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Firearms (Edged Weapons follows further down)

No more firearms available...see below for a few related arms items

1F  -  AK-47 MAGAZINES  Found all these in a stash of Dale's gun related parts.  Only one is marked on the bottom "Made in China"; others are unmarked.  Two has a slightly different pattern at one end, and a slightly different bullet entry, otherwise I believe they are all the same magazines. Have a total of 9.   Each...$15

2F  -  M-1 GARAND CLEANING KIT IN UNOPENED PLASTIC BAG  This was an item Dale had in his small supply of M-1 parts.  The items listed are: 4 Rod Sections, Patch Holder, M-10 Combo Tool, Plastic Oiler, Bronze Bore Brush, Canvas Pouch, Chamber Brush.  Since it has the M-10 combo tool, it has to be after its adoption in 1953 (I sound like I know what I'm talking about, but wouldn't have known that without some internet searching).  The pouch has not been unsealed.  $22

3F  -  M1 CARBINE MAGAZINE BELT POUCH  Shows use.  Found in a stash of Dale's gun related parts.  U.S. on front flap.  Among all the writing inside the flap, there is a stamped date of 1943.  $25

4F  -  1911 .45 CALIBER MAGAZINE BELT POUCH  Found in a stash of Dale's gun related parts. Very nice condition.  U.S. on front flap.  Stamped "HOFF 1943" on the back.  Looks unused, but has definite patina of age.  $30

5F  -  BLACK LEATHER M15 MAGAZINE PISTOL POUCH  Found a nice set as reference on Rock Island Auction's website, so I could identify this.  I think it's the same and they list it as a general officer's, fairly late age. The info on back reads "US DSA100-69-C-0049".  Needs some black polish, otherwise it's solid. Found in a stash of Dale's gun related parts. $15

6F  -  7.62mm STRIPPER CLIPS IN UNOPENED BAG WITH EXTRA INSIDE  This package contains a green web type pouch with the words "NATO 7.62 MM / BALL M80 / 5RD CLIPS / LC 12588".  Because the bag is unopened, I think I can see 12 clips (most inside one cardboard sleeve shown in photo), 6 cardboard sleeves, 1 other metal device, and the green web pouch with those words.  $12

7F  -  VINTAGE LEE RELOADER TOOL KIT FOR 9mm LUGER   This was Dale's, copyright 1974.  Complete.  Some rubbing to box.  $30

8F  -  VINTAGE LEE RELOADER TOOL KIT FOR .357 MAGNUM   This was Dale's, copyright 1974.  Complete.  Some rubbing to box.  $30

9F  -  2005 THE GUN REPORT 50 Years, Volume 51, Number 1 1955-2005  50 year edition of this very popular, and long running publication.  Very good condition overall, no dog ears, no marks or highlighting.  "The GUN REPORT Volume 51, Number 1  June 2005 / $10.00"  -  "50 Years Serving Firearm Collectors Around the World 1955-2005".  $5


Edged Weapons

PLEASE NOTE:  The items in this section represent the final sword and knife offerings.  I will NOT be acquiring any more edged weapons.

There is one G.I. knife left in this section and has been reduced to our cost level.  Please check below and take advantage of a great buy.

1EW  -  FASCINATING FOLK ART HAND MADE SWORD - U.S. MODEL 1840 ARTILLERY SABER  Click on thumbnail photos for larger views  SOLD Appears to date C.1840-70.  Had been hanging in Dale's office for at least 35-40 years.  Possibly made as a theater prop or as an elaborate toy by a very indulgent father.  Almost 37" long.  Iron knucklebow with ancient gold painted surface.  Black painted grip is wrapped with flat iron wire with dark brown patina.  Pommel appears to be gold painted wood.  The curved iron blade is 5/32" thick and 31 1/4" long.  It has ancient silver painted surface.  The scabbard is wood with the same silver paint, all showing considerable age.  No rust, just some thin age stain.  Has serviceable suspension rings with old gold paint.  Thin scabbard wood is generally very good with couple cracks.  During our 50 year career dealing in militaria, specializing in Civil War, we did on the rarest occasions, encounter crude hand made Southern knives, and swords with wooden scabbards.  Whatever the origin, the sword has a lot of character and good looks.  It's actually a rather nice piece of American folk art, regardless of what its original purpose was.  It is heavy enough to be a combat sword, and it was Dale's opinion, too detailed to be a toy.  Whatever...Dale thought it neat enough a homemade sword to be displayed for decades in his office.  $250

2EW  -  VERY TYPICAL WWII G.I.-MADE FIGHTING KNIFE  More Photos, Click Here  Another way of saying shop-knife…which were turned out in great variety and profusion by G.I.’s who had access to any kind of machine or repair shop.  Knife is 10¾” long.  Heavy grip is made of typical stacked washers made of a maroon red phenolic, interspersed with brass washer, and steel pommel cap.  Thick brass counterguard.  Nicely shaped, constant thickness steel blade.  Blade bright, clean, showing some light, original marks from its shaping.  Original dark brown sheath showing nice patina of age.  Strong and flexible.  Few rubs.  Face has a punch mark border line around large, less than professional initials scratched in.  Classic G.I.   $125

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