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Unless otherwise specified, the items below are primarily from WWII. This section contains vintage cigarette cases and ladies' powder makeup compact cases, with some very interesting themes and a nice variety. We will keep adding more over time, so check back periodically. 

There are also lighters and match holders in this section, and any other related item.  As the lighters are vintage, we can not warrant that they will function, and are being sold as collector items.


1CC  -  WWII 13th INFANTRY MILITARY WOMAN'S POWDER COMPACT   Has the unit crest with "First at Vicksburg" and "13th INFANTRY" on the lid of this sweetheart compact.  2 1/4 x 3".  Very good excellent.  Shows use. Internal mirror is gone.  No powder in the large section, but some remaining rouge in the small upper section.   $25

2CC  -  AMAZING WWII PATRIOTIC LADIES COMPACT WITH A WATCH IN IT! SOLD Heavy sheet brass box construction with preservative thin cast of lacquer.  Measures 2 x 2 x 13/16" high.  Face of compact has a beautiful National emblem eagle with fired enamel colors.  Above this is a rectangular clock face, for watch body behind.  Inside base is a place for face powder.  Inside of lid has two layers. First is a metal framed page for a picture (store picture there now), with celluloid cover.  Hinging this forward reveals the mirror behind, plus the watch body inside lid, which hinges out a bit.  Watch needs repair; don't think it works now.  Otherwise condition inside is excellent, with some remains of powder.  Exterior has some speckling tarnish where lacquer is worn.  Really neat find.  $75

3CC  -  WWII PATRIOTIC PILL CONTAINER OR SMALL COMPACT  SOLD  1 5/8" diameter red - white - blue circular compact or pill box.  Hinged lid with mirror inside.  Star on top.  Like new.  Empty.  Bottom is stamped with "AMERICAN WAY / VANTINE N.Y. / DIST.".  Fine condition.  $20

5CC  -  WWII BLACK LIGHTER WITH AMERICAN EMBLEM  SOLD  Gold tone with shiny black hard plastic (or similar resin) face on one side.  In the middle of this is an American Emblem eagle affixed, also Army symbol.  Markings on bottom are "EVANS / U.S. PAT. RE." and "NO. 19023 / SPITFIRE".  Seems to be functional but needs flints.  Fine used condition.  $35

6CC  -  WWII MONSTROUS COMBINATION CIGARETTE CASE & LIGHTER SOLD  5 5/8" tall.  The surface is embossed with vertical lines.  Entire case/lighter is done in bright gold finish.  Face of case has fine National Emblem (eagle) affixed at center.  Push button on right releases hinged door.  Inside is marked with the EVANS logo.  Appears to hold an entire pack of cigarettes.  Lighter appears only to need a flint.  Working or not, this is a fantastic display item.  $45

7CC  -  WWII RED-WHITE-BLUE AMERICAN SHIELD COMPACT   Real quality and patriotic look.  Glossy red-white-blue baked enamel face with inlaid or embossed gold American Shield.  All the rest is polished or brushed brass.  Interior is fine showing some use.  Has beveled glass mirror.  Overall very fine. 3 x 3".  Made by Rex Fifth Avenue.   $35

8CC  -  WWI PATRIOTIC POCKET MATCH BOX HOLDER   Silvered steel surface with high relief national emblem (spread eagle/shield, etc.) affixed.  Shield has red-white-blue colors (no chipping).  This fit around the small wood pocket match box common at that time.  This holder protected the match box and fit neatly around it.  Slight wear.  Nice G.I. item.  Measures 2 3/8" x 1 1/2".  $25

9CC #1  -  WWII NOVELTY LADIES COMPACT   3" wide x about 2 1/2" tall, with a little extra for the cap's brim.  A brass oval body with separate 3-dimensional Army Officer's garrison cap affixed on top.  Shows some thin aging to finish, with rubs and mild scratches.  Interior has loose mirror (just needs re-gluing).  No puff.  Shows that it was likely used.  $10

9CC #2  -  WWII NOVELTY LADIES COMPACT   3" wide x about 2 1/2" tall, with a little extra for the cap's brim.  A lovely brass oval body with separate 3-dimensional Army Air Corps Cadet's garrison cap affixed to lid.  Wing/prop insignia on "cap"; props are white enamel.  All beautiful, unused condition.  Mirror inside has trivial age.  Has puff, no powder.  Main latch lost the spring so it doesn't catch.  $28

10CC  -  WWII RED, WHITE & BLUE TUBULAR CIGARETTE LIGHTER  SOLD  The red end is the cap which slides off, exposing wick and wheel.  This end pulls out of the blue one, to fill with fluid and replace flints.  Stamped "WESTON" on each end.  Good as new.   $18

11CC  -  WWII RED-WHITE-BLUE PATRIOTIC POWDER COMPACT   Bright new condition red, white and blue enamel face creating a fine patriotic design.  Rest of this strong box is sheet brass with thin preservative coat of lacquer.  Interior mirror is loose and needs to be re-glued.  Rest is bright, near mint condition.  In original box.  The compact measures 2 1/8 x 2 1/4".  Never used.  $30

