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A nice variety of bracelets, WWI-WWII, Sweetheart, Charm, Navy, Army, Airplanes, Air Corps, Coin Bracelets, Unit Crests, lots more.  For German bracelets, see the German Memorabilia section.


1B  -  PATRIOTIC WWI USA CHARM BRACELET WITH TINY US FLAG!!  Check this out!!  Every once in a great while you find something really special - doesn't have to be a treasure - just something having a special character.  This one has it.  7 1/4" long.  The chain is brass or copper (has a coppery colored tarnish). Hanging from the chain are the letters U.S.A. spread out at intervals, and are made from thin stamped sheet metal.  They show remnants of old paint on one side U (red), S (white), A (blue).  What's really neat about the bracelet is the little box hanging from the chain...exactly 1/2" square.  Three sides have a little clear celluloid window.  One side has a hinged lid with little friction clasp.  Inside (and you get a hint through the windows) is a miniature, bright, full color American flag...tightly packed inside.  The flag is 2 x 2 1/2" (roughly measured because it is so rumpled), and has a pattern of 6 rows of 8 stars (48 stars).  There is another loop on the chain that once held something else, now gone.  The bracelet has a spring/clasp.  Just a great patriotic item from an earlier period.  $75

2B  -  MINT WWII SWEETHEART BRACELET   Gold washed and bright as new.  Appears to be six linked miniature helmets - a bit exaggerated in height.  Each has a different branch insignia...Signal Corps, Coastal Artillery, Quartermaster Corps, Engineers, Cavalry, Air Corps.  7 1/2" end to end.   $45

3B  -  MINT WWII SWEETHEART BRACELET   Gold washed and bright as new.  Five convex links, each one faced with Army Collar Discs with a different branch insignia.  Medical, Infantry, Signal Corps, Artillery, Cavalry.  Was probably worn a few times, but is a beautiful item.  7 1/2" end to end, flat.   $45

5B  -  FABULOUS WENDELL AUGUST FORGE CUSTOM MADE WWII PATRIOTIC JEWELRY SET   Came out of a shop where true artists and artisans produced exceptionally high quality, hand made jewelry, art objects and more.  This set includes a necklace and two bracelets.  Each object has the shop stamp "WENDELL AUGUST FORGE INC. / ART IRON".  The necklace consists of a 2 3/8" tall convex shield (almost like an arrow head) with notched edge and American National Emblem at center.  The back side has a hammered texture.  A fine hand made 12" chain (one each side) supports the pendant.  The entire set is aluminum.  In addition to the stamp listed above, this is also #190.  The first bracelet matches the necklace, with the same piece in the middle.  The other pieces also have the American National Emblem.  All the pieces are convex.  7" long, end to end.  Also stamped #190.  The third bracelet represents the NAVY, where the first set represent ARMY.  This bracelet has the Navy emblem as worn on officer's caps...spread eagle on shield, with crossed anchors behind shield.  Tallest piece is 1 3/4" high.  All pieces are concave...and have hammered rear surface.  6 7/8" long, end to end.  This one is stamped #193.  This company has been in business since 1923.  $195

6B  -  WWII PARATROOPER BRACELET, RING & EARRINGS  SOLD A rare opportunity to find such a nice grouping.  It includes Paratrooper bracelet, and for the lady, a nice pair of paratroop wing earrings and a paratroop ring.  The bracelet is a heavy, commercial model with commercial wing mounted.  Professional work.  Fine sharp condition.  7 1/2" long end to end.  The earrings are a charming addition to the lot.  Don't believe I've seen another pair.  Small, delicate; stamped STERLING on the back.  3/4" wide.  Nice detail, especially on such a small item.  Lastly, the lady's is hand made and quite nice.  Can tell it's hand made, but only under a loupe.  Approximate size 6.5+.  $195

7B  -  WWII SWEETHEART BRACELET   Has a decorative gold color chain, with a gold color pendant.  1 5/8" in diameter.  Convex.  Faced with crisp rendition of the National Emblem.  Great condition, showing some light use.   $35

8B  -  WWII SWEETHEART BRACELET OF GARRISON CAP SOLD   Very cute piece.  The centerpiece of this bracelet is a garrison cap, done in sterling, with officer's insignia on front, the guy's name "DICK" engraved on top and date '43 engraved on the visor.  Woven wire arms and original clasp.  Fine.  A very scarce design in bracelets, although common in pins and brooches. About 6 1/2" long.   $35

9B  -  WWII AIR CORPS SWEETHEART BRACELET   The center piece is brilliant silver (chrome?).  Has Air Corps symbol at center.  1 3/8" wide.  Two side pieces, hinged.  Just missing a simple clasp, found at jewelry supply stores.  7 1/4" long, end to end.  $30

