  Otherwise, I know nothing about coins from this period.  $5

20G  -  WWI GERMAN WALLET FOR PAPER MONEY   4 x 6".  Two stiff covers which hinge to open the wallet like a book.  Couple tapes inside hold the bills in place.  What's interesting is that the wallet opens from one side or the other, making the straps inside look like they switched.  Cover has light printing on top of the brown wallet.  Text is "Banknoten=Tafche / vom / eifernen Jahr / 1914", with an iron cross.  Very good.  $35

22G  -  WWI GERMAN PENDANT WORN AS A PATRIOTIC DISPLAY  Consists of a specially made Iron Cross encircled with a wreath of oak leaves, the standard German decoration.  The Iron Cross is faced with glossy black fired enamel, silver edging to the cross, and interior details such as crown, dates 1914-15, and sprig of oak.  Fine condition.  Has ring at top for neck chain.  Pendant measures 1 1/8".  It was common during the War to wear patriotic pins or pendants with dates.  $40

23G  -  GERMAN WWI PATRIOTIC BRACELET  Beautiful condition.  Top is a squared oval entirely faced with fired enamel in the National colors, red/white/black.  On one segment is the date "1914"...when the War began.  Fairly small size, 2" across, for a girl or young lady.  $95

24G  -  FINE WWI GERMAN TRENCH ART BRACELET   Jewelry grade bracelet made from the sabot off an artillery shell (brass driving band from an artillery shell).  2 1/2" in diameter and approx. 1/2" wide.  Outer surface shows the grooving made by the passage of the shell through the cannon barrel.  Nicely gilded, showing only a trace of wear.  Top face has an oval decorative plate attached, faced with leaves and acorns, and featuring a fired enamel Iron Cross at center.  Bracelet hinges open for wear.  Opposite the hinge is a latch and safety chain.  Quite attractive.  Practically new condition.  Scarce motif.  $95

25G  -  WWI GERMAN JEWELRY GRADE TRENCH ART  Classic bracelet made from the sabot (brass driving band) of an artillery shell.  This bracelet is 2 1/2" in diameter, and 1/2" wide.  The outer surface has the imprint left from its passage through the rifled bore.  It was nicely finished and gilded, and cut to open on a hinge so it could be put on.  It has a latch opposite the hinge, with a tiny safety chain.  Affixed to one half the outer surface is a fine, fired enamel Iron Cross, flanked with 3-dimensional sprays of oak leaves and acorns.  Inside is a nicely engraved presentation message reading (as far as I can deduce the tiny writing)..."Meiner lieben Johnester zur Erinerung an de Belagerung (?) von Verdun 1914-15 (and 2 initials).  Fine complete condition.  Some wear to the gilt.  $125 

26G  -  CLASSIC WWI GERMAN TRENCH ART BRACELET  Made from the brass sabot from an artillery shell.  Outer surface bears the deep grooves from having passed through the cannon barrel.  2 1/2" in diameter, prox. 1/2" wide.  Brass has an attractive thin brown patina.  Top has fired enamel Iron Cross flanked by oak leaves and acorns - some of the left decoration appears to be missing, but maybe not.  Inside the bracelet are two panels which read (in German) "KRIEGSERINNERUNG 1914 1916" ("Remembrance of the War 1914-1916").  $45

27G  -  WWI SOUVENIR RUSSIAN COIN BRACELET  A fairly common souvenir to take home by the German soldier or the Russian soldier.  Dime size coins with two headed eagle, date between 1909-1915 and value 10 Kopecs.  Centerpiece is a fired enamel early Iron Cross (probably once a pin) 1 1/8" across, with crown, W and 1917.  Very nice.  Bracelet has 14 Russian coins, neatly wired together.  Lacks a little, thin wire clasp on one end.  $55

28G  -  WWII & EARLIER GERMAN COIN BRACELET   Don't know if this was sold as a souvenir during the War, or during Occupation.  It seems appropriate for both.  Bracelet consists of nine brass coins, linked together by a neat loop of wire.  Clasp is a single wire loop.  Coins are all 5 & 10 pfennig, and all but one has eagle on a wreath around a swastika.  All date in the 1930's, but last digit is obscured on most if not all by the hole for the wire link.  One coin is pre-Nazi (1923).  This seems like something a G.I. would like as a souvenir.  Coins are in very excellent condition.  8" long.  $55