13CC  -  WWII PATRIOTIC EAGLE COMPACT   Polished brass with stencil-like design applied in red-white-blue stars around eagle emblem, and the words "UNITED WE STAND".  Some trivial lacquer wear allowing a touch of tarnish.  Inside is bright.  Mirror has a crack.  3 x 3".   $25

14CC  -  WWII QUARTERMASTER CORPS MILITARY & PATRIOTIC CIGARETTE CASE SOLD  Silvered brass pocket case, 2 x 3", with copper plate affixed to one face.  Plate has small US over small Quartermaster Corps insignia.  Box hinges on left side, revealing jeweled interior with spring loaded arms to hold cigarettes in.  Nice overall condition.   $25

16CC  -  WWII PATRIOTIC MILITARY RELATED POWDER COMPACT   A gorgeous designer styled compact with the US National seal on the face, over brushed gold color and white on the sides and back.  Mint in and out.  In original box.  2 1/4 x 3 1/2".  $40

18CC  -  WWII PATRIOTIC MILITARY RELATED POWDER COMPACT   Very stylish light brass color with brushed texture to the banded finish.  Has winged prop on the lid. 2 3/8 x 3".  Has some powder (some lost over time and opening the compact), and rouge which is untouched.  I think this compact was never used.  About mint in and out; has a couple tiny scratches on top, from handling or storage.  Inconsequential.  $35

19CC  -  WWII U.S. ARMY PATRIOTIC POWDER COMPACT  SOLD Bright new condition blue enamel with gold eagle emblem.  Rest is polished brass.  Mint inside and out.  Never used.  2 1/4 x 2 1/4".   $30

20CC  -  WWII U.S. ARMY PATRIOTIC POWDER COMPACT  SOLD  Bright new condition red enamel with gold eagle emblem.  The rest is polished brass.  Mint inside and out.  Never used.  The thin inside lid (over potential powder) does not stay closed all the time; a little adjustment should fix.  2 1/4 x 2 1/4".  $30

21CC  -  WWII U.S. ARMY PATRIOTIC POWDER COMPACT  SOLD  Bright new condition white enamel with gold eagle emblem.  The rest is polished brass.  Mint inside and out.  Never used.  2 1/4 x 2 1/4".  $30

22CC  -  PATRIOTIC CIGARETTE CASE   3 1/4 x 4 1/4".  Exterior entirely covered in ribbed fabric, possibly rayon for resistance to wear.  Surface is covered with repeating narrow white, red and blue bands, the blue having stars.  Very good on one side.  Opposite sat in the sun which faded the blue to a pale blue grey.  Inside has watered fabric liner and held the cigarettes on both halves.  Gold-tone metal edging.  $10

23CC  -  WWII LADIES COMPACT WITH AMERICAN EMBLEM   2 3/8 x 2 3/4", entirely black baked enamel.  Minor wear.  Inside is clean, and fine.  Has good mirror, with a slight bit of hazing, and single tray for powder.  No contents or puff.  $15

24CC  -  WWII PATRIOTIC MILITARY RELATED MAKEUP, LIPSTICK AND POWDER COMPACT  SOLD  One of the most unique designs which were popular during WWII.  They came in several odd and unusual finishes, but the same size and function.  Long and narrow, 1 3/4 x 3 1/4", with push button, spring loaded lid.  Also has, on the upper end, a narrow pull out tube for lipstick (none remaining), which has a push out feature.  This one has the US National emblem on the lid and the entire compact is faced with sparkly celluloid (?), edged all around with chromed or nickel plated brass.  Has a very strong appearance.  Excellent condition, with a little brown staining on the back side.  Interior shows some use, and has about all the rouge, no powder.  The stamp inside is GIREY.  Neat.  $30

25CC  -  WWII PATRIOTIC MILITARY RELATED POWDER COMPACT  An exquisite compact.  One of the prettiest we've seen.  Within a gold "picture frame" borders is sea green simulated mother-of-pearl, front and back.  Probably celluloid.  About mint, in original box.  No powder, doesn't seem used.  Mirror has some blackening/age spotting.  Made by REX Fifth Avenue.  2 1/8 x 3".  $40

26CC  -  WWII "REBEL" CIGARETTE CASE IN ORIGINAL BOX  Representative sample shown  We bought several of these original old store inventory, probably 20 years ago.  The one shown is the one you get.  The cigarette box is beautifully made with brushed brass finish, solid painted CS & US flags and superbly jeweled interior with hinged fence to hold cigarettes in. 3 x 4".  Mint condition, never used, with a tiny bit of handling wear.  The original cardstock box is a bit worn and toned, and depicts a lady's head with the words "Rebel Cig.", and the word "Superb" in the bottom right corner.  Outstanding period collectible.  Have a few in original box...$65 Each and Have a couple without box...$45 Each

27CC  -  WWII WING & PROP CLOCK FACE COMPACT  SOLD  Made to resemble a clock face.  Glossy black enamel lid has wing-prop insignia, missing most of the little rhinestones on the wings.  The white band inside the clock numbers has some chipping and cracking.  Inside face of lid has mirror (loose).  Has some flaked silvering.  Traces of powder remains inside.  Underside is full size mirror with a few spots of flaking silvering (also loose).  3 1/4" diameter.  Great novelty design.  Shows use and a few very small spots of age.  A nice display item.    $18

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