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1BBL  -  WWII M1 GARAND CARTRIDGE AMMO WEB BELT  Believe this is HINSON marked as well, but can not make it out clearly.  What can be seen on one end inside the belt is "27 H & S - 6 BP(?)".  On the other end is where I think there is a Hinson stamp, but illegible except "AUG".  Condition is great, and shows signs of having had clips in there for a while.  Adjustable, currently 37" end to end.  Dale had this tucked away in his supply of antique/vintage gun related material.  $75

2BBL  -  BEAUTIFUL & MASSIVE AMERICAN NATIONAL EMBLEM BELT BUCKLES    Also known as belt plates.  Matched pair, one in gold finish and one in chrome or nickel plate finish.  Each measures 3 5/8 x 2 7/8".  Identical insignia on each plate - spread eagle, shield, arrows, olive branch, etc.  Reverse has belt loop and narrow tongue.  For some custom parade unit, exhibition band, or similar showy outfit.  Mint condition.  Beautiful.  Dates WWII or later, in my opinion.  Rather amazing.  (Photos show reflections)  Each...$30 or buy Both for only $50!!

3BBL  -  CIVIL WAR CAVALRY CARBINE SLINGS!!  Recently, I opened a box of carbine slings, and wasn't quite sure what the story was on them.  Then I remembered we had sold others like these in the past, and searched for Dale's original writeup.  It follows:  "If you’ve been looking for one of these, you know how few appear on the market, and the enormous prices they bring.  The last price guide I saw had them listed at $1200-1800, depending on condition.  Reassembled ones, well done, if you can find one of these, have been priced around $800, at least in my experience.  We have an offer for you, which we believe you can’t refuse.  About 40 years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a small lot of original Cavalry Carbine Slings which came from Bannermans, from which the brass buckle and brass tip had been cut off for scrap.  The slings had all been used in the Civil War, and ranged in condition. They were still tied together, as Bannerman had sold them, in a pack of 25.  At the time, I thought these things would be worth something, some day, so I put them in storage.  We’ve just rediscovered them during our recent move (back in 2006), and I have reassembled them into complete slings.  The leather sling is original, the steel snap swivel is original, and the brass buckle and V-tip are exact reproductions.  The brass parts are so good that they can only be told from original with great difficulty.  Price will depend on condition and markings, if any.  Few are marked and are a premium.  There were so many makers that considerable minor variations exist between specimens, including length.  These completed slings are less than 2” shorter than they were originally, and are done up to exacting standards, a long and tedious job."   For now, I just have this one as shown, and will try to get to the others as soon as possible.  They really are all quite comparable, and will range in this price level, unless I need to reduce based on condition.  The leather measures approximately 24-25" long and 2 1/4" wide.  It has the name SLACK scratched in on the inside leather.  The snap swivel works.  $295

4BBL  -  CIVIL WAR CARBINE SNAP SWIVELS   Found these four originals in Dale's desk. We had recently talked about putting them up for sale, but he never did the write-ups. They are all original. The bottom one needs repair, so it will be cheap...$35.  The other three are $75 each.

5BBL  -  RARE, RARE CIVIL WAR INFANTRY CARTRIDGE BOX CONVERTED TO .50-70 CARTRIDGE BOX FOR THE EARLY INDIAN WARS (Dale wrote this some time ago)  See pg. 35 of McChristian’s “U.S. Army in the West”, for this one. This is a regulation Civil War .58 caliber Infantry cartridge box converted to carry .50-70 metallic cartridges, by removing its tins and replacing them with sheepskin fleece lining.  I haven’t had one of these (or even seen one) for at least 15 years.  Marked on each end “C.S. STORMS/MARKER N.Y.”.  Excellent overall condition.  Minor fine grained cracking to surface finish of closing flap.  Some minor flaking along upper bend.  Large grained cracking to finish of inner flap.  Thick fleece lining to box and lower half of closing flap.  Complete with buckles on bottom.  Rest of box has overall lustrous finish with very excellent leather.  Virtually impossible to replace. The first cartridge box for the M1866 Allin, and the '68 & '70 Trapdoors.  $550