Nice selection of early German coins from the 1930's with Nazi/swastika design, as far back as 1875 (one coin) and the Imperial Period.  Most are from the 1920's.  There are four Nazi coins, and the rest earlier.  Needs simple "U" shaped wire clasp.  The entire bracelet and coins have tarnished to a coppery brown.  Coins are very good.  Can't say if this was sold to German soldiers, and the general public, or to American soldiers as a souvenir.  Seems appropriate for both.  About 7 1/4" long.  $45

30G  -  OUTSTANDING C.1936 GERMAN CIGARETTE CARD ALBUM  Entitled "DIE BUNTE WELT" (which I believe translates to The Colorful or diverse) World.  Consists of 45 tissue separated pages, each with 6 different, small colored cards, total 270 different cards.  Each pictures some place, person, animal, fish, insect or object of curiosity found over the world and its many cultures.  Completely filled in.  I believe the cards came as a premium with each pack of cigarettes.  Album provides specific place for each card, over an explanation.  Condition of inside is clean, excellent.  Cover has embossed golden image of cathedral type building over the title.  Some edge wear.  Rear cover has some edge tears and 1/2 x 1/4" piece of lower edge torn off.  Exceptional album put out  by the Nazis just prior to WWII.  Book measures 9 5/8 x 11 1/4".  $50

31G  -  1933 GERMAN CIGARETTE CARD ALBUM  A general term for a most unusual and handsome book which has besides printed text, a great number of various sized colored pictures individually glued in their designated spots.  Some of these albums actually were filled with cards obtained as premiums with cigarettes.  This wonderful volume is entitled "DEUTSCHLAND HOCH IN EHREN".  Cover shows a UHLAN with horse.  Content seems to relate German military history from the earliest times to the present (1933).   9 x 13'', thick, stiff paper covers.  66 pages.  I estimate well over 300 color insert pictures, predominantly combat.  Complete.  Clean.  Excellent.  Shows some handling/edge rubbing.  $50

32G  -  WWI GERMAN GOLD FOR IRON PENDANT  Much more substantial than WWII tokens, primarily rings.  This is a 1 9/16" diameter brown black iron disc/pendant.  Has ring on top for neck chain or pin back support.  Has female figure on front, handing over what looks like a necklace.  Front side reads "IN EISERNER ZEIT 1916".  Reverse has further text over small wreath reading "GOLD GAB ICH ZUR / WEHR EISEN / NAHMICHZUR / EHR".  At the very bottom is the word "HOSAEUS".  Excellent.  $15

33G  -  WWI (and BEFORE) PATRIOTIC GERMAN RING  Worn to express wearer's support for the government.  Top face is flat and shield shaped...the shield seems artistically stylized, with a bit of a groove upper right, and appears kind of pulled. Just made that way.  The Iron Cross is crisply etched on top with black enamel.  Undecorated sides.  Stamped 800 underneath, and another mark.  Approximate size 8.5.  $35

37G  - WWII GERMAN NAVY OR SUBMARINE SWEETHEART BRACELET  A very interesting and sweet item for a wife or girlfriend of a German military man.  A German friend of mine said the translation on the heart is "Greetings from my heart". She also said her father was a German Marine, and this would have been something he would have given her mother.  The bracelet is 7" wide, end to end, and is quite decorative figure 8 with circular links in the middle of each.  In addition to the red enamel heart, there is an anchor with a tiny heart attached, a Bavarian stein; even the lid lifts.  The other side of the stein is a scene of a house in a forest setting.  On the other end is what looks like a torpedo.  With the Navy theme, perhaps this was for a guy on a submarine.  It's a charming charm bracelet, or as my friend said they called them "friendship" bracelets, we called sweetheart.  $35

39G  -  A SELECTION OF WWI GERMAN or AUSTRIAN VIVAT SILK RIBBONS  From Wikipedia: "These were silk ribbons with printed patriotic messages popular in Germany and Austria during World War I. They celebrated various battles and important events, as well as royalty and the military leaders. They were designed by many famous German artists of the period. Their name was derived from word "Vivat!" ("Live!") printed on most of ribbons. During World War I many ribbons were released by the German Red Cross to raise funds for war relief and had the following text on the bottom "Zum Besten Des Roten Kreuzes; Verlag Amsler u. Ruthardt; Berlin W8" ("To the benefit of the Red Cross; Verlag Amsler & Ruthardt; Berlin W8")." All listed below are in amazing MINT condition. I tried to get as close to the true color, but variations might exist due to lighting conditions during photographing.  Also because they each have been folded in fourths and stored that way, they will need a light ironing.  Therefore, some of the photos will also show shadowing.  Sizes are roughly 2 1/2 x 15 3/4", some slightly shorter.   Each $30...Buy three or more, $25 each

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