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(I keep the following paragraph listed because it's the best way to describe what I will continue to sell in the years to come.  I can't add to what Dale originally wrote when we retired to Alaska in 2006.  I have kept this website active but am no longer in business.  I don't buy items, but continue to sell personal items we collected over decades.) 

We are now retired after nearly 50 years of active sales.  What this naturally means is that we’ve commenced a huge Militaria & Retirement Sale…great deals to be had. HOWEVER, THE REALLY BIG STORY…and what really is more important to you, is that we’ve decided to begin opening boxes, and offering important material from several personal collections, carefully selected over 50 years, and which haven’t seen the light of day in decades.  This material will constantly be added to this website and sections will fill up with items as time allows.  This will include a vast assortment of Military and Sweetheart Jewelry, GAR, Fraternal, Patriotic, Home Front, Remember Pearl Harbor, Ribbons, Pins, Buttons, Badges, Medals, Rings, German items and collectibles of all types.  This is quality, ultra-rare material you won’t believe.  And what we’ve been able to get on the website barely scratches the surface of what is yet to come.  To be candid, it’s like Christmas morning around here when I open these boxes so long in storage, revealing things you simply don’t any longer see offered in catalogs, on the internet, or at antique or gun shows.  We recommend you keep a good watch over our listings for a long time to come.  As good as the variety and selection is now, it can only get better.  Enjoy!

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Requests for Information
I will do my best to answer questions you may have on any item listed in this website, in Dale's absence.  However I can not answer the requests for free information, free research and free appraisals on items not owned or offered by me.




My husband Dale passed away March 12, 2014 after being ill for a long time.  He was the driving force behind this once active business, and then during retirement, continued to provide the detailed descriptions he was so well known for.  I will continue to list items and do the best I can with the information and descriptions, but can never replace Dale's decades of expertise and writing skills.  (This is only one tiny reason I will miss him dearly.)  He so loved the years he devoted to this field of history and collecting.  He lived what he loved, that's for sure. He continually educated himself beginning back in 1961, and we had a library that rivals many.  He appreciated each and every person he met through the decades when he bought and sold, set up at gun shows, did flea markets and Brimfield, wrote up and photographed every item, publishing over 187 print catalogs during his career, the last published in May 2005.   In conjunction with the catalogs, we created this website in 1998. Together we worked side by side for almost 38 years.  Dale would want me to thank you all for trusting him with his expertise, while sharing the love and importance of this country's history, and its effect on our world through the centuries.   

Debbie Anderson



 THIS WEBSITE LISTS SOME FANTASTIC ONE-OF-A-KIND ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES at affordable prices!! I hope you'll take some time to go through the many sections.



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