6BBL  -  UNIQUE INDIAN WAR OFFICER'S RECTANGULAR EAGLE BELT PLATE C.1875-85   Heavily gilded stamped brass, with a 1/4" wide border entirely surrounding the main design...a decorative variation we've never seen before.  Certainly a private purchase (as most were), by someone looking or something different.  3 3/8" wide, 2 1/4" high.  Has belt loop and narrow tongue on back.  Retains most gilt overall.   $75

7BBL  -  CIVIL WAR LADIES PATRIOTIC EAGLE DRESS BUCKLE   Beautiful display piece.  Consists of two mirror image halves, split vertically down the middle.  Each side has a spread eagle over American Shield over arrows and wreath.  Ribband on bottom, reading "E PLURIBUS UNUM".  Entire thing has the appearance of dark brown gutta percha, but I suspect it's wood.  Design has good depth and is extremely sharp.  Too precise to be hand carved, but hard to believe a machine engraver did such a fine job.  Pieces lock together on back with blued steel belt loops and tongue.   Could be put on a belt of velvet or watered silk. Priced below cost...$195

9BBL  -  WWII U.S. INFANTRYMAN'S REGULATION ISSUE RIFLE BELT (Dale wrote this some time ago)  Mint, un-issued condition.  Marked with "U.S." and "H S CO/1943".  Color is light olive.  Has 10 clip pouches.  Dale wrote some time back "I tried the clips for both the standard rifles, the M1 and M1903 and the belt accommodates both equally.  In other words, I put one M1 clip in, which has 8 rounds and also put two '03 clips together, which have 5 rounds each.  Got these from Craig Carroll of the old Stars and Bars shop in Chancellorsville decades ago, and tucked them away. Well, we're finding this neat stuff as we break open the boxes of treasures and can offer a few of these, brand new, never used belts."  Each...$115

10BBL - WWI U.S. INFANTRYMAN'S STANDARD ISSUE CARTRIDGE BELT  Web gear. Consists of 10 pockets for clip ammunition. The two pocket lids, one on each end of the belt, are clearly stamped "AUG 1917/MILLS". Shows very light use. No fraying. Nice early markings on metal adjusters.  $115

12BBL  -  SPANISH AMERICAN WAR LADIES DRESS PATRIOTIC BUCKLE   An openwork frame consisting of a series of rococo scrolls and sprays.  Made from stamped sheet brass, gilded. Top has a billowing American flag applied, done up in precise detail, and full color fired enamel.  Reverse has belt loop and tongue.  Some minor tarnish spots. Flag is missing a tiny bit of enamel.  2¼” high.  $35

14BBL  -  PATRIOTIC DRESS BUCKLE - SPANISH AMERICAN WAR    Imitates the general form of the regulation Army-Navy officer’s dress buckle, but is more decorative and is made of crisply stamped thin sheet brass with thin gilt finish.  Known as a tongue & wreath form.  Consists of a laurel wreath around a highly domed center with spread wing eagle and red-white-blue American shield at center.  Belt loops supported by rococo scroll bases flank the central wreath.  Worn on a heavy silk belt (not provided) by men and women.  Very handsome, and when worn originally, made a real fashion statement.  $75

15BBL  -  FABULOUS STERLING SILVER AND FIRED ENAMEL PATRIOTIC LADIES BELT BUCKLE, WWII PERIOD   Exquisite enamel work.  Features a rampant silver eagle on American shield, all against a rounded rectangle border band with gold detail of a belt.  Excellent.  Exceptional.  1 3/4" wide x 2" high.  Stamped STERLING in a couple places on the back, one on the back of the shield and one on the keeper portion. Just beautiful!  $150