10B  -  WWII SWEETHEART MILITARY CHARM BRACELET    There are 10 charms on a medium weight chain.  They are: Caduceus, Eagle, Flaming Bomb, Crossed Signal Flags, Crossed Rifles, USA, Castle, Wing/Prop, Crossed Cannon, National Emblem.  Spring clasp.  About 7 1/4" long.   $35

11B  -  ANOTHER MILITARY CHARM BRACELET - SOLD Same as above but with 11 charms, being a standing soldier holding a rifle.  $40

12B  -  WWII U.S. AIR CORPS WATCH BAND    Beautiful little "UNITED STATES AIR CORPS" insignia applied to top.  Lift this up and it hinges on the end, and allows the size to expand by three folding panels.  Ends of the arms have a channel for the pin which holds band to watch.  Fine condition. 5 1/2" long.  $45

13B  -  WWII ARMY AIR FORCE USAAF SWEETHEART STERLING BRACELET   Consists of 6 segments, identical in shape, but each has a different design on the face.  These segmented bracelets were popular with soldiers, showing what organization they belong to.  Many got sent home, showing where their man belonged.  This bracelet has one segment with Air Corps wing & prop insignia, and the letters "U S A A F".  While complete in its current state, normally there are more letters, making a larger bracelet.  This one is 6" long.  Missing only the small clasp for one end, which you can find at any bead/jewelry supply store.  One segment on the back is stamped STERLING.  $30

14B  -  WWII SWEETHEART STERLING BRACELET   The center piece displays a highly detailed officer's hat insignia, the American eagle emblem. The center piece is 1" wide sterling oval. This represents the officer corps, rather than one or another of the services. Has a high class set of "chains" and appears to have a working clasp.  Excellent with a bit of tarnish. Stamped "KREMENTZ STERLING" on the rear.  About 7 1/8" long, end to end.  $35

15B  -  WWII SOUVENIR 8 COIN BRACELET 1940-1942 KONUNGUR ISLAND (ICELAND)  SOLD  8 coins linked/hinged together.  Early War dates.  Fine condition.  Graduated sizes - the largest is 2 AURAR.  The coins are slightly curved.  Must have had to do with aircraft ferry service.  Has a working clasp.  7 1/2" long, end to end.   $45

16B  -  WWII SOUVENIR 8 COIN BRACELET   Highly popular.  This one was probably intended for the mass of Americans coming into the country for the War - enormous number of support personnel in addition to flying personnel (8th Air Force) plus the preparation for D-Day.  Most of the coins are War dated, five from WWII, two from WWI, and one 1929 (Half Penny, Six Pence, Three Pence).  Working clasp.  8" long, end to end.  $40

17B  -  WWII 38th DIVISION BRACELET AND CHAIN PIN SOLD  Extremely fine, hand made 38th Division/U.S.A. bracelet and chain pin.  Segmented arms and contoured top with applied enamel unit insignia.  Included with bracelet is matching, commercially made chain pin with unit insignia, one which says "FIT TO FIGHT".  This unit saw extreme combat in the Pacific.  Bracelet is 9" long end to end, and the pin is 2 5/8" long end to end.   $75

18B  -  WWII SWEETHEART WING & PROP BRACELET   The center piece displays an insignia a bit different than what you usually see in a wing & prop.  Consists of spread wings with nothing between them, with a propeller laying horizontally along the portion of the wings.  The piece is 1 1/4" long.  Sides have typical chains, but one side connector broke; all the pieces are there, but it shouldn't be hard to make a new one.  The clasp is a bit stiff.  About 7 1/4" long end to end.  $10

19B  -  WWII SOUVENIR 8 COIN BRACELET SOLD Highly popular Pacific Theater souvenir.  Because most land and air troops took R & R in Australia and New Zealand, this is where most of the souvenirs came from.  This one consists 8 coins (slightly curved) and a flat center piece made also from a coin, with one side remaining a coin, the other cleaned off, and engraved with "New Guinea 1945".  The other coins are arranged four each side, and are Australia marked, and are War dates.  They measure 15/16" down to 5/8".  Has a working clasp.  7" long, end to end.  $45

20B  -  WWII SOUVENIR 5 COIN BRACELET  Very popular.  This was probably aimed at the huge influx of Americans for the War.  Huge numbers of active combat troops and support personnel for D-Day, as well as the 8th Air Force.  Nice crisp flat coins, graduated in size; one is 1941; three are 1944; one is 1938 (One Shilling, Six Pence, Three Pence).  They are held together by short chain links.  About 6 1/2" long, end to end.  $40

21B  -  "BRASS" THREE PENCE WARTIME COIN BRACELET  Consists of a double row of ten coins plus one on each end for clasp.  Coins appear unissued or close to it, and neatly joined with tiny "eyes" on the length, and butt-joined on the parallel.  Can't see any mechanical attachment or adhesive, but tightly joined.  The years are 2 = 1937; 2 = 1940; 3 = 1941; 5 = 1942.  While this is a British coin, it was used extensively in the "Colonies".  7 1/4" long.   $45


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