16BBL  -  ORIGINAL WRAPPER FOR 50 CIVIL WAR U.S. OVAL BELT PLATES   (Dale wrote this some time ago) We had one in this section a while back, and it sold immediately.  We thought that was the only one, until we opened another box in storage for 30+ years.  This is the last wrapper for belt plates that were held back so many years ago.  All came from a small accumulation of wrappers I saved over the past 46+ years in the militaria business. It is absolutely original Civil War, as described. Inside, it once held five paper wrapped packets of ten US ovals, each in the same heavy paper as used for the outer wrap. Prox. 17 x 20”, dark tan, and appears to be waxed or oiled, giving it a somewhat shiny surface.  I can personally guarantee this to be original and genuine, as I opened it many, many years ago and one by one, sold the plates.  Obviously it shows a number of folds, but quite good, and a unique and rare curiosity from the Civil War. Fascinating and rare relic.  Would be great in any display.  $20

17BBL  -  SPLENDID PATRIOTIC SPANISH AMERICAN WAR OFFICER'S BELT PLATE    Sold for civilian wear, as a showy display of support for the military and the War with Spain.  Actually a regulation pattern of 1851 officer's belt plate which saw long service thereafter.  This one was enhanced for patriotic wear by the addition of bright, glossy fired enamel colors in the upper third.  Classic design of spread eagle/shield within wreath, with ribband/motto, star field and sunburst above.  Stamped brass with fine raised detail.  Measures 2 x 3".  Tongue and belt loop on back.  Exceptional and rare variation.  $95

18BBL  -  WWII LADIES PATRIOTIC BELT BUCKLE    2 1/4" diameter.  Face has eagle National emblem which about covers the face.  Edged with twisted rope border.  Both are brass.  Reverse has narrow tongue and double loop belt hook.  Some green corrosion stain on back edge.  $20

19BBL  -  VINTAGE LEATHER BELT WITH ATTACHED SHOTGUN SHELL POUCH  I believe this belt and pouch set is to carry a box of shotgun shells.  It also seems like it has some age, but really have no idea how old it is.  No date that I can see.  Dale had this tucked away in his supply of antique/vintage gun related material. Nice quality piece.  There are two loops on front, one either side of the pouch, for an individual shell.  For photography purposes, I put a piece of cardboard inside the pouch, otherwise it's a bit flat on its own.  Nice sturdy shape; stitching and rivets appear intact, although there is some verdigris around the rivets.  There is also a snap swivel that releases instead of having to unbuckle the entire belt.  46" end to end.  $25

Over the decades, Dale collected anything unusual for our personal collection.  Below are four different GUARANTEED ORIGINAL buckles turned into brooches, purchased separately over the years, as he found them.


21BBL  -  INDIAN WAR OFFICER'S M1851 RECTANGULAR CAST BRASS BELT PLATE C.1874   Transformed into a large brooch.  Very high quality, high relief eagle wreath design, 2 7/8" wide.  Hook and belt loop removed from the back and replaced with strong T-bar pin and "C" clasp.  Very strong.  Probably made for a woman to wear at festive occasion on heavy coat or belt/sash.  Very scarce item.  Very popular during the 1860-1900 period, and many varieties of military jewelry were created from all manner of insignia.  Fine condition.  $125


23BBL  -  CIVIL WAR U.S. OVAL CARTRIDGE BOX PLATE, TURNED INTO A BROOCH   Beautiful bright condition, 3 3/8" wide.  Wire loop fasteners on reverse were cut off, and replaced with a strong, full length horizontal pin with "C" clasp.  Now a heavy piece of military jewelry.  Unknown how this brooch was intended to wear, but over the past 50 years in the militaria business, we've encountered several examples of belt plates/box plates transformed in this manner.  We've always considered these as fascinating in that they employ Regulations, original military insignia, and exhibit modification, most probably for ladies wear.  $150